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How to Use Scalenut’s Free Passive to Active Voice Converter and Improve Your Sentence Structure?

Passive sentences are not wrong, grammatically, but they don’t have the same authority as a sentence written in an active voice. That’s why almost every veteran writer and writing course emphasizes using active voice in content. It is a good practice to limit the use of passive voice. 

You can use a passive voice checker to highlight the sentences written in passive voice and change them to active voice. 

Using passive voice weakens the sentence structure. A passive voice sentence keeps the action before the subject, but the subject (the one performing the action) is given more importance in an active voice. Due to this, your writing comes out as more authentic and trustworthy. 

Passive voice sentences often run into clarity issues. They also tend to extend in length, which can further complicate things. You can resolve this issue with Scalenut’s passive voice to active voice converter. Here’s a small tutorial on using our passive to active voice converter.

  1. Open the Scalenut Passive to Active Converter and paste or write the sentence you want to convert in the given column. You can add a sentence of up to 200 characters. 
Passive to Active Converter
  1. Click on Generate to see the results. Your sentence will now have a changed voice. 
Passive to Active Converter
  1. You can also edit the sentence by clicking on Add to Editor and making the required changes. 

Essentially, in an active sentence, there is no place to use “by the” anywhere. As you remove these two words, you will find it easier to read and understand the sentence. 

What is the Purpose of Having a “Voice” in a Sentence or Content?

The “Voice” of a sentence communicates the information about an action. It signifies what the subject is doing. In essence, the voice explains or demonstrates the relationship between the verb and its subject. 

Due to its structure and formation, an active sentence has better clarity than a passive voice sentence. However, with active voice writing, we may need to repeat some information for the sake of making it reach out to the reader. 

In passive voice, we can avoid unnecessary repetition but at the cost of writing long sentences and risking losing the reader’s interest. So, the writer must choose between the two voices carefully and present information accordingly. 

Here’s how you can structure an active voice sentence:

  • The order of writing is “Subject >> Verb >> Object”

In a passive voice sentence, the structure of the order is:

  • Object >> Verb >> Subject. 

Some passive voice sentences may not even have a subject. This is the clarity issue we were talking about earlier. In active voice, all three elements are clear, but in passive voice, there is relatively less clarity. 

Some Examples of Active and Passive Voice Sentences and the Conversion

To gain a better understanding of the distinction between active and passive voice, let’s go through some examples. 

  • Active Voice: Mark manages the entire assembly line in the factory. 
  • Passive Voice: The entire assembly line in the factory is managed by Mark. 
  • Active Voice: The police caught the perp in less than five hours. 
  • Passive Voice: The perp was apprehended by the police in less than 5 hours.

These simple sentences will help you understand the difference between active and passive voice. To convert active voice to passive voice, remove “by” from the sentence and write the subject first. 

When it comes to writing, forming passive voice sentences is relatively easier than active voice. Due to this, several writers have a tendency to write sentences in a passive voice as their natural flow. But, as a matter of fact, passive voice sentences are less clear.

That is why we have created a tool to help every writer convert passive voice to active in a matter of seconds. 

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