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May 8, 2023

Frase vs MarketMuse: The Better Fit for Content Optimization

Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Frase vs MarketMuse: The Better Fit for Content Optimization


As businesses and marketers increasingly recognize the importance of high-quality content in their online presence, the need for efficient content optimization and strategy tools has grown significantly. Frase and Marketmuse are two such tools that can help the content team of businesses creates better content and improve their SEO rankings.

So, let's dive in and explore the superior tool between Frase and Marketmuse! In this blog, we will compare the features and capabilities of Frase and Marketmuse. Plus, we will discuss their pros and cons to help you decide which tool best fits your content optimization needs.

While Frase and Marketmuse have their merits, Scalenut offers an unparalleled edge to your workflow that surpasses them. If you're seeking to experience its efficacy firsthand, take advantage of the free 7-day trial and see for yourself!

What is Frase? 

Frase is an artificial intelligence-based software that can elevate the quality and coherence of your written work. 

By employing advanced text analysis techniques, this tool enables you to identify and remedy any readability and structural issues in your content, whether in the form of grammar errors, lexical imprecisions, or awkward phrasing.

With its intuitive algorithms, this content optimization software also allows you to optimize your content for search results by suggesting highly relevant keywords with high search volumes and rankings. 

Frase Features

  • Customizable Content Briefs: Frase allows you to create custom content briefs to guide AI-powered writing and ensure your content is on-target.
  • Content Optimization: Frase provides suggestions for on-page optimization, including grammar and word choice, synonyms, and paraphrasing.
  • Content Research: You can use Frase to research relevant topics and identify popular questions to target in your content.
  • Integrations: Frase integrates seamlessly with popular content management systems and SEO tools, including WordPress and SEMrush.

Who Should Use It? 

  • Freelancers 
  • Agencies 
  • Bloggers 

Pros of Frase

  • Its powerful AI analysis provides insights and recommendations for content optimization and functionality.
  • Integrations with popular CMS and SEO tools make Frase a convenient all-in-one solution for content creation and optimization.
  • Customizable content briefs allow you to guide AI-powered writing and ensure that your content meets your specific needs.

Cons of Frase

  • Its pricing may be too high for smaller businesses or individuals.
  • It offers limited support and resources for non-enterprise users.
  • There is no Chrome extension available.

Frase Cost

Read on to learn about the different Frase pricing plans. 

  • Solo Plan: This plan is designed for individuals or small teams new to creating SEO content. It costs $14.99 per month and is for a single user.
  • Basic Plan: Suitable for teams and agencies with multiple users, this plan provides flexibility in crafting SEO content strategies. It costs $44.99 per month.
  • Team Plan: For large teams that require personalized services and can accommodate an unlimited number of users, this subscription costs $114.99 per month.

What is Marketmuse? 

MarketMuse is a content strategy tool that helps businesses fulfill their content strategy and intelligence needs. Its standout feature is its ability to automate numerous content creation and optimization tasks through the power of AI.

With MarketMuse, users can design a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with their goals and objectives. By utilizing natural language processing (NLP), it generates preliminary drafts of blog posts and content briefs, making the process of content creation faster and more efficient.

Read on to learn about its features. 

Marketmuse Features 

  • Content Planning: MarketMuse's AI technology simplifies the content planning process by generating a content brief within minutes. This feature includes suggested titles, subtitles, related topics, user intent, linking recommendations (internal and external), and questions to address, allowing users to save time and streamline their content creation process.
  • Content Clusters: MarketMuse's evaluation of topic worth and difficulty in ranking enables users to determine which topics to prioritize, resulting in the development of content clusters.
  • Keyword Research: By linking topics, keywords, and questions, MarketMuse provides an objective approach to selecting keywords, enabling users to make informed decisions.
  • Comprehensive Content Analysis: MarketMuse's detailed analysis of existing content offers valuable insights into covered topics and page quality. This feature allows users to optimize their website and improve their content marketing efforts through actionable recommendations.
  • Content Brief Optimization: MarketMuse employs artificial intelligence technology to generate content briefs that include headings, subheadings, user intent, related topics, linking recommendations (inbound and outbound), and social listening capabilities.

Who Should Use Marketmuse?

  • E-commerce Companies
  • Content Creators
  • Content Marketers

Marketmuse Pros

  • It helps generates content briefs and preliminary drafts of blog posts efficiently. 
  • Equips users with data-driven insights to improve content performance.
  • It offers efficient content inventory management.
  • It provides users with features for content optimization and improvement. 

Marketmuse Cons 

  • It has a confusing and expensive pricing structure
  • Its UX/UI design is inadequate

Marketmuse Cost 

Keep reading to learn about the different Marketmuse pricing plans. 

  • Standard Plan: $149 per month for one user and one domain, with a limit of 100 queries monthly
  • Team Plan: $399 per month for unlimited queries and briefs for three users
  • Custom Plan: Ideal for large teams that handle a lot of content every day, and it includes unlimited users

Frase vs Marketmuse: An In-depth Analysis 

Now that you have a fair idea about the strengths and weaknesses of these tools, let's move on to compare them head-on. 

Frase vs Marketmuse: Content Lifecycle 

Both Frase and MarketMuse offer comprehensive solutions for the entire content lifecycle, from research to publishing. Frase offers a content brief tool, while MarketMuse offers an AI-powered content strategy platform. MarketMuse clearly has a more robust offering for the entire content lifecycle.

Winner: MarketMuse

Frase vs Marketmuse: AI-Writing 

Both platforms use AI to some extent in their solutions. Frase has an AI-powered content editor that provides real-time suggestions for improvements. MarketMuse offers a more advanced solution with their AI-powered content strategy platform that can generate content ideas, outlines, and even first drafts.

Winner: MarketMuse

Frase vs Marketmuse: User Interface 

Frase boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate from the get-go. Conversely, Marketmuse’s interface can be hard to navigate for beginners. Although the learning curve for MarketMuse's user interface may seem steep, the platform offers several educational resources to help you get up to speed quickly. So, Frase offers a superior user experience. 

Winner: Frase 

Frase vs Marketmuse: Content Optimization 

Both platforms offer content optimization tools that suggest improvements based on SEO, readability, and engagement metrics. Frase offers a content editor that provides suggestions for improvements, while MarketMuse has a more comprehensive optimization tool that can analyze entire content clusters for optimization opportunities.

Winner: MarketMuse

Frase vs Marketmuse: Content Research 

Both platforms have powerful research capabilities. Frase offers a research tool that provides content ideas, questions, and popular topics. MarketMuse offers a more advanced research tool to analyze entire content clusters and provide insights for topic modeling and content strategy.

Winner: MarketMuse

Frase vs Marketmuse: Keyword Planning

Both platforms have keyword planning capabilities. Frase's keyword research tool provides search volume, CPC, and difficulty metrics. MarketMuse has a more comprehensive keyword planning tool that can analyze entire content clusters and provide insights for content strategy.

Winner: MarketMuse

Marketmuse vs Frase: Which is better? 

MarketMuse is a more comprehensive offering that provides advanced AI-powered capabilities. Its content optimization tools use natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and understand the meaning and context of the content and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. 

However, MarketMuse's advanced capabilities come at a much higher price point, which may be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses and content creators. 

On the other hand, Frase is a more affordable option that provides a good range of features for smaller businesses and content creators. It's user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it an excellent choice for those new to content optimization. 

Its affordability and ease of use make it a practical choice for smaller businesses and startups. However, MarketMuse is a superior tool due to the sheer number of features that it offers than its counterpart. The better tool among these depends on your unique content and SEO requirements. 

But there's a tool that offers all the features of both these tools and more at a comparatively affordable price. Keep reading to know about it. 

Scalenut: A Better Alternative 

Scalenut provides a comprehensive solution for content marketers and SEO enthusiasts to optimize their content strategy. 

With advanced tools like the Cruise Mode, AI Templates, SEO Research, Content Optimizer, and Keyword Planner, Scalenut simplifies the content lifecycle from planning and writing to optimization. Through the power of technology, Scalenut empowers users to take control of their content marketing endeavors fully. 

Here are some of its key features. 

Scalenut Features 

1. Cruise Mode

It is an exceptional tool that enables users to produce long-form content quickly and effortlessly. Using just a few inputs, Cruise Mode generates first drafts that are both rapid and exceptional, providing users with content that exceeds their expectations. This tool is perfect for those who want to create high-quality content without spending hours researching and writing.

2. Keyword Planner 

With this tool, you can acquire valuable information about the keyword clusters that you should focus on based on your seed keyword and target location. This knowledge will aid in comprehending what your intended audience is seeking, allowing you to adjust your marketing approaches and content to better align with their needs.

3. AI Templates

Scalenut provides a comprehensive selection of over 40 AI templates, uniquely crafted to assist you in producing persuasive and tailored marketing content that is captivating. These templates span across various mediums, from landing pages to social media posts. By utilizing these templates, you can minimize the amount of time and energy you need to expend while still creating top-notch marketing content that effectively reaches your intended audience.

4. SEO Research Tool 

Scalenut's powerful tool scours the search engine for your desired keyword and extracts vital insights from the most prominent URLs, such as an overview of the competition, noteworthy citations, essential NLP key terms, and more. This data enables you to save a significant amount of time on research and gain an edge over your competitors. Moreover, you can utilize these insights to perform social listening, pinpoint crucial citations, delve into the latest statistics, and much more.

5. Content Optimizer 

Scalenut's Content Optimizer is a potent tool that empowers you to increase the search engine compatibility of your content, regardless of whether it's fresh or already published. 

This feature facilitates the optimization of your content for a variety of on-page SEO elements, such as meta tags, outbound linking, and keyword density. By undergoing this optimization process, you can elevate your SEO score, rank more prominently in the SERPs, and broaden your reach to a larger audience.

Scalenut Pricing 

You can choose from three pricing plans. Each of them is designed to meet the unique needs of different users.

  • The Essential plan is an excellent choice for individuals or hobbyists who require only basic features. For just $39 per month, you'll have access to 100,000 AI words and 5 SEO reports - perfect for creating simple yet effective content.
  • The Growth plan is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who require more advanced features. For $79 per month, you'll get unlimited AI words and 30 SEO reports - allowing you to create high-quality content and stay ahead of the competition.
  • The Pro plan is Scalenut's most extensive pricing plan, starting at $149 per month. It provides unlimited reports and a dedicated customer success manager to help clients. This plan is perfect for agencies and enterprises with complex needs and ensures you get the most out of your content creation process.

Moreover, Scalenut offers a 7-day free trial period for all its pricing plans. This way, you can try out the different options before making a final decision based on which one works best for you. With Scalenut, creating premium content has never been easier!

Priya Jamba
Content Marketer
ABout the AUTHOR
Priya Jamba
Content Marketer

Priya Jamba is a Content Marketer at Scalenut. She loves marketing technologies and believes that with the right combination of tools and creativity, every organization can build sustainable brands. She is on a mission to help marketing teams across the globe produce tangible results from their marketing campaigns. Currently, she is working along with the Product team to enhance the AI content quality through prompt engineering.

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