Jan 19, 2023

Top 25 AI Writing Tools to Scale your Content Exponentially

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Top 25 AI Writing Tools to Scale your Content Exponentially
Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Jan 19, 2023

Top 25 AI Writing Tools to Scale your Content Exponentially

Wondering which AI writing tool is the best for you? Here is a detailed analysis of the top 25 AI writing tools that can help you scale your content exponentially.
Top 25 AI Writing Tools to Scale your Content Exponentially

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As content marketing becomes more important than ever, brands need to find all sorts of ways to get their content out there. 

From blog posts and social media content to customer support chats and product descriptions, there's a lot of content that needs to be created. But writing all of this content can be a daunting task. 

That's where AI content writing tools come in.

We've compiled a list of the best AI writing tools to help content marketers in 2023. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these tools will help you create high-quality content with ease. 

What are AI tools for writing?

An AI writing tool is a program designed to help you create high-quality content faster and with less effort. They use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like NLP, deep learning, machine learning, and GPT3 to understand the way humans read and write.

AI content writing tools do many different things, like suggest grammatical changes and improvements based on your target audience and the other parameters you choose. Some of the best AI writing tools have a lot of different features, like finding plagiarism and generating unique content on their own. 

For example, if a 1000+ word blog typically takes 3 to 4 days with all the research, notes, and drafts that go into creating high-quality content. 

An AI writing assistant can cut that time down to less than a day by helping you do research on the competition, make an outline of the content, write paragraphs of text, and check for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Let’s take a look at some of the best AI writing software that every marketer should know in 2023. 

Scalenut AI writer 

Scalenut is an all-in-one platform for content marketing and SEO. From finding the best topics to optimizing the final draft for maximum search engine traffic, you can do everything with Scalenut. 

Screenshot of Scalenut AI platform’s homepage

The platform has more than 40 AI copywriting templates for common uses like social media captions, product descriptions, and sales emails. It also has effective copywriting frameworks, such as AIDA (attention, interest, desire, and action) and PAS (problem, agitate, solution).

Key features: 

  • CruiseMode: The fastest way to create SEO content in under 5 minutes. Simply enter your target keyword and location, and our AI writer will generate a compelling first draft within minutes. 
  • AI copywriter: A full suite of 40+ AI writing templates specifically trained in creating targeted content. 
  • SEO docs: Create SEO content with a detailed competitive analysis of the top-ranking web pages for a selected keyword. 
  • Topic cluster generator: Find high-search volume topics and related keywords and create keyword clusters with this powerful keyword clustering tool
  • Team collaboration: Add and manage content teams right within the platform.  
  • SemRush integration: Get in-depth keyword statistics such as search volume and difficulty in selecting the best keywords.
  • CopyScape integration: The tool is integrated with CopyScape to help users check their content for plagiarism and ensure originality. 
  • Direct WordPress publishing: Directly publish content on WordPress websites without the need for creating documents and uploading them through WordPress admin.
  • Chrome extension: The platform comes with a Chrome extension that works with most websites and offers in-place AI writing capabilities. 


Individual: $29/month

Growth: $79/month

Pro: $149/month

Customer Reviews: 

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for Scalenut

Our Take on Scalenut:

It is a great all-in-one platform that can help marketers scale their content marketing and SEO efforts at a fraction of the cost. Scalenut's tools and features are made to make the process of making content easier, which is an important part of effective SEO and content marketing strategies. It is the perfect solution for every organization's content marketing and SEO needs.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that generates original content. Users can create blog posts, essays, and poetry with Jasper. It’s not always amazing content, but it helps you create decent content, good enough to build an online presence.

Screenshot of Jasper AI platform’s homepage

The tool comes with 50+ pre-configured templates that generate specific types of content, such as product descriptions, blog topic ideas, etc.

Key features: 

  • Long-form editor: Helpful tool for creating better content by using AI-assisted prompts.
  • Plagiarism checker: Ensure that all your content is unique and original to avoid search engine penalties. 
  • Surfer integration: SEO tool that helps you get search engine performance insights and find keyword ranking opportunities.
  • Multiple language support: Users can create content in over 25+ languages on Jasper, making it a great AI writer for regional content.  


Starter: $29/month

Boss Mode: $59/month

Business: Custom pricing

Customer Reviews:

 Screenshot of verified customer reviews for Jasper

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for Jasper‍

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for Jasper

Our Take On Jasper: 

Jasper is a good tool but lacks the nuances of human language. The outputs are quite average at times and need a lot of tweaking before they can be used. 


Grammarly is one of the best AI writing programs we've used because it helps you improve your writing skills on the go. Grammar mistakes are visible whenever you write a piece of text. Grammarly can check your writing in Australian, American, and British English, among other languages.

Screenshot of Grammarly AI platform’s homepage‍

You can also check your content for plagiarism. Every time you write, it also offers advice on how to raise the caliber of your work. It also comes with a Chrome extension that lets you proofread any text you write online. Because there are so many checks, it's easy to write content without having to worry about grammar or sentence structure.

Key Features:

  • Grammar checker: An advanced grammar checker that silently runs in the background and identifies grammatical mistakes.
  • Spelling checker: The tool checks for spelling mistakes and helps you ensure that you publish error-free content. 
  • Content suggestions: Based on the parameters that you select, Grammarly offers helpful content suggestions that make your content more authoritative, descriptive, or informational. 
  • Browser extension: Grammarly has a browser extension that runs on almost every website with a content editor and continuously checks for grammar, spelling, and content suggestions. 
  • Plagiarism checker: The plagiarism checker is a useful feature in the platform that helps you create 100% original and unique content. 


Basic: Free

Premium: $12/month

Business: $12.5/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for Grammarly‍

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for Grammarly‍

Our take on Grammarly:

If you’re looking for a basic AI writing assistant that helps you ensure content quality, then Grammarly is a good choice for you. But because it doesn't have advanced features like AI-generated content, content marketers are less likely to want to use it. 

Pro Writing Aid

ProWritingAid is your best bet if you need to create academic content and can't afford to make any spelling or grammar mistakes. It offers sophisticated grammar and spelling checks as well as expert recommendations. 

 Screenshot of ProWritingAid AI platform’s homepage‍

It comes with more than a thousand different writing styles already installed. You can acquire in-depth reports on your written material and use them to figure out where you can make improvements.

Key Features:

  • Writing reports: ProWritingAid is a great way to record your writing patterns and analyze them to improve your content. 
  • Plagiarism checker: The tool comes with a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is 100% original. 
  • Grammar checker: The tool also has a grammar checker feature that highlights grammatical errors for users. 
  • Contextual thesaurus: A unique feature of this tool is the contextual thesaurus option that gives you alternative words that can be used within the given context.
  • Content style suggestions: Based on your preferences, the tool will continuously analyze your content in the background and ensure a consistent tone of voice, sentence structures, and style formatting. 


Basic: Free for the first 500 words. 

Premium: $13.29/month

Lifetime access: $265.21/-

Customer reviews:

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for ProWritingAid‍
Screenshot of verified customer reviews for ProWritingAid‍

Our take on ProWritingAid:

The tool is a great way to make sure your grammar is correct, and your tone of voice is consistent. However, it lacks additional features that other AI writers offer, such as keyword research, search engine-optimization, and content generation. 


WriteSonic is a smart writing assistant that can tailor new pieces of writing to your specific requirements. The software is useful because it gives you access to previously written content that can serve as a guide for your own writing.

Screenshot of WriteSonic AI platform’s homepage‍

This can help content marketers get past writer's block and connect with their audience better. If you're a writer who's ever felt like you just ran out of ideas, WriteSonic is the tool for you.

So they are better able to make content that is both unique and interesting. This makes it more likely that the content will be shared on more than one social media channel.

There is a free demo available for both Windows and macOS users.

Key Features:

  • Grammar checker: The tool comes with a built-in grammar checker that ensures the content you generate is error-free. 
  • Multi-lingual support: The tool supports more than 20 languages and helps marketers create regional content to target niche industries.  
  • SEO optimizer: It also has an inbuilt SEO optimizer to ensure every output it produces is optimized for higher rankings on SERPs.
  • Innovative pricing: WriteSonic has a unique pricing strategy that changes the number of AI words you get based on the quality of content you want. Users can choose from ‘Premium,’ ‘Good,’ ‘Average,’ and ‘Economy.’


Free trial: $0 for 2500 Premium quality words

Long-form: $12.69/month

Custom plans: custom pricing based on the quality of content

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for WriteSonic
 Screenshot of verified customer reviews for WriteSonic

Our take on WriteSonic:

While the tool has some amazing features and a comprehensive gallery of AI writing templates, it lacks finesse and produces quite generic content in many cases. 

Article Forge

Article Forge's ability to use deep learning lets it write more original text than almost all other AIs. The content has been run through Copyscape and found to be original. It generates unique, high-quality content, which search engines will reward with higher page rankings. 

Screenshot of ArticleForge AI platform’s homepage‍

Most AIs only use a single deep learning model, but Article Forge uses eight different models to create the best content.

Key Features:

  • WordPress integration: The tool comes with a WordPress integration that lets users directly publish their content on WordPress websites. 
  • Grammar and Spelling checker: It also has the functionality to check for grammar and spelling mistakes in your content. 
  • SEO content: Article Forge creates search-engine-optimized content that includes important keywords and covers the most popular topics on SERPs. 
  • WordAI integration: The tool has a rewriter feature empowered by another AI writing tool called WordAI. It lets users rephrase sentences.


25,000 AI words: $27/month

500,000 AI words: $247/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot of verified customer reviews for ArticleForge
Screenshot of verified customer reviews for ArticleForge

Our take on Article Forge:

Article Forge is a feature-packed AI writing tool. However, the content it produces often contains a lot of fluff or inaccurate facts. Users must pay attention to details and cross-check every piece of content they create with Article Forge.


Even though writer's block is a common problem and finding a solution can be challenging, Rytr makes coming up with new content quick and easy. Using this writing tool, you may generate fresh ideas for blog posts and get them up on your site as soon as feasible. 

Screenshot of Rytr AI platform’s homepage

You'll be able to spend less time on content development while still producing high-quality results. Before an article is generated, you have the option of choosing between different moods. Just plug in the term you're targeting and the content type, and let Rytr do the heavy lifting for you.

Key Features:

  • Sentence formatting: Rytr continuously analyzes your content for better readability and suggests sentence structures that optimize the flow of ideas in your content. 
  • Multi-language support: The tool supports more than 30 languages, making it a good option for generating regional content. 
  • Plagiarism checker: It also analyzes your content for plagiarism and helps you ensure that you are creating 100% original content. 
  • Content style editor: The tool also has a style editor that ensures your content has consistency. 


Free plan: Upto 10,000 AI-generated characters/month

Saver plan: $9/month

Unlimited plan: $29/month

Customer Reviews:

 Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for Rytr
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for Rytr

Our take on Rytr:

Rytr is an ideal choice for marketers just starting to use AI writing assistants. The easy-to-use interface of the tool offers a short learning curve for new users. However, the character limits set under each plan are too low to contribute significantly to marketing campaigns. 


WordAI is a content rewriter that creates fresh copy while maintaining the original's meaning. The only problem with this AI-powered content generator is that you have to provide the original content in order to create unique content. 

Screenshot of WordAI platform’s homepage‍

The new articles won't be a complete rehash of the old ones; rather, they'll be revised to improve readability and sentence structure.

Key Features:

  • AI-based content rephraser: WordAI is essentially a content rephraser tool that will help you rephrase the content and make it unique.
  • Multi-language support: WordAi works with 4 main languages: English, French, Italian, and Spanish. 
  • Copyscape integration: The tool has a Copyscape integration that helps users ensure their content is 100% unique and plagiarism-free. 
  • Spelling and grammar checker: It has an inbuilt spelling and grammar checker that ensures the rephrased content is error-free. 


Monthly: $57/month

Yearly: $27/month (billed annually)

Enterprise: Custom pricing based on the organization’s needs

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for WordAI
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for WordAI

Our take on WordAI:

WordAI is a good tool for rephrasing, but it doesn't have other features like text generation and AI templates that AI writing assistants have. The tool requires users to input entire documents, which defeats the purpose of an AI writing assistant. 


Copysmith was made by an international team of award-winning writers, marketing experts from top agencies, and experts in artificial intelligence (AI) from top IT companies. 

Screenshot of Grammarly AI platform’s homepage

By changing and improving the content that is generated, the program learns how you like to write and changes its output to match. To stare at a blank page and think of new ideas is the most challenging part of copywriting. As a workaround, you can just feed Copysmith the keywords, and it will do the bulk of the work for you. 

As soon as that's done, you're free to put as much time and effort into editing and polishing the final draft as you'd like. Copysmith is a place where you can create, manage, and evaluate content with ease.

Key Features:

  • Plagiarism checker: The tool has an inbuilt plagiarism checker that ensures the content you create is original and unique. 
  • FAQ ideas: It also has a feature that lets you create useful and insightful FAQs about your topic. 
  • Rephraser and summarizer: It also allows you to rephrase sentences and summarize the entire content in a short paragraph. 
  • Integrations: The tool has many integrations with powerful tools such as Frase, Google Ads, Microsoft Word, Chrome, WooCommerce, Zapier, Hootsuite, and Google Docs. 
  • Bulk content generation: Copysmith has a unique feature where users just have to upload a sheet with a few basic parameters, and the AI will generate product descriptions, blog ideas, etc., in bulk. 
  • Content rewriter: Users can rewrite existing content for fresh perspectives and better performance. 


Starter: $19/month

Professional: $59/month

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for CopySmith

Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for WordAI

Our take on Copysmith:

If the majority of the content you produce is short-form content, Copysmith is an ideal tool for your business. However, if you are looking for a mix of different content types, you may be better off selecting another AI writing assistant. 


Peppertype, an AI-powered writing tool, is great for pumping out content that is both keyword- and SEO-rich, no matter what your business demands are. Peppertype.ai has been trusted by over 20,000 individuals and 1200 organizations for their content needs. 

Screenshot of Peppertype AI platform’s homepage

Peppertype.ai uses both human and machine intelligence to help authors write better content in less time. This is done by letting users save different versions of their favorite copywriting styles, such as "simple," "professional," and "motivating.”

Key Features:

  • SEO blog generator: Peppertype has SEO features that help users create blog outlines, generate content, and ensure that blogs are optimized for higher rankings. 
  • FAQs generator: The tool also has a FAQs generator that allows you to include the most common questions in your blog content. 
  • Advanced copywriting frameworks: The tool also helps users apply advanced copywriting frameworks such as AIDA, PAS, and BAB while creating content. 
  • 30+ content Templates: The AI writing assistant has been trained in more than 30 content writing templates, such as introductions, video descriptions, product details, etc. 


Personal: $35/month

Team: $199/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for Pepertype.ai‍
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for Pepertype.ai

Our take on Peppertype.ai:

Peppertype is a good AI writing assistant for creating short-form content, but it lacks the advanced features many AI writing tools offer. If you are looking for a full-fledged AI writing tool, you may be dissatisfied with Peppertype.


Anyword, launched in 2021, is yet another artificial intelligence (AI)-based writing tool. With its help, you can generate material of any kind that is optimized for search engines. What sets it apart is its ability to produce copy that includes keywords you choose. 

Screenshot of Anyword AI platform’s homepage

Anyword can write a piece for you based on the writing template you choose and the keywords you give it. We believe Anyword is the first and only tool of its kind that uses AI to deliver a predicted performance score for copywriting, allowing you to make better selections.

Key Features:

  • AI Copy Generator: Anyword has an effective AI copywriter that can generate compelling copies for paid ads, SMS, and blog CTAs. 
  • Blog post Generator: It also has the ability to generate entire blogs based on some basic inputs from users. 
  • Performance score: Anyword has developed a unique content scoring algorithm that gauges the chances of the generated content ranking high or converting visitors. 
  • Multi-language support: The tool supports content creation in over 31 languages.


Starter: $29/month

Data-driven: $99/month

Business professional: Custom pricing

Business website: Custom pricing

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for Anyword
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for Anyword

Our take on Anyword:

Anyword is a good AI writer, but it can't tell the difference between tone and voice in writing. However, we think that the pricing plans offered by Anyword are a little on the expensive side and may make the tool limited for a few users.


CopyAI is an all-purpose AI writing assistant. With its automatic creative features, you can create advertising that gets people's attention in a matter of seconds. 

Screenshot of CopyAI platform’s homepage‍

You can pick from a wide variety of pre-made examples, including blog post titles, product descriptions, blog post beginnings, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Long-form content creator: CopyAI has an impressive long-form content generator that is able to create blog content with ease. 
  • Sentence rephraser: The tools help users simplify sentences while retaining the core messaging. 
  • Blog ideas, outlines, and titles: CopyAI offers an ideal idea generator for blogs with the ability to create outlines and titles. 
  • Content rephraser: Rewrite entire paragraphs of text into an original and plagiarism-free piece of content. 
  • Team Collaboration: CopyAI has a workspace similar to Slack where you can add your team members and collaborate on content pieces together.
  • Multi-language support: The tool supports content creation in more than 25+ languages.


Free: Upto 2000 AI words/month

Pro: $49/month

Customer Reviews:

 Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for CopyAI
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for CopyAI
Screenshot #3 of customer reviews for CopyAI

Our take on CopyAI:

We like the copywriting abilities of CopyAI, and the tool does a great job of creating short-form content. However, it lacks capabilities for high-quality long-form content. The platform's workflow, in general, involves a fairly steep learning curve.


Outranking is an AI writing and SEO platform that is growing quickly. It helps content marketers and SEO professionals beat the competition by making content that is engaging, well-researched, and highly optimized. 

Screenshot of Outranking AI platform’s homepage

By combining SEO (search engine optimization) research, content optimization, and AI writing technologies, Outranking speeds up the return on investment (ROI) of content. 

Key Features:

  • SEO content editor: The tool comes with a good SEO editor that helps you capitalize on important keywords by including them naturally in your content. 
  • Outline builder: You can create decent outlines based on your competition for the select keyword. 
  • Prebuilt AI workflows: Outranking has a pre-built content creation workflow that makes it easy to create blogs with AI-generated content. 
  • Website audit for content optimization: The tool can audit website content and suggest changes for better indexing on search engines. 
  • SERP analyzer: It lets users analyze the top-ranking pages for a specific keyword and understand the competition.
  • AI content strategist: A unique feature of this tool is that it comes with an AI-powered content strategist add-on that helps you identify cluster topics, find authority gaps, and create a competitive content strategy.


Solo: $79/month

Pro: $149/month

Company: $219/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for Outranking
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for Outranking

Our take on Outranking:

Outranking has a good mix of content optimization and AI content generation; it shows great potential as a website content optimization tool. However, the high pricing points are an entry barrier for most marketers and writers.


With INK for all, you can raise your odds of being on the top page of Google. To achieve high search engine rankings, you don't need to know anything about search engine optimization or skimp on content quality. 

Screenshot of Ink for all AI platform’s homepage‍

You have all you need at your fingertips to write, edit, research new topics, and perfect your work. Once you've finished creating something and are ready to publish it, the INK WordPress import companion app makes it simple to submit the finished product to your site.

Key Features:

  • Search Engine Optimized Content: INK has a good grip on producing search engine optimized content.
  • Grammar & Spelling Checker: The tool continuously checks for grammar and spelling mistakes to ensure that the content is error-free.
  • Content Analyzer: INK has developed its readability score that measures the quality of content and the chances of better rankings.
  • Chrome Extension: It comes with a handy Chrome extension that helps you create content on many websites.
  • WordPress Integration: You can also publish content on WordPress websites directly from INK.


Creator: $59/month

Professional: $118/month

SEO Rocket: $590/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for INK
 Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for INK
Screenshot #3 of customer reviews for INK

Our take on INK:

INK has a lot of features that can help you make content that works well. However, the pricing plans of the platform are on the higher side compared to other similar SaaS products.

LongShot AI

You can think of LongShot AI as your standard artificial intelligence (AI) content writing assistant; it has standard features like templates and formatting suggestions.

Screenshot of LongShot AI platform’s homepage

In addition, LongShot can perform research. This AI-powered tool can produce highly converting blog posts. With LongShot.ai, you won't have to spend hours each week writing a new post; instead, you can do it in under 30 minutes. As a way to stand out more, the platform has added a fact-checking system for all the content they make.

Key Features:

  • Long-form content generator: This feature helps content marketers create high-quality blogs, articles, or any other long-form content. 
  • Content fact-checker: Ensures that all the statistics and statements in your content are factually accurate. 
  • Content rephraser: Help ensure 100% originality in your content.
  • Frequently Asked Questions generator: Creates engaging and informative questions based on the most popular topics on the internet. 
  • Paragraph Shredder: Helps reduce the fluff in your content and makes it easy to read and insightful.    


Pro: $39/month

Team: $99/month

Agency: $449/month

Custom plans are also available.

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for LongShotAI
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for LongShotAI‍

Our take on LongShot.AI:

LongShot is a good platform with a short learning curve for new users. The team behind LongShot offers good customer support. However, the content quality and SEO features need a little more work.

Simplified AI

The Simplified AI platform makes it hassle-free to develop AI-generated content for use in your social network accounts. 

 Screenshot of SimplifiedAI platform’s homepage‍

While the program can produce other types of content, its key selling point is its capacity to produce high-quality material tailored to social media platforms.

Key Features:

  • Hashtag generator: The short-form copywriting AI generates hashtags along with captions for better impact.
  • Long-form content writer: A decent long-from AI editor that combines SEO and AI content for better results. 
  • Content rephraser: This feature helps content marketers rephrase the content and ensure 0% plagiarism in their content. 


Free Forever: Upto 3000 AI words

Small Team: $30/month

Business: $50/month

Growth: $125/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for SimplifiedAI

Our take on Simplified AI:

Simplified AI has a lot of features for users, and that is part of the problem. Users may be overwhelmed by the plethora of features and get confused. Further, the AI-generated output lacks insightfulness and engagement. The content is generic and very common.

Frase AI

Frase, like many of the other well-known writers on this list, is an AI content writer that uses GPT3 technology. 

Screenshot of Frase AI platform’s homepage

By analyzing search engine results, Frase helps find and organize content-creation opportunities. You may also utilize Frase for SEO content strategy and planning. 

Key Features:

  • Copywriter: The most popular feature of Frase is the AI copywriter that is trained in many different short-form content use cases. 
  • Long-form content generator: It also has an add-on feature for generating long-form content with AI.
  • Paraphraser: Helps users rewrite the existing content and create fresh and unique content.


Solo: $14.99/month

Basic: $44.99/month

Team: $114.99/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for FraseAI
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for FraseAI

Our take on Frase.io:

While the tool has good copywriting features, the quality of the long-form content generator is average. If you are looking for an all-in-one AI content platform, you may be disappointed in Frase.io after a while.


ChatGPT is a text-based question-answering system that was made most recently by OpenAI. It is based on a customized version of the GPT 3.5 language model. Using OpenAI's RLHF (Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback) method, ChatGPT was taught to respond like a person. 

Screenshot of ChatGPT AI platform’s homepage

It works like a conversation, so all you have to do is type in a question, and it will answer with relevant information. You can get a new answer if you don't like the first one.

Key Features:

  • Uses GPT-3.5 language model: ChatGPT is based on the latest language generation model, GPT 3.5, which makes the quality of content better than most.
  • Remembers earlier conversations: The AI has the ability to follow a conversation like any human and answer questions with reference to earlier conversations.
  • Declines inappropriate requests: The tool is made to be neutral and positive in nature. Therefore it does not answer negative or inappropriate questions.
  • Variety of content: From poems to codes and video scripts, the tool can generate any type of content. 


ChatGPT is available for free right now since it is still in the development stage. We may see a pricing strategy later from the creators of ChatGPT.

Customer Reviews:

Since ChatGPT is not really a product that you can buy, it is not listed on any SaaS review platform. The users of ChatGPT are generally amazed by the human-like replies of the AI. 

Our take on ChatGPT:

ChatGPT is a great AI content generator, but there are a few problems. The tool does not have the latest information; it answers questions based on its own database. Anything you want beyond 2021, the tool will not be able to create content for. There is no SEO aspect to the content generated by ChatGPT. So it is not a useful tool for marketers trying to rank higher on search engines. 

Linguix Business

Linguix is an AI writing assistant that helps marketers improve their content quality by offering grammar, spelling, and alternative word suggestions. 

Screenshot of Linguix AI platform’s homepage

This tool works in a similar way to Grammarly and ProWritingAid, with the added feature of generating AI content.

Key Features:

  • Content quality score: This feature continuously checks your content quality in terms of engagement, readability, and brand style guidelines. 
  • Grammar and spelling checker: The tool also checks for grammar and spelling mistakes to ensure error-free writing. 
  • Advanced language analytics: It also presents a detailed analysis of the content quality of your team members. 
  • Team collaboration: Users can create teams on Linguix and collaborate on content pieces. 


Annual: $10/month

Lifetime: $360/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for Linguix
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for Linguix

Our take on Linguix Business:

As an AI writing assistant, Linguix gets the job done with grammar, spelling, word suggestions, and content analytics. However, it lacks the AI content generation features that many other alternatives offer. 

Paragraph AI

ParagraphAI is a good AI writing assistant that can help you generate good quality content. It is also available for mobile devices, as well as a Chrome extension. 

Screenshot of Paragraph AI platform’s homepage

It has a simple interface with an open AI setting through which users can control the quality of outputs.

Key Features:

  • Tone selection to write content: Users can select the tone of voice of their content. There are three options to choose from between formal and informal, friendly and assertive, disapproval and approval. 
  • Grammar checker: It checks for grammatical errors and helps ensure there are no mistakes in your content. 
  • Plagiarism checker: It also ensures that the content it generates is plagiarism-free. 


Student: $24.99/month

Professional: $24.99/month

Team: Custom pricing

Customer reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for ParagraphAI

Our take on ParagraphAI:

This is a good tool for people just starting with AI writing assistants. However, the simplicity of the tool is also a limitation for marketers who want to create SEO-friendly content. 


When it comes to word processing programs, QuillBot is among the best. This is a great tool for students who need an AI essay writer, as well as those who need to do research and make citations.

Screenshot of Quilbot AI platform’s homepage

It's great that there's no need to sign up before giving it a try. There is no promotional text to wade through; you can jump right in and start using the program.

Key Features:

  • Paraphraser: Replaces any text you paste into it with a more appropriate version that fits your specifications.
  • Grammar Checker: Make certain that you sound professional and that your grammar is correct.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Checks for plagiarism and ensures that your content is original and unique. 
  • Co-Writer: An AI writing assistant that helps you with AI-generated content. 
  • Summarizer: This feature summarizes long-form text into a short summary for quick reading. 
  • Citation Generator: Helps you generate citations for essays, reports, and other academic content. 
  • Browser extension for Chrome: Useful Chrome extension that extends the functionality of QuillBot to various websites. 


Monthly: $9.95/month

Semi-annual: $39.65/ 6 months

Annual: $49.95/ 12 months

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for Quillbot

Our take on QuillBot:

If you are looking for an AI writing assistant to improve your writing skills, QuillBot is a good choice. However, if you are looking to scale your content marketing efforts, you may be better off with a more advanced AI writing assistant. 


WordTune can be used to make interesting text either as a browser add-on or as a standalone word processor. 

Screenshot of WordTune AI platform’s homepage‍

If you wish to self-edit and write more clearly, this artificial intelligence book-writing program is ideal. Anyone who often posts content online should give WordTune a try because it is compatible with so many popular websites.

Key Features:

  • Artificial Intelligence article rewriter: Rewrite entire articles with original and unique content. 
  • Change the tone of your text: Alter the tone of voice in your content with this feature. 
  • Expand or shorten your content: Expand short paragraphs into long ones and shorten long paragraphs into short ones. 
  • Spelling and grammar checks: Standard grammar and spelling checks to ensure error-free writing. 


Free: Upto 10 rewrites, tone changes, and short/expand functions. 

Premium: $9.99/month

Premium for teams: Custom pricing

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for WordTuneAI
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for WordTuneAI

Our take on WordTune:

WordTune is ideal for paraphrasing and generating short snippets of content. But the tool lacks many advanced features, such as SEO and keyword research.

AI Writer

AI Writer is a piece of AI copywriting software that provides content authors with a digital writing assistant to help them crank out articles quickly and efficiently. The website's writing services range from content creation to blog posts.

Screenshot of AI Writer platform’s homepage

It will give you high-quality content that is relevant to the needs of the people you want to reach.

Key Features:

  • Text rewording: Ensures that all of your content is completely original by using a patent-pending algorithm.
  • SEO content editor: There is no longer a need for search engine optimization (SEO) specialists because all content is optimized by default.
  • Citations: Provides citations for each argument, allowing you to produce accurate, high-quality content.
  • Subtopic discoverer: This feature helps you find subtopics for your blog and create insightful, engaging, and comprehensive long-form content. 


Basic: $29/month

Standard: $59/month

Power: $375/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for AIWriter
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for AIWriter

Our take on AI Writer:

AI Writer is a decent tool for generating SEO content, but it lacks the quality needed for successful content marketing campaigns. 

Neural Text

If you're looking for a platform that can generate content automatically using machine learning, look no further than Neural Text. It has been used in fields as varied as medicine, teaching, and advertising. In addition, journalists have leveraged the platform to write stories with the aid of AI. The free artificial intelligence essay writer is an option to consider.

Screenshot of Neural Text AI platform’s homepage

As the system is data-driven, it becomes better as more information is fed into it. It's an AI writer that helps content creation teams collaborate and create high-quality pieces of content with consistency.

Key Features:

  • Keyword clustering: The tool helps marketers find ranking opportunities by clustering related keywords into groups. 
  • Content briefs: It also helps you create content briefs based on the top-ranking content for your target keyword. 
  • People also ask: It helps you retrieve Google SERP’s people-and-also-ask-for questions for your target keyword and include those topics in your content. 
  • AI content generator: From copywriting to long-form content, the tool’s AI content generator is adept at producing a variety of content. 


Starter: $19/month

Basic: $49/month

Pro: $119/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for NeuralText
Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for NeuralText

Our take on NeuralText:

NeuralText still has a long way to go before it can be considered a good AI writing assistant. While it has many useful features, the AI content generator lacks quality. 


Using artificial intelligence, GrowthBar creates material that is optimized for search engines. GrowthBar is a one-stop shop where you can get the vast majority of the marketing content you need. 

: Screenshot of Growthbar AI platform’s homepage

In addition to its content-creation features, GrowthBar also offers some light skills similar to those of tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush, such as the ability to conduct keyword research, track your ranking and SEO performance, and analyze different websites to learn what they're ranking for.

Key Features:

  • Content Generator: It consists of a comprehensive, interactive document editor with space to optimize your content, pull in suggested content and media, and perform real-time SEO content writing.
  • Internal Link Suggestions: The GrowthBar content editor has built-in auto-suggestions for internal links.
  • Long-form writing: The functions of the AI range from press releases and email newsletters to sales emails and product descriptions. 
  • Site Inspector: Use this tool to find out how well a competitor's website ranks for certain keywords, which you can then use to improve your own SEO. 
  • Keyword Research: Explore how often a keyword is searched for, how difficult it is to rank for, related keywords, and the top competitors on the search engine results page.
  • Rank Tracker: You can track how well specific keywords are performing on your site.
  • Chrome Extension: Get keywords and other competitive insights straight from Google search results using GrowthBar with WordPress.


Standard: $79/month

Pro: $139/month

Agency: $249/month

Customer Reviews:

Screenshot #1 of customer reviews for GrowthBar
 Screenshot #2 of customer reviews for GrowthBa

Our take on GrowthBar:

GrowthBar has the potential to be a fantastic AI writing tool, but it currently lacks content quality. Further, the high price points are a major barrier for marketers on a budget. 

How to select the best AI writing platform?

Despite this being a comprehensive guide to some of the best AI writing platforms on the market, you must do your own investigation. 

Before you go anywhere near your card and pay for a subscription, ask yourself:

  • What kind of content do I need the most?
  • How many words of content do I want to create from the tool?
  • What are the most important features for me?
  • What is my subscription budget?

Once you have an answer to all these questions, list down a few options that meet your requirements. Sign up for a free trial and check out the features of these tools. 

Select an AI writing assistant that meets your needs and fits within your budget. 

In Conclusion

AI writing assistants are the most helpful technology for creating high-quality content. Marketers, entrepreneurs, and writers across the globe are using AI writing assistants to produce better content and get a competitive edge. Some are using AI to create blogs in less than 60 minutes; others are using it to create engaging short-form content. 

If you want to scale up the amount of content you create without breaking your marketing budget, give AI writers a try. We are sure you will be pleased with the results.

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
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Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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