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Oct 18, 2023

Decisive Marketer Using Scalenut’s Cruise Mode to Great Effect - 20% Rise in Online Traffic Within Two Weeks

Decisive Marketer Using Scalenut’s Cruise Mode to Great Effect - 20% Rise in Online Traffic Within Two Weeks


About the Brand

Helmed by Henry Hoe, Decisive Marketer helps business owners level up their careers and empowers them with impeccable digital marketing plans designed especially for them. 

The brand was established in 2020 with a motive to help entrepreneurs build their success. Henry has a rich experience in ecommerce, and Decisive Marketer is his endeavour to help other budding entrepreneurs make a name for themselves in the world of online selling.

Challenges Faced

Here are the top two challenges that Decisive Marketer faced:

Slow content churn

Earlier, Decisive Marketer hired two full-time writers for their long-form content needs. Henry too contributed, but the churn rate was low. They were generating a blog every two days, which was not enough. Hiring more people to scale content meant more overhead expense. Manual writing had its limitations, and even after continuous attempts to improve, the desired results were not seen, which forced them to look for alternatives. 

Weak SEO optimization 

Digital Marketer was looking to expand and reach more customers. But they did not have an SEO expert on board, and there was a lack of a robust SEO strategy to help them gain the desired traction. So, the brand suffered from low digital traffic, which resulted in poor conversions. 

Solution: Faster results with Scalenut’s Cruise Mode combined with superior SEO research

96% improvement in content delivery time

Scalenut’s Cruise Mode is a nifty software innovation that uses AI to create a long-form first draft in five minutes. 

With the tool's help, Decisive Marketer could cut its content churn time by a massive 96%. As a result, what took them around 48 hours was now being done in approximately just two hours. 

The process became faster for Henry as the cruise mode helped him generate the first draft of this blog in just a few steps.

The AI generated title suggestions and generation of talking points for the subheadings is what helped him the most.

Cruise mode talking points

Once that is done it is all sorted, you can export the output to the editor or download the copy. 

Cruise mode draft

The feature is accessible to our Growth and Pro subscribers and has received excellent feedback from clients globally. 

NLP-driven SEO optimization

Given that there was no SEO expert onboard, Henry had to rely on the writer’s experience for SEO optimization. Even after continual efforts, the website was not receiving enough online traffic which was a major cause of concern. 

But with Scalenut, they could use NLP terms for improved contextualization, look into what their competition is up to, and conduct social listening to help them understand their audience’s needs.

Key terms analysis

The suggested count of how many times a key term should be used in a piece and the importance score of a key term is what helped them the most.

Key terms importance

 It helped significantly improve their SEO optimization in no time. 

Results Delivered - A 20% Increase in Online Traffic in 14 day

Not only was Decisive Marketer saving a significant amount of money (upward of $1000 a month), but the online traffic also ramped up significantly after adopting Scalenut. The website reported an incredible 20% spike in organic traffic within the first 14 days of collaboration. 

Cruise Mode and other SEO optimizations offered by Scalenut helped Decisive Marketer improve their output quality significantly. It also helped supercharge their content production speed, which ensured they could achieve their digital marketing targets with greater aplomb. 


Today, Decisive Marketer is self-dependent because of Scalenut’s Cruise Mode. Scalenut has been a reliable partner for them, and they can safely bank on it for all their content-related needs.


If you want to scale your content holistically, click here to check out our Cruise Mode and get started today.