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Use Scalenutā€™s Topic Cluster Tool For Smarter Content Planning

Generate a comprehensive content strategy with relevant topic ideas and targeted keywords within seconds.

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Scalenutā€™s Topic Cluster Tool helps you

Build Topical Authority

Become the hub for your niche so that your user wonā€™t go anywhere else. In fact, they will come back for more and probably bring a friend too.

Increase Visibility

Now rank long tail, low search volume, and competitive keywords to catapult your online visibility.

Boost Traffic

Make the SEO algorithm work for you by creating meaningful topic clusters to be in higher SERP positions.

Rated 4.8 by Modern Marketers Globally!

Save time

Get Topic Clusters at the Speed of Light

'Planning takes timeā€™ is now redundant with AI. Our Keyword Planner offers multiple blog ideas with targeted keywords within seconds, with metrics such as CPC, keyword volume, and keyword relevancy at the click of a button.

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Scalability with a Slick Move

Single blogs made to rank donā€™t work. Instead, use Topic Cluster Tool to drive content performance and organic traffic. Publish high-ranking blogs using Scalenut's Multi Keyword Report and establish topical authority.

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Unlock Opportunities to Rank

Power up your content research. Understand location-specific top-page statistics, competitor trends, & customer intent through social listening, and align your content with actual user behavior.

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Create Content Liked by Customers & Google

Our Topic Cluster Tool seamlessly fits in the Scalenut Content Suite so you can ideate, brief, write, edit, and get real-time content feedback, all in one place.

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Trusted by 200+ businesses across 10+ countries

How Scalenutā€™s Topic Cluster Tool Works

Enter your target keyword and location

Time flash line blue icon

Brace for a few seconds for the ultimate AI-powered Cluster Report

Open your Cluster Report to find multiple target keyword clusters

Browse the clusters to find primary and secondary keywords with search volume

Create a thorough multiple-keyword SEO report for the cluster of your choice

Get started with content research and AI writing

Start your journey of acing SEO, now!

"Scalenut has become an invaluable SEO tool that enables our team to conduct competition analysis which contributes to high rankings in Google. The SEO functionality along with the AI writing capabilities makes Scalenut a winner!"

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Image of Dawood A, DMCA Specialist at G2 Crowd

Gary G


"Why You Should Choose Scalenut For Your SEO Long-Form AI Needs. When generating reports it breaks it down in NLP terms (natural language processing), top ten competition, writing themes & Citations from all the competitor's sites."

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Terencio W

Terencio W


"Scalenut has truly helped scale my Travel Blog faster I definitely recommend It. Scalenut has revolutionized the way I write Travel Blog posts. It is fast, reliable, and SEO Friendly."

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Austin P

Austin P

YouTube Content Creator

"Simple and Powerful AI writing Tool. Scalenut AI writer is a company that offers AI writing opportunities and also provides the best SEO research tools."

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ā€Dario L

Dario L

Chief Executive Officer

"Superb Long-form SEO Assistant. Scalenut has helped me to streamline my content research for the writing of blog articles and producing YouTube videos."

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Rachael Woolley M