Apr 15, 2024

A leading Pharma Company added 100K+ monthly visitors in just 60 days of using Scalenut

A leading Pharma Company added 100K+ monthly visitors in just 60 days of using Scalenut


Two months back, Scalenut started working with a leading Pharmaceutical technology company. With 30 million+ registered users, the brand stands tall in its industry, expanding gradually day by day. 

[We couldn’t disclose the brand name to respect clients’ content ownership and privacy.]

With more and more people starting to order healthcare products online and signaling a keen interest in taking care of their health, the brand noticed the need to leverage content to educate its target audience and drive brand awareness. 

However, like every other developing online brand, they struggled to scale content production and generate traffic at minimal cost without compromising quality.

After using Scalenut for two months, the brand was able to drive an additional 100K+ traffic to the site.

Further, 20% of Scalenut-generated articles ranked in the 1-3 positions of the SERP. Whereas 50% of their articles secured its place in the first ten positions, gradually climbing up to the top - all without sacrificing content quality. 

Building a Custom AI Solution to streamline content production…

The amount of manual work required from ideation to publishing was a lot. They needed more writers, time, resources, and a huge budget to support their content workflow. For any business, this is not a sustainable strategy and adopting the latest technology was the only solution.

So, the requirement was crystal clear. 

The brand tried different AI-powered SEO tools, but most of them offered a one-size-fits-all solution that did not solve their specific challenge. 

As a last resort, they collaborated with Scalenut. 

We hopped on a call, paid attention to the existing challenges of the client's business, and inquired about their requirements before offering a solution. 

After a thorough analysis, we engineered a custom AI pipeline for the brand to meet the required quality standard, content velocity, and budget range. 

As medical content significantly differs from other types of content, the Scalenut team incorporated advanced and proprietary processing layers to train AI to source information only from reliable and whitelisted sites in the niche. 

With the tailor-made solution to create industry-specific content, the brand never had to worry about genericity, plagiarism, or inaccuracy. 

Streamlining their content management process…

Now that content at scale is possible, the immediate next step is to ensure their content workflow supports efficiency and production. 

Their prior workflow system typically starts with keyword research, ideation, competitor analysis, writing, editing, optimizing, exporting to CMS, and publishing. 

That’s a lot of manual work! 

So, Scalenut stepped in to streamline the process and optimize their content system for good. 

As soon as the content head submits all the keywords to the AI, it generates content while staying in sync with SEO best practices. 

To eliminate the time spent exporting content to the CMS, we created a one-click solution to publish content directly to the WordPress Editor. 

So, their editors can view and edit the content from WordPress and publish it in a few clicks. 


Original process: 

  1. Keyword research (finding profitable keywords and clustering)
  2. Ideation (brainstorming content ideas based on the keyword clusters)
  3. Content research (Conducting thorough research on the chosen topics and collecting reputable sources and information)
  4. Competitor analysis (Analyzing competitor’s content that is ranking well for the chosen keywords)
  5. Writing (Creating engaging, informative, and well-structured content using the research gathered earlier)
  6. Fact Check (Cross-verifying information manually to ensure factual accuracy)
  7. Editing (Editing the content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall clarity)
  8. Optimizing (Manually optimizing the content for on-page SEO using multiple tools)
  9. Exporting to CMS (Copy-pasting the optimized content to the chosen CMS)
  10. Publishing (Scheduling or publishing the content on the website)

New process with Scalenut’s AI:

Moreover, the AI produced ready-to-rank content pieces. So the editors did not have to spend extra time optimizing the blogs to rank higher.  

This minimizes the tons of time spent on fundamental research, first draft creation, optimization, and all the back and forth involved in the publishing stage. 

From being reluctant to use AI to automating their content production with custom-made Scalenut solutions, the Pharmaceutical company witnessed 3X growth in their traffic, website visits, CTR, and ranking positions.

Ultimately, all these metrics work together to establish topical authority and create brand awareness, contributing to increased app downloads and an expanding customer base. 

Scalenut is grateful to be a part of the enormous growth of our enterprise clients. While AI has taken the content world by storm, we at Scalenut aim to provide industry-specific SEO and content solutions to make content marketing affordable to all levels of brands.