Oct 13, 2021

How to use Keyword Rank Tracker to keep track of your SEO

How to use Keyword Rank Tracker to keep track of your SEO


How can you tell which keywords are trending? Which ones have the highest volume of searches? How do you choose the best keywords to target in your content marketing strategy?

Ever wonder how to get the right position in search engine results? Well, the answer is quite simple- keyword rank tracker tool.

In this article, we will help you find everything about the keyword rank tracker.

What is Keyword Rank Tracker?

Tracking your keywords manually could be a tedious and time-consuming task. It is like finding the needle in a digital haystack.

Imagine having various pages to check their keyword rankings.

To know the exact position of your keyword in search engine results, you need a good tool- 'Google rank checker or keyword rank tracker.'

A keyword rank tracker will give you the best answer to this question. Keyword trackers can help put your Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy on the right track.

It shows how high your keywords are ranked on Google and other search engines. You can find your ranking keywords using a keyword rank tracker.

A lot of keyword trackers are available in the market. But there is a difference between these keyword trackers and others that you can find online. Some tools don't provide real-time updates, while some do not offer accurate information at all.

Why is rank tracking important in SEO?

Rank tracking is crucial to keep check if your SEO efforts are paying off.

It gives you a better understanding of improving your search engine results and how to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Keyword tracking will help you understand what SERP features you consider to appear in the top search results.

However, you shouldn't focus only on rankings; you should also focus on the content topics and relevant terms that describe your content.

Here are other benefits of using the rank tracker tools:

  • It helps you to create an effective content strategy that targets the right audience
  • It also tells you how long it will take for your site to rank higher in Google search results; this information is very important because it provides a good idea of what works and what doesn't
  • It helps you optimize your content and gives a better understanding of what content performs well on the search engines

How to track your keyword positions?

There are two ways to track your keyword positions; manual and using the tool.

Start with one keyword first. For example, if you are selling shoes online, type "buy leather shoes" on Google.

Check your ranking for this keyword and see how much traffic the search engine sends to your website every day.

Use tracking software such as Google Analytics to check daily statistic data from your web server. It will give you a clear idea of how many visits your site gets every day.

Or you can use the free SEO tool such as Google Search Console to check out the popular keywords and the keywords that are clicked most. However, this tool only gives the average position of each keyword.

Tracking and monitoring these metrics will help you judge which keywords and campaigns are more successful than others.

Rank tracking best practices?

There are a few best practices that can be followed when implementing a tracking system.

The best way to know the position of your website is to check it daily. By checking your rank, you can judge any changes in your search engine rankings for specific keywords.

To track the position of your website, use relevant keywords in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Every time you check your rankings, use a different search engine when possible.

When checking your website position every day, using the same search engine will only show you results from that specific search engine, not all of them.

To boost your SEO efforts,  there are some best practices that you can follow.

- Start with one keyword and track its position daily using any keyword position checker  

- Track your rank for each keyword and track how much traffic you get from that keyword

- Keep a detailed record of the keywords that bring in the most traffic to your website

- Use the target keywords that will bring in more traffic to your site  

Besides the target keyword, keep an eye on other long-tail keywords and their search volume. You can do keyword research using the keyword finder and find the long-tail keywords to include them in the content.

How to choose the perfect tool for Keyword Rank Tracker?

Selecting the right keyword rank checker could be a tedious task. As part of SEO strategy,  it is essential to choose the best tool for keyword rank tracker.

One of the reasons SEOs love using the Keyword Rank Tracker Tool is that it provides a comprehensive analysis of their site.

The other reason is that it allows them to compare their rank for each keyword.

The tool should track the keywords, show the changes in your position and provide you with an analysis of how much traffic your site gets from each search engine.

It also needs to have a range of features that will help you in your keyword research.

There are a few questions you ask when choosing the keyword tracker to track organic search rankings:

  • Is the tool user-friendly?
  • Does it provide you with an analysis of your site's performance compared to other sites ranking for the same keyword?
  • Can you easily track changes or get the ranking data for each keyword?
  • Is the tool compatible with all of your favourite analytics tools?
  • Does it provide you with a keyword report that allows you to understand how much traffic each keyword brings in?
  • Does it give a free trial?
  • Is the interface good enough?
  • Does it provide accurate data on the rankings and other metrics?

Considering all the above features and factors, we have shortlisted the best keyword rank tracker for you.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console by Google webmaster gives all the information related to your search queries. It includes the metrics like your keyword ranking, position in SERPs and other metrics.

It gives you information about your website keywords traffic based on the metrics like:

  • The number of clicks
  • The number of impressions
  • Average position
  • Average CTR

Here are some of the features that make Google Search Console an awesome tool:

  • You can get detailed information on your website keywords, traffic and other metrics.
  • It allows you to compare two URLs or keywords for their performance over time.
  • You can see which of your search queries have increased traffic over time.
  • You can track changes in rankings and other metrics easily using Google Search Console.


Ahrefs Rank Tracker lets you monitor your Google rankings on desktop and mobile devices. You can monitor all your search queries on one dashboard. It also allows you to analyze the keyword rankings, traffic and other metrics of any URL daily.

Ahrefs will show you all the keywords that are ranking for your website. You can track your SEO efforts by using interactive graphs.

You can get a history of:

  • Visibility metrics tell what percentage of traffic from organic search lands on your website.
  • Average positions and traffic.
  • Track your ranking progress.

SEMRush Position Tracking

This paid tool helps you know how your website ranks for the search queries you are monitoring.

Keyword tracking helps you to monitor how keywords rank for your website. You can get detailed information about all the keyword rankings, traffic and other metrics daily.

SEMRush also gives you the option to view the performance of your website for a keyword over time.

SEMRush helps SEO professionals to:

  • Collect accurate Google ranking data.
  • Find keyword opportunities for your website.
  • Compile a list of competitors that are ranking for the same keywords as you are.
  • Get notified of the position changes.


SERanking tracks your website's rank in the SERP.

It provides a real-time view of your rankings and enables you to compare them with other sites.

You can track multiple websites at once by creating a free account on SERanking. You can see how they are ranking for the exact keywords and monitor their traffic.

SERanking analyzes the performance of your website over time, with detailed reports on traffic and revenue by month, quarter, or year.


Keyword Rank Tracker tracks your keywords and shows you the keywords' rank in the SERPs.

These tools help check your top keywords, how often they appear on the SERPs, your competition's ranking for each keyword, and how much traffic you are getting from this keyword.

We hope you have liked our article on the Keyword rank tracker.

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