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Oct 18, 2023

This Freelance Marketer Generates 2x Revenue With The Help Of Scalenut

This Freelance Marketer Generates 2x Revenue With The Help Of Scalenut


This Freelance Marketer Generates 2x Revenue With The Help Of Scalenut

About Taha Khan

Taha is a freelance content writer from Pakistan and provides his services globally. Since 2017, he has completed over 1000 orders on Fiverr. Over 850 of his clients rate him 5-stars.

Taha works on various content types like articles, blogs, and e-books. He also offers his services as an affiliate writer or ghostwriter.

The Challenges

As a one-person team, Taha covered the content production process end-to-end for each project, along with client management. This time and effort confined his production capacity and, essentially, the growth of his business, Many Solutions.

Taha soon recognized the need for optimization of his content research and production process to grow without limits.

The Solutions

Scalenut is the perfect fit for Taha’s primary challenge, scalability. It also resolves other day-to-day hurdles freelance content writers face, like geography-specific research, competitor analysis, search engine optimization, etc.

Here is how Scalenut is helping Taha achieve 360-degree growth.

Solution 1: Cruise Mode for High-Speed Blog Writing

Scalenut’s AI-powered Cruise Mode makes writing blogs a breeze. The tool takes you through five steps and produces an article’s first draft in under five minutes.

Cruise Mode allows you to skip the time spent researching by conducting geographically-appropriate keyword analysis. It also offers you the heading and outline breakdown for the top 30 ranking pages at one glance.

All-in-all, Cruise Mode saves any content writer hours of time and effort. The first drafts generated can be easily edited with AI assistance so you can publish faster.

How it helped: Cruise Mode brought down content production time and cost for Taha substantially. He could now focus on adding the finishing touches and rest assured about client satisfaction.

In Taha’s words, “Things changed when I got my hands on Scalenut. The Cruise Mode especially made things a breeze. I can pump out a nice 1000-word blog post in 30 minutes. This used to take me 1.5-2 hours manually.”

Cruise Mode

Solution 2: AI Copywriter Templates for Swift Short-Form Content

The AI Copywriter by Scalenut is every marketer’s best friend. No matter your skill level, this tool enables you to generate relevant, original, and compelling short-form content in seconds.

Our copywriter offers 30+ ready-to-use templates for a variety of content types— from product descriptions and social media posts to blog introductions, emails, etc. 

How it helped: Taha offers content writing services for many content types. Adapting to AI Copywriter Templates for short-form content helped him understand how much time he was spending on finishing seemingly small projects.

Taha has incorporated Scalenut tools at different stages of his content production process. Instruct Mode and SEO Hub are two of his favourites.

AI Copywriter
AI Copywriter

The Results

He soon began to experience the changes Scalenut brought to his day-to-day work and, eventually, the growth in his longer-term numbers.

As a team of one, Taha now writes blogs in 50% less time than before Scalenut. “I can write twice as fast with half the effort.”

This savings in time for Taha has also led to a consistent 50% savings in cost, time, and effort spent on content production. Moreover, he has been able to onboard more clients and even doubled his revenue. 

“I am now writing way more than before and, as a result, generating double the revenue.”


In Conclusion

Taha, like many freelance content writers, hustled his way through client management, production, editing, submissions, feedback, and so much more.

While he had still achieved many considerable feats on his own, Scalenut acted as a welcome second hand on deck.

The range of Scalenut tools at his disposal enables Taha to produce more and earn more with less stress and effort. 

Freelance writers globally are choosing Scalenut to unlock their potential at a sustainable price. Start your journey with Scalenut today.