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What is a pillar page?

A pillar page is a webpage connected to all the content you post on your website. It is a hub of resourceful information, keywords, and topic clusters, allowing your website to become a topical authority within your niche. Simply put, it is the backbone of your website and content strategy.

Why should you create a pillar page?

Firstly, the pillar page helps seamlessly organize content. Once the content is organized with pillar pages and their corresponding cluster pages, your ranking on SERPs improves. Your website does not confuse the SEO algorithms because of pillar pages. The pillar page also helps tackle keyword cannibalization by prioritizing the right content on search engines.

How long should the pillar page be?

Pillar pages are lengthy pieces of content. Typically, the word count of pillar pages ranges from three thousand to more than five thousand, depending on the field you are in and the goal of your content strategy. However, 2500+ words would be ideal for pillar page content.

How much time does it take to create a pillar page?

Creating a pillar page involves a lot of steps. Topic identification, keyword research, outlining and planning of content, writing of content, editing, internal linking, and backlinking. All of these steps take time. You will have to put aside at least twenty to sixty hours for a pillar page content strategy, from planning to final execution. 

What tips to follow while creating a pillar page?

Here are quick tips for creating an engaging pillar page: 

1. Always select a broad topic related to your field after much research. 

2. Ensure the sub-topics flow from the broad topic smoothly. 

3. Write the pillar page with relevant keywords and make revisions for clarity. 

4. Try to link your pillar page to other supporting blogs and web pages. 

5. Use the pillar page template to produce effective pillar pages.

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