Oct 18, 2023

Figflare + Scalenut = 2X traffic in less than 4 months

Figflare + Scalenut = 2X traffic in less than 4 months


About FigFlare

FigFlare is a knowledge hub and content factory producing high-quality articles covering a vast set of domains like technology, gadgets, tools, and latest softwares. The goal of FigFlare is singular — to enrich readers with powerful information they can use to enhance their personal and professional lives. 

Challenges: Obstacles in their path to greatness

FigFlare experienced three major problems in its content production journey. They were:

  1. Research: If there is one common thread linking all great content, it is solid research. Unfortunately, FigFlare found it challenging to perform research related to content and SEO, owing to a lack of time.
  1. Execution: Consistency in publishing is another key factor that helps websites rank higher in SERP. However, the team at FigFlare couldn’t scale up their content production volume as they faced a shortage of time and personnel. Creating one piece of content took at least 2 days for them.
  1. Performance: FigFlare also found it quite daunting to rank its content pieces high in SERP results. This was tied to the previous points: lack of sufficient research and inability to churn out content consistently. 

Solution: How using Scalenut started turning the tables

FigFlare partnered with Scalenut to find quick solutions to all the above problems. They weren’t disappointed as things improved significantly for them. Here’s how it was achieved —

  1. Powerful research through SEO Hub: The problem of research was solved by Scalenut’s SEO Hub feature. This intuitive module took care of everything related to content and SEO, from what competitors are writing to the popular questions asked by readers across different forums. 
  1. Quicker content generation through Cruise Mode: The issue of scalability and inconsistency was instantly solved by the powerful and AI-powered Cruise Mode. This state-of-the-art feature of Scalenut helped Figflare complete a full-fledged long-form article in less than 3 hours!
Cruise Mode
  1. Improved performance in SERP through Topic Clusters: The head-scratching question of ‘how to rank higher in SERP’ was solved by Figflare by tapping into the Topic Clusters feature of Scalenut. It helped them gain topical authority in no time by automating their pillar page strategy. 
Topic Clusters


Results: Hitting the jackpot in the content game

Here’s what FigFlare achieved with the help of Scalenut tools:

  1. Time taken to produce content is reduced by 90%.
  2. Content production cost reduced by 60%.
  3. Their visibility in search engines improved. 
  4. Their website’s SEO rank shot up. 
  5. They could attract more visitors to their website.

Final result: A 2x increase in organic traffic in less than 4 months.



With Scalenut, FigFlare found an able ally to quickly and easily generate SEO-enriched articles. The partnership solved FigFlare’s content-related problems at every stage of the content life cycle. Here’s a note from Satish Patil, founder of FigFlare, that aptly captures his positive experience in using Scalenut


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