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Sep 14, 2022

Best Clearscope alternatives to know in 2022 | Scalenut

Image of Aditya Singh Rajput, Content Writer
Aditya Singh Rajput
Best Clearscope alternatives to know in 2022 | Scalenut


Top Clearscope Alternatives You Should Know In 2022

There is no denying that Clearscope is a terrific tool. The SEO content optimization platform has been helping users create great content for some time now. Despite that, you will come to agree that its pricing may not be for everyone, and people have been looking for viable Clearscope alternatives that can match or outperform it. 

As per recent research, over half of 50% of surveyed marketers stated that native AI capabilities are quintessential for marketing software providers. Thankfully, with content optimization becoming a significant topic today, many AI-powered tools can help produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content.

This article discusses the top Clearscope alternatives and competitors that can help you ramp up your SEO game in no time. 

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7 Clearscope alternatives to consider

Here is the list of seven best alternatives to Clearscope - 

  1. Scalenut
  2. Surfer SEO
  3. Frase
  4. MarketMuse
  5. SEMrush
  6. PageOptimizer Pro
  7. Dashword

Here is how these tools stack up as the best Clearscope alternative - 

Scalenut: Perfect Clearscope alternative for all your content ideation and creation needs

Scalenut is an all-in-one AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that helps in developing content strategy, research, and writing. It uses a combination of AI, ML, and cognitive tech to help marketers and creators scale their content in the best possible manner. The tool focuses a lot on NLP and is one of the best Clearscope alternatives. 

Features that make Scalenut the best Clearscope alternative

  1. Gain Topical Authority with Topic Clusters

A totally unique feature, Topic Clusters tool by Scalenut empowers you to build an entire content strategy to acquire topical authority on the SERP. Topic cluster comes up with multiple sets of topics revolving around your primary keyword. This lets you create pillar blog posts with many secondary blogs which you can interlink to gain topical authority.

  1. NLP-backed content at your fingertips

Scalenut uses NLP analysis and intelligence to identify key terms and create content that has a higher chance of ranking on SERP.

  1. Factual consistency using updated SERP ideas

SERP Ideas help you create factually-correct and up-to-date content without having to switch tabs incessantly.

  1. A plethora of AI templates for all your copywriting needs

Besides the long-form writing features, Scalenut also offers over 40 AI copywriting templates to help deliver immaculate marketing copies with ease.  You can try out Scalenut’s AI writing tool for free. 

  1. Generate blog drafts within minutes with Cruise Mode

With Scalenut's Cruise Mode AI writer, you can now create 1500+ words blog posts in minutes. You only have to provide minimal inputs such as your blog description, title and writing points, and the AI writing generator will make the first draft for you in no time. Proofread and make edits to the blog, and you are good to publish. 

  1. Let AI Editor cover the content gaps

Scalenut also comes packed with several AI writing features, such as Instruct, Write, and Connectors to enable you to harness AI’s abilities to enhance and expand your content writing process. 

Pros of using Scalenut over Clearscope <H3>

  • Well-rounded social listening capabilities

It offers a wider social listening gamut with frequently asked questions from Quora, Reddit, and Google and also provides AI-generated questions for superior results. 

  • SERP analysis of top 30 URLs for superior content research

Most SaaS tools limit their research process to the top 20 URLs, but Scalenut expands the base and analyzes 30 top URLs for generating superior content. 

  • Cruise Mode for generating drafts within minutes

With Scalenut's Cruise Mode, users can generate their first drafts within a few minutes for any keyword. Enter some basic details, choose the heading that suits the topic the best, approve the writing points and you have the first draft at your disposal. 

  • Email and 24*7 chat support

While you will have to raise a ticket to reach out to the Clearscope team, Scalenut steers ahead by offering 24*7 chat and email support for all its users. 

  • Get a 7-day free trial

Scalenut offers a 7-day free trial to all its users. In comparison, there is no option to test Clearscope without purchasing its subscription. It only offers a demo on request, which may not be enough for making an informed decision.

Cons of using Scalenut

Scalenut packs a wide range of options for your content ideation and creation needs. While it is helpful in the long run, these features can take a little time to get used to. Thankfully, there are a lot of Scalenut tutorials and guides that can help you get rid of the initial discomfort. 

Scalenut Pricing: How much does Scalenut cost?

Scalenut offers a 7-day free trial to its users to give them an overview of what they are signing for. Once they get accustomed to the platform, there are three different pricing plans to choose from - 

  • Individual - Starts at USD 12/month when billed annually
  • Growth - Starts at USD 32/month when billed annually
  • Pro - Starts at USD 60/month when billed annually

If you wish to know more, visit Scalenut's pricing page.

Scalenut is best suited for

  • SEO Strategists
  • Content Creators
  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Want to know other softwares like Scalenut? Here are the top 10 alternatives of Scalenut in 2022. 

Surfer SEO

Surfer is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool developed to help in optimizing written content, such as articles and blog posts for SERP. The software can analyze over 500 on-page signals and also has a built-in keyword research tool.

Key Surfer SEO features 

  • Understand performance using signal strength

Surfer SEO has a special signal strength feature that lets you understand how your pages perform.

  • Comparing top SERP results based on different categories

Surfer also has an SEO audit feature to help you compare your results with that of the competition. For it, the software can pull up to 47 top pages, audit them across multiple categories, and compare your content against the result generated. 

  • A whole lot of keywords

With Surfer, users can extract LSI keywords scraped from SERPs. These are not related searches but contextual keywords for improving the SEO score of your writing. 

Pros of using Surfer SEO

  • Strong SEO audit capabilities

Surfer SEO’s algorithm scrapes several data points based on different group factors, such as True Density, partial keywords, exact keywords, and length, from top SERPs to help you optimize your output significantly. 

  • Semantic analysis

The tool returns a comparison of keywords used across the top SERP results and lists the most common words and phrases present across the top 10 results.

  • Descriptive SEO view

With Surfer SEO, you can access an SERP view, which lets you highlight URLs, spy on competitors' content, and also exclude URLs if needed, for improved clarity. 

Cons of using Surfer SEO 

  • Limited queries

While the number of queries that users can generate depends on the plan they choose, the tool even limits it to 50 for its top-tier business plan. 

  • Keywords generation is not its strongest suit

While the keyword audit tool generates a lot of results, the presentation makes it a difficult recommendation. Also, the metrics it uses often have been reported to present wayward results. 

  • Its suggestions can hamper readability

Given that the tool inadvertently focuses on the technical side of things, it often suggests way too many changes, which can affect the readability score of the piece. 

Surfer SEO pricing: How much does Surfer SEO cost?

Surfer has three unique plans for its users. Depending on the plans you choose, the charges start from USD 59 monthly and go all the way up to USD 239 monthly. 

Here are the Surfer pricing plans - 

  • BASIC - USD 59 monthly for auditing up to 20 pages and writing and optimizing 10 articles.
  • PRO - USD 119 monthly for auditing up to 60 pages and writing and optimizing 30 articles. In addition, grow up to 5 websites on autopilot with Grow Flow.
  • BUSINESS - USD 239 monthly for auditing 140 pages and writing and optimizing 70 articles. In addition, grow up to 10 websites on autopilot with Grow Flow.

Surfer SEO is suited for

  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Content creators
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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Frase is another Clearscope alternative, which is an intelligent SEO tool that identifies the best way to optimize content. It also has Frase Answers - an AI bot that crawls user website to develop an intelligent knowledge base.

Key features of Frase

  • Social listening capabilities

Frase crawls Reddit and Quora to return the most searched and talked about questions around a topic, incorporating which in your content can increase the chances of ranking. 

  • Concept mapping¬†

Frase uses Wikipedia's knowledge graph to showcase topics and concepts relating to users' search queries. The user can select any generated nodes to develop a concept map for a ‚ÄĆkeyword.¬†

  • Existing content optimization

Frase's dashboard presents you with an SEO score of all the articles live on your website, enabling you to optimize your existing content with ease. 

Pros of using Frase

  • AI-generated content briefs¬†

Frase has many AI-driven features, such as Topic Clusters, Headers, Questions, and more, enabling users to create AI-powered content briefs on the go. 

  • Frase Answer Engine

Frase comes with a built-in Answer Engine that crawls a website, reviews its content, and then generates an intelligent knowledge base for user queries. 

  • Live Customer Support

Frase offers live customer support from 9 AM to 6 PM throughout the weekdays for quick query resolution. 

Cons of using Frase

  • Limited writing assistance

Frase has limited chops for AI-guided writing assistance and limits it to three options - Rewrite, Transitions, and Smart Lists which may not be good enough for all use cases. 

  • Fluctuating results

The content briefs generated via Frase can sometimes be too broad or too niched for specific industries.

Frase pricing: How much does Frase cost?

Frase is one of the few tools to offer a money-back guarantee to its users. As for pricing, they have three different pricing tiers - 

  • Basic - Starts at USD 44.99 monthly, offering 30 document credits for a user
  • Team - Starts at USD 114.99 monthly, offering unlimited document credits for up to 3 users
  • Custom - Pricing and features as per specific needs

Frase is best suited for

  • Freelance content creators
  • Small enterprises

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MarketMuse is similar to Clearscope and focuses on making content your competitive advantage. It is an AI content intelligence and strategy platform  that helps you perform better keyword research, planning and optimization of your content pieces.  

Key features of MarketMuse

  • SERP analysis for finding content gap

MarketMuse runs a content gap audit by analyzing SERP's top 20 results for your target keyword. 

  • Social listening-driven content strategy

MarketMuse's social listening capabilities allow you to find essential questions on the web to optimize your content development process. 

  • Get updates on losing traffic

MarketMuse provides updates on the list of topics on your website that are losing traffic for the past month. This helps you build strategies to revamp your old content and start ranking for keywords. 

Pros of using MarketMuse

  • More in-depth Reporting tools

Compared to Clearscope, MarketMuse offers a plethora of reporting tools that provide more in-depth content analysis and recommendations, such as internal and external linking recommendations, for a more granular approach to content crafting. 

  • Better link building with MarketMuse Connect

MarketMuse Connect provides an option for link building, something which Clearscope does not provide. 

  • Management of content workflows¬†

MarketMuse comes packed with a Content Inventory feature that lets users manage all their content in one place.

Cons of using MarketMuse

  • Doesn't have a reputation for SEO

Most users report ‚ÄĆMarketMuse does not do enough to improve the SEO score of their pieces, something which Clearscope aces at.¬†

  • Long loading times

While most software takes around a minute or two to load reports, MarketMuse often takes much longer, stretching the content creation process longer.

  • Steep learning curve

Even though MarketMuse has its tools well-labeled, it fails to provide a meaningful description for the users to get an idea. So, users have to manually do it all, resulting in a steep learning curve. 

MarketMuse pricing: How much does MarketMuse cost?

As for pricing, MarketMuse offers a mix of free and paid plans costing between USD 0 (requires a business email and a stringent process to complete) and USD 12,000 annually for enterprises. Here is how its pricing stack up - 

  • Free - Allows users to generate 15 queries and 10 projects monthly
  • Standard - Starts at USD 7,200 annually with 100 queries per month and unlimited projects access
  • Premium - Starts at USD 12,000 annually with unlimited queries and projects access

MarketMuse is best suited for

  • Agencies
  • Medium or large businesses


SEMrush is an all-in-one SaaS tool suite that seeks to improve online visibility and discover marketing insights for its users. It is an effective tool for preparing and optimizing your website for search engines. 

Key features of SEMrush

  • Competitive analysis

The tools utilize unique elements, such as market exploration, traffic, and competitor benchmarking, for superior competitive analysis.

  • Domain and keyword analytics¬†

SEMrush presents historical data and keyword metrics to help you gauge your domain and traffic insights. 

  • Advanced reports¬†

SEMrush has options like branding, scheduling, and white labeling for superior report generation. 

Pros of using SEMrush

  • Link building

SEMrush SEO platform has  a "Link Building Tool" option to help you perform link prospecting with ease.

  • Excels at Site Audit

SEMrush also has a site audit tool that helps the user understand their site health with a plethora of metrics on its dashboard. 

  • Seamless integration

You can also integrate SEMrush’s WordPress plugin with Google Docs for your writing needs. It also lets you check the overall readability with its inbuilt Flesch Kincaid reading ease score. 

Cons of using SEMrush

  • Takes a lot of time to generate reports

SEMrush reports take time to generate with no capacity to save settings or templates, which can be super frustrating for users. 

SEMrush pricing: How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush offers a free plan along with three paid plans to its users. Here is how they stack up - 

  • Free - Offers up to 10 keywords and domain research for free
  • Pro - Starts at USD 119.95 monthly with 500 keywords and up to 5 projects
  • Guru - Starts at USD 229.95 monthly with 1500 keywords and 15 projects
  • Business - Starts at USD 449.95 monthly with 5000 keywords and 40 projects¬†

SEMrush is best suited for

  • Hobbyists
  • Beginner marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Enterprises

PageOptimizer Pro

PageOptimizer Pro is an SEO tool based on Kyle Roof’s Scientific on-page SEO method. Claimed to be backed by over 400 tests on the Google algorithm, the software helps web marketers produce SEO-optimized pages for SERP with ease. 

Key features of PageOptimizer Pro

  • Intuitive Keyword Recommendation

PageOptimizer Pro comes with a patented algorithm to let users know where and how many times they need to place a keyword for SEO purposes.

  • Easy to Download Reports

Users can download all the reports (content briefs) they generate to send them as an attachment or for offline usage. 

  • Schema Optimization¬†

Should you be using the schema your competitor uses? Or should you opt for a mix of schemas for your content? PageOptimizer Pro’s algorithm can inform you of the best fit.

Pros of using PageOptimizer Pro

  • A list of LSI terms for all your ranking needs

PageOptimizer Pro presents a list of LSI terms related to each keyword to ensure you create rankable content with optimum ease. 

  • Chrome plugin

The software also has a Google Chrome plugin to let you optimize content directly on Google Docs or WordPress editor. 

  • Unique Kyle Roof‚Äôs algorithm

The tool integrates a plethora of advanced features usually not available in the price range and uses Kyle Roof’s algorithm which was patented in January 2020, a differentiating factor for its users. 

Cons of using PageOptimizer Pro

  • The basic plan is just basic for single users

The basic plan for single users is too basic for most users. They will inadvertently have to move to costlier plans. 

  • Some users may find its SEO abilities bland and insufficient

While there is little doubt that PageOptimizer Pro is a capable tool, it doesn’t offer functionalities like copywriting or link building. It may result in users, specially agencies, finding it bland for the price they pay.

PageOptimizer Pro pricing: How much does PageOptimizer Pro cost?

PageOptimizer Pro is a relatively inexpensive alternative to Clearscope and starts at USD 22 monthly for single users and at USD 87 monthly for agencies. 

It has three different pricing plans for single users - 

  • Basic - Starts at USD 22 monthly for up to 12 reports
  • Premium - Starts at USD 33 monthly for up to 25 reports
  • Unlimited ‚Äď Starts at USD 44 monthly for unlimited reports generation

In addition, here are the plans for its agency users offering unlimited reports generation - 

  • 1 to 5 sub-accounts- Starts at USD 87 monthly¬†
  • 6 to 10 sub-accounts- Starts at USD 99 monthly¬†
  • 11 to 20 sub-accounts‚Äď Starts at USD 109 monthly¬†

PageOptimizer Pro is best suited for

  • Agencies
  • Content teams
  • Individual content creators


Dashword is an online SEO optimization tool that helps users with their content marketing endeavors. The primary focus of the software is to help users drive more organic traffic and save time they would otherwise spend researching for content curation. 

Key features of Dashword

  • Instant access to competitors' outlines

Dashword lets users find all the competitor's outlines in one place and allows them to pick the most vital headings to write on. 

  • One-click share

The software lets you share content briefs with a single click directly from the dashboard. 

  • Real-time content feedback

Dashword has an inbuilt content grading system that provides a real-time indication of whether the content is ready for publishing. 

Pros of using Dashword

  • Identify underperforming pages

The tool tracks trends and uses AI algorithms to identify and inform about the pages that are losing traffic or are not receiving any. 

  • Automated page importing abilities

Dashword's web crawler monitors users' websites and can add internal pages automatically. 

  • Page rank tracker

Dashword has a tracking feature with which it traces the ranking of your pages on a real-time basis. 

Cons of using Dashword

  • Lacks enough features

The package as a whole is pretty barebones compared to Clearscope and lacks technical SEO features and keyword research abilities.

Dashword pricing: How much does Dashword cost?

In addition to offering two keyword reports for free, Dashword has three different pricing plans - 

  • Hobby - Starts at USD 39 monthly and offers 5 NLP reports and 25 traffic pages
  • Startup - Starts at USD 99 monthly and offers 20 NLP reports and 100 traffic pages
  • Business - Starts at USD 249 monthly and offers 100 NLP reports and 500 traffic pages¬†

Dashword is best suited for

  • Freelancers
  • Small Businesses

Conclusion: Which one is the best Clearscope alternative?

Clearscope is one of the pioneers of AI-powered SaaS tools for SEO-optimized content and continues to remain among the top options for a wide range of user types. 

But in modern times, there have been a lot of best Clearscope alternatives available across price ranges and offering different functionalities. What users choose ultimately depends on their specific use case and needs. 

While all of the listed alternatives to Clearscope are capable performers, if you are looking to choose one that meets all your content workflow needs (planning, research, and creation), Scalenut seems to be an apt choice. It is constantly being upgraded to inculcate new features to help you improve your content output significantly. 

Aditya Singh Rajput
Content Writer
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Aditya Singh Rajput
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