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FarmPURE has emerged as a leading force in revolutionizing the agricultural supply chain with its focus on ethical practices and sustainability. By prioritizing the sourcing of organic produce directly from farmers, FarmPURE ensures that consumers receive the freshest and most affordable locally-grown organic food. This approach not only supports local economies but also promotes healthier lifestyles among consumers. Through strategic partnerships and innovative supply chain strategies, FarmPURE has successfully enhanced its operational efficiency and market reach, establishing itself as a model for sustainable agricultural practices in the industry.

Noida, India
FarmPURE, a leader in sustainable agriculture, partnered with Scalenut to optimize their content generation processes. Facing challenges in maintaining cost-effective and timely content production, FarmPURE sought Scalenut's expertise to streamline their efforts. Through this collaboration, FarmPURE significantly reduced both the time and costs associated with creating engaging, informative content that highlights their commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. This strategic partnership enabled FarmPURE to enhance their digital presence, effectively communicate their mission, and reach a broader audience, all while upholding their values of environmental responsibility and support for local economies.
  • High content creation costs that limited scalability and budget allocation.
  • Slow content creation speed and quality issues affected FarmPURE's digital presence and brand engagement.
FarmPURE struggled with the high cost of content production, which hindered its ability to scale and meet budgetary constraints. Moreover, the slow speed of content creation and quality issues had an adverse impact on the company's online presence and engagement.
  • Scalenut's Cruise Mode streamlined content generation, mitigating these challenges and enhancing FarmPURE's digital presence.

FarmPURE joins Scalenut family: Brings down content generation cost and time rapidly

About FarmPURE

FarmPURE is a social enterprise driven by a mission to build an ethical ecosystem consisting solely of organic products. It is doing this by constantly redefining how food comes from farmers to end-users. With a focus on health and affordability, FarmPure gives its customers seamless access to locally-grown, organic produce at great rates. 

Bumps on the road to building a healthy ecosystem

Despite having a noble mission and being run by a passionate team, FarmPure couldn’t push its products to its ideal target audience at the targeted rate. The outfit’s content marketing efforts were unable to reach fruition mainly for the following reasons:

  • High cost of content creation
  • Slow pace of content generation¬†
  • Quality issues in content

Adding to their woes was the unavailability of good content writers who would be able to deliver high-quality content in a consistent manner. Reliability and punctuality were the plaguing issues they faced. 

Scalenut transforms FarmPure’s content generation efforts into a breezy experience

FarmScalenut‚Äôs AI-powered content marketing and SEO tool turned out to be a much-needed solution for all these content challenges. FarmPURE‚Äôs content generation efforts were instantly streamlined by two popular features of the Scalenut platform ‚ÄĒ

Cruise Mode: The magic pen that writes on its own

Cruise mode enabled the FarmPURE team to write the first draft of all its blogs in under 5 minutes. By entering all the writing points and setting a basic context, FarmPURE left all the grunt work in writing to Scalenut’s Cruise Mode. 

Cruise Mode instantly generated meaningful and SEO-focused content. The team used this draft as a solid base to build content tailored to their precise needs. 

Cruise Mode

NLP Terms: The secret key to unlocking top spots in SERPs

With the help of Natural Language Processing terms generated automatically by Scalenut, FarmPURE could build content liked equally by humans and search engines. By integrating these semantically-related words (to the target keyword) into the article,  FarmPURE could easily optimize its articles for the search engines.

NLP terms




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FarmPURE’s partnership with Scalenut brought remarkable results in terms of cost efficiency and content generation speed. With Scalenut's Cruise Mode, they achieved a 90% reduction in content production costs and a 70% decrease in production time. The automated content workflow empowered the team to handle almost all content-related tasks within an hour daily, leading to a 60X increase in organic traffic and significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction.

60X Increase in Organic Traffic
Improved user engagement and satisfaction
Enhanced User Engagement and Satisfaction

The collaboration of Scalenut and FarmPURE addressed two major challenges experienced by the latter in the content department, time and money. The all-powerful Scalenut tools ensured the majority of FarmPURE’s content generation tasks happened on autopilot mode.

"So far, our experience with Scalenut has been nothing short of amazing. The efficiency and effectiveness of their service have significantly streamlined our content production processes, saving us an immense amount of time. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of their solutions has not only been a financial relief but a major strategic advantage. It's truly like having the cherry on top of the cake‚ÄĒa delightful bonus to an already stellar service."


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