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Jun 14, 2023

Best On-Page SEO Tools: Optimize Your Content for Higher Search Rankings

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Best On-Page SEO Tools: Optimize Your Content for Higher Search Rankings


In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, having the right on-page SEO tools at your disposal is crucial for ensuring your content is optimized and ranks high on search engines. 

The right tools can help you streamline your on-page SEO strategy, analyze and optimize your content, improve site structure, and more. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best on-page SEO tools to help you achieve higher search rankings. Let's dive in!

Introduction to On-Page SEO Tools

On-page SEO tools are essential for analyzing and optimizing your website's content to improve your search engine rankings. These tools focus on various aspects of on-page SEO, including keyword research, site audits, content optimization, and more. 

Some of these tools specialize in on-page SEO optimization, while others offer additional features such as website auditing and backlink analysis.

In the coming sections, we will discuss the best on-page SEO tools available, their features, and pricing, helping you choose the right tool for your needs.

Best On Page SEO Tools To Consider 

1. Scalenut 

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and Content Marketing platform that offers a comprehensive suite of on-page SEO tools. It provides an array of features like keyword research, creating content briefs, and unique search engine optimization perks.

Recognized as one of the best on page SEO tools, Scalenut excels in content research, writing, and optimization. It offers a complete content marketing suite in a single subscription, producing high-quality output and extremely comprehensive SEO reports.

The platform's combination of AI and SEO helps in analyzing SERP competitors and generating SEO-optimized content in a few clicks. 

The Content Optimizer offers a range of features, such as meta tags, outbound linking, and keyword density, which are designed to aid the content creation process and generate high-quality content that is fully optimized for SEO​. 

It provides a comprehensive assessment of your content's optimization level through the Scalenut SEO Score, which takes into account 9 key SEO aspects and compares your content to the highest-ranking blog pages for the target keyword in the target location​​. 

This information can help users gauge the degree of optimization required to improve their ranking in Google search results. 

Key SEO aspects covered by Scalenut's SEO score include:

  • Key Terms: The tool identifies and counts key terms by analyzing top-ranking pages on the internet. It offers a list of ready-to-use key terms for your blog content and aids in generating relevant content specifically tailored to these key terms​. 
  • Content Depth: The tool assesses the total word count, number of headings, bold words, images, and the alt text associated with images to improve the content depth and relevance to search engines​. 
  • Keyword Density: Scalenut Content Optimizer helps maintain an optimal keyword density range of 1% to 2.5% to avoid keyword stuffing. It analyzes the presence of keywords in your text and provides alerts if the keyword density is not within the acceptable range​. 
  • H1 Tag: The tool analyzes the H1 tag for the presence of the target keyword and its character length to help ensure content is recognized by search engine crawlers​. 
  • H2-H6 Tags: The tool provides suggestions for keyword-infused headings and encourages the inclusion of at least one question among the H2-H6 tags. It helps optimize all headings to enhance content visibility and relevance​. 
  • Meta Tags: Meta tags are assessed for the presence of keywords and their character length to help search engines understand the content's purpose and relevance. An optimal character length is suggested for meta descriptions with a maximum word count of 160​. 

Besides these, it also checks for internal links, featured snippets, and the URL of the page. Based on all these aspects, the tool provides you an on-page SEO score. 

Features of Scalenut 

- Content Optimizer: You can enhance your content creation with our powerful solution that ensures your content is fully optimized for SEO with this tool. Besides, it provides valuable recommendations to make your content search engine-friendly, including meta tags, outbound linking, keyword density, content depth, NLP Optimization, and more.

- Cruise Mode: Write SEO-optimized long-form blogs in just 5 minutes with our AI-driven blog writer. Simply provide the title, outline, and keyword, and let our AI engine handle the majority of the work. Cruise Mode makes it incredibly easy to create engaging first drafts that are optimized for SEO. (Try Cruise Mode!)

- Keyword Planner: Gain valuable insights into keyword clusters that are relevant to your primary keyword for your pillar page strategy using our Scalenut tool. It also helps align your SEO strategies with user intent and access performance data for your keyword clusters. 

- SEO Topic Research: Discover top-ranking URLs related to your targeted keyword with our research tool. Moreover, you can uncover competition insights, important citations, NLP key terms, and more, saving you significant research time.


The paid plans of Scalenut start at $39/month with the Essential plan. Users can sign up for a 7-day free trial. Plus, Scalenut also offers a free On Page Optimizer tool

2. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a versatile SEO tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate various aspects of the content research and optimization process. With its extensive SEO features, Surfer SEO is an excellent choice for optimizing new content or auditing existing content.

Features of Surfer SEO

- SERP Analyzer: Surfer SEO's SERP Analyzer provides an in-depth analysis of the top-ranking search results for a particular keyword. It analyzes over 500 on-page signals to give you the necessary SEO data, such as ideal content length, keyword density, number of headings, image count, and more.

- Content Editor: The in-built Content Editor in Surfer SEO allows you to optimize your content as you write and build an outline based on the titles and headings of top-ranking results. It also suggests relevant questions your target audience may be asking, helping you address their concerns in your content.

- Audit Tool: Surfer SEO's Audit tool helps you identify gaps in your published content and optimize it to rank higher. It also ensures that your content scores well based on how well-optimized it is.

Pricing for Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO offers plans starting from $29/month, with annual discounts available. There is no free plan or free trial. 

3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers a wide range of features, including website audits, backlink monitoring, on-page SEO, and keyword research. Its on-page SEO checker analyzes your web pages based on your target keywords and provides valuable insights into content quality and technical aspects.

Features of SE Ranking

- Site Auditor: SE Ranking's Site Auditor reviews your website's technical aspects, such as internal and external links, page load speed, index status, and more. It also analyzes your content for keyword density, header tags, title, and meta tags.

- Content Editor: The Content Editor in SE Ranking helps you optimize your content as you write, offering recommendations for phrases to include and ideas to improve your content structure.

- Additional Features: SE Ranking also includes features such as a backlink checker, keyword research and rank tracker, website audit, and competitor research to cater to other essential SEO requirements in one place.

Pricing for SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers a 14-day trial, and its plans start at $23.52/month. 

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools that includes on-page SEO optimization, site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research. With its on-page optimization features, Moz Pro can help you improve existing content and suggest new content ideas based on other pages that rank for your target keywords.

Features of Moz Pro

- On-Page Optimization: Moz Pro analyzes your site and suggests improvements to existing content, as well as new content ideas based on top-ranking pages for your keywords.

- Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer: Moz Pro's Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer tools provide valuable insights into keyword research and backlink analysis, helping you optimize your overall SEO strategy.

Pricing for Moz Pro

Moz Pro offers four plans, starting from $99/month to $599/month. A 30-day free trial is also available. 

5. Ahrefs' Site Audit

Ahrefs is a popular all-in-one SEO tool that includes a powerful site audit feature called Ahrefs' Site SEO Audit. This feature helps you uncover technical SEO issues on your website and provides actionable suggestions for improvement.

Features of Ahrefs' Site Audit

- In-Depth Site Audit: Ahrefs' Site Audit analyzes your website for various technical SEO issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, slow-loading pages, and more.

- Actionable Insights: The tool provides actionable insights and recommendations on how to fix the identified technical SEO problems, helping you improve your overall website performance and search engine rankings.

Pricing for Ahrefs' Site Audit

Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial for $7, and its pricing plans start at $99/month. 

6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a powerful on-page SEO tool that helps you audit your website and run on-page SEO checks. As a software-based SEO crawler, it can analyze your website and identify various on-page SEO issues, helping you optimize your site for better search engine rankings.

Features of Screaming Frog SEO Spider

- In-Depth Site Analysis: Screaming Frog SEO Spider crawls your website and identifies technical SEO issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, improper use of tags, and more.

- Google Analytics Integration: The tool can be integrated with Google Analytics, allowing you to easily access and analyze your website's traffic, conversion, and goal data in one place.

Pricing for Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider offers a free version with limited functionality. For more advanced features, its pricing plans start at £259/year. 

7. RankMath

RankMath is a one of the most comprehensive WordPress SEO plugins that offer a myriad of features to optimize your site's content based on SEO best practices. It helps you run detailed SEO analysis on your pages and provides AI-generated suggestions to optimize your content for higher search engine rankings.

Features of RankMath

- Detailed SEO Analysis: RankMath allows you to run detailed SEO analysis on your pages based on 30 known factors, helping you improve your site's overall SEO performance.

- Content AI: With Content AI, RankMath provides AI-generated suggestions as you write, helping you create better-optimized content that ranks higher on search engines.

Pricing for RankMath

RankMath offers a free version with limited functionality. Paid plans start at $59/year for the Pro plan and $199/year for the Business plan. 

Why Does On-Page SEO Matter? 

While there are various aspects to SEO, on-page optimization plays a crucial role in ensuring that your website is well-structured, user-friendly, and easily discoverable by search engines. In this section, we will explore why on-page SEO matters and how it can benefit your website's visibility and overall success.

A. Enhances Search Engine Visibility 

One of the primary reasons why on-page SEO matters is that it helps improve your website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). By optimizing various on-page elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, and keyword usage, you provide search engines with valuable information about your content. 

This enables search engines to understand your web pages better and rank them appropriately for relevant search queries, increasing the chances of your website being discovered by potential visitors.

B. Drives Targeted Organic Traffic 

Effective on-page SEO can significantly impact the amount of organic traffic your website receives. When your web pages are properly optimized with relevant keywords, it becomes easier for search engine users to find your content when they are actively searching for information related to your industry or niche. 

By attracting targeted organic traffic, you have a higher likelihood of reaching people who are genuinely interested in your offerings, increasing the chances of engagement, conversions, and business growth.

C. Improves User Experience 

On-page SEO is closely tied to providing a positive user experience on your website. When you optimize your web pages, you focus on making them more user-friendly, easily navigable, and accessible. 

This involves optimizing page load speeds, ensuring mobile responsiveness, organizing content with headings and subheadings, and improving overall website usability. By enhancing the user experience, you encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, engage with your content, and potentially convert into customers or subscribers.

D. Increases Click-Through Rates (CTRs) 

On-page SEO elements such as compelling title tags and meta descriptions have a direct impact on your website's click-through rates (CTRs) in search engine results. When your titles and descriptions are well-crafted, relevant, and compelling, they entice search engine users to click on your website's link instead of others. Higher CTRs signal to search engines that your content is valuable and relevant to users, potentially leading to improved rankings over time.

E. Supports Content Relevance and Quality 

On-page SEO goes hand in hand with creating high-quality, relevant content for your target audience. By conducting keyword research, optimizing content structure, and using relevant headings and subheadings, you ensure that your content aligns with search intent and provides value to readers. 

Well-optimized on-page elements also help search engines understand the context and relevance of your content, making it more likely to rank higher in search results.

So, on-page SEO is a critical component of any successful digital marketing strategy. It improves your website's visibility, drives targeted organic traffic, enhances user experience, increases click-through rates, and supports content relevance and quality. 

By investing time and effort in optimizing your web pages, you lay a solid foundation for higher search engine rankings, improved user engagement, and long-term online success.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an On-Page SEO Tool

When choosing the right on-page SEO tool for your needs, consider the following factors:

1. Features: When selecting an on-page SEO tool, it is crucial to thoroughly examine the features offered by various tools. Look for a comprehensive toolset that encompasses a wide range of functionalities to cater to your SEO requirements. An ideal tool should provide a variety of features, including but not limited to:

a. Site Audits: An effective on-page SEO tool should offer robust SEO site auditing capabilities. This feature allows you to identify technical issues, crawl errors, broken links, and other factors that may affect your website's performance in search engine rankings. The tool should provide detailed reports and recommendations to help you optimize your site's structure and improve its visibility.

b. Keyword Research: A valuable on-page SEO tool should include a keyword research feature that enables you to discover relevant keywords for your content. It should offer keyword suggestions, search volume data, competition analysis, and other metrics to assist you in selecting the most appropriate keywords to target. Additionally, the tool may provide insights into long-tail keywords and related search terms to expand your keyword strategy.

c. Content Optimization: Look for a tool that offers content optimization features, such as on-page analysis and recommendations. This functionality should analyze your content for keyword usage, readability, meta tags, headings, and other elements that influence search engine rankings. It should provide actionable suggestions to optimize your content and improve its relevance and visibility.

d. Backlink Analysis: Backlinks play a vital role in SEO, and an on-page SEO tool should include a feature to analyze and monitor your website's backlink profile. It should offer insights into the quality and quantity of backlinks, anchor text distribution, referring domains, and competitor analysis. 

This information can help you identify opportunities for link building, detect potential harmful backlinks, and enhance your overall link profile.

e. Rank Tracking: Another valuable feature to consider is rank tracking, which allows you to monitor your website's search engine rankings for specific keywords over time. The tool should provide accurate and up-to-date ranking data, historical trends, and customizable reporting options. This feature enables you to assess the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and make data-driven decisions to improve your rankings.

2. Ease of Use: When evaluating on-page SEO tools, prioritize those that offer a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. A tool that is easy to understand and operate is beneficial, especially if you are new to SEO or have limited technical expertise. 

Look for features like a clean dashboard, well-organized menus, and clear instructions to ensure a smooth user experience. The tool should have a logical workflow, allowing you to effortlessly navigate between different functionalities and access the data and reports you need without unnecessary complexity or confusion.

3. Pricing: Consider your budgetary constraints when selecting an on-page SEO tool. Pricing structures may vary, ranging from free options with limited features to premium subscriptions that provide advanced functionalities. Take into account the features you require and assess whether the tool's pricing aligns with your needs and financial resources. 

Some tools offer tiered pricing plans, allowing you to choose a package that suits your requirements. It is crucial to strike a balance between affordability and the value the tool offers, ensuring that you are investing in a solution that provides a solid return on investment. 

Additionally, consider any additional costs that may be associated with the tool, such as data usage fees or additional modules, to accurately evaluate its overall affordability.

Conclusion: Select the Right On-Page SEO Tool for Your Needs

Selecting the right on-page SEO tool can undeniably make a significant difference in your website's search engine rankings and overall performance. The choice becomes clearer when you consider the features, ease of use, and pricing of each tool. 

In these respects, Scalenut stands out as a formidable choice, offering a powerful suite of features and capabilities that are designed to optimize your content and achieve higher search rankings.

Scalenut is not just an SEO tool; it is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the way you create and optimize content. It goes beyond basic keyword tracking and meta tag optimization to provide a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of content optimization, making it a one-stop solution for all your on-page SEO needs​. 

Its AI capabilities offer a unique advantage over traditional SEO tools. For instance, Scalenut's Content Optimizer leverages advanced language models to generate relevant content that is specifically tailored to your chosen key terms, offering a level of customization and relevancy not seen in many other tools​. 

Moreover, the tool's comprehensive approach to SEO scoring, which evaluates nine key SEO aspects, offers a more detailed and actionable analysis of your content's optimization level. It compares your content to the highest-ranking blog pages for the target keyword in the target location, providing you with a clear path to improving your rankings​. 

The practicality of Scalenut is further demonstrated by its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand metrics, which make the tool accessible to both SEO novices and professionals alike. Furthermore, it has proven results, with users noting significant improvements in their content optimization and even achieving Google's top rankings. 

As far as pricing goes, Scalenut's Content Optimizer offers excellent value for money considering the comprehensive range of features it provides. It is an investment that can yield substantial returns in the form of improved search engine rankings, increased web traffic, and enhanced online visibility.

So while there are many on-page SEO tools available on the market, Scalenut stands out as a superior choice. Its robust features, AI-driven content generation, comprehensive SEO scoring system, and user-friendly interface make it an exceptional tool for any content creator, entrepreneur, marketer, or team looking to optimize their content and achieve higher search rankings. 

So, if you're seeking to improve your website's on-page SEO and enhance your online presence, Scalenut is the best choice you can make. Sign up for a 7-day free trial today

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
ABout the AUTHOR
Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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