Sep 8, 2023

Clearscope Review 2024: Is it the best SEO tool?

Vaishnavi Ramkumar
 Clearscope Review 2024: Is it the best SEO tool?

Clearscope Review 2024: Is it the best SEO tool?

Is Clearscope worth the investment? This blog provides comprehensive Clearscope reviews, including pros, cons, and real-customer ratings, to help you make informed decisions.
 Clearscope Review 2024: Is it the best SEO tool?

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Clearscope is a popular SEO and content marketing assistant that can help growing brands improve their content performance. The platform has limited yet necessary features to help users optimize and track their content. 

Clearscope is one of the many content tools that fall into the high-price category. Moreover, they do not offer any free trials either. Thus, many people wonder, “Is the tool worth the price? ”

Let's resolve that today, once and for all. We have provided a complete breakdown of Clearscope's tools and features for you to make a smart decision. 


  • Clearscope is an AI-powered content optimization tool that helps writers create content that can rank higher on search engines.
  • Clearscope can help with keyword discovery, brief creation, content optimization, and content tracking
  • It provides integration with Google Docs and WordPress. 
  • Clearscope content reports help you view your content and your competitor's content optimization levels and maintain a database of all your content in one place.
  • Clearscope has three pricing tiers and their basic plan starts at $170 per month and has two custom plans as well. 

Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming section 

  1. What is Clearscope? 
  2. Clearscope Features Review 
  3. Pros of Clearscope
  4. Cons of Clearscope
  5. Clearscope Rating 
  6. Clearscope Pricing 
  7. Clearscope Alternatives 2024
  8. Is Clearscope worth the cost? 

What is Clearscope, and how does it work?

Clearscope is an SEO tool that helps content creators optimize their content for search engines. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze keywords, topics, and competitor data to provide recommendations for improving content and increasing its visibility in search engine rankings.

It offers insights and recommendations for content optimization based on search intent, relevant keywords, and competitor content. It also helps you find profitable keywords and track your content's performance over time. 

By using Clearscope, writers can better understand what topics to cover and how to optimize their content to garner the reader's attention in the SERP. 

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Clearscope Features Review 

Clearscope is a combination of a keyword explorer, content optimizer, outline creator, and content performance tracker. These basic yet necessary tools ensure your content meets its defined purpose. 

We will explore key features of this tool in-depth in the upcoming section. 

Keyword Explorer 

Clearscope Keyword Discovery tool helps you with basic keyword research to find profitable keywords and relevant terms you can target in your next content piece. You can find both questions and terms like “how to create a content strategy,” “content strategy,” “content strategy template,” “content strategy SEO,” and so on. 

Moreover, you can find the search volume fluctuations of a specific term in the past 6-12 months, keyword competition level, and Cost Per Click (CPC) to understand if a keyword is profitable and worth targeting. 

All-in-all, this keyword Discovery tool is a perfect solution for SEO-beginner and content writers who are exploring different content ideas and subheadings to optimize their content.

Brief creator 

If you are a content head, SEO strategist, or content writer, Clearscope’s content brief creator can help you build a data-backed brief to provide direction to your writers. This tool includes insights about terms, research, and top-ranking competitors' content. 

Altogether, this helps you add relevant research sources and develop an outline that covers all the topics and subtopics that garner your target audience’s attention. 

Their research tool summarizes competitors' keyword usage, people also ask questions, and AI-generated queries to help you address relevant details in your content. Moreover, suggestions like YouTube links, case studies, reports, and forums help you or your team conduct comprehensive research. 

Content Editor 

Clearscope content optimization tool helps you analyze the real-time content optimization level to rank top on the SERP for targeted keywords. You will get a tailor-made keyword list to outrank your competitors for a specific term. This keyword list is curated using advanced NLP and machine learning technologies. 

The content grade system also provides filtering options like importance, heading, and keyword density to ease prioritizing specific terms. As one step further, it also helps users see how their competitors use each term cohesively in their content. This gives you an idea of where to place the term and how to use it naturally in your content. 

Moreover, your overall content score is indicated by a letter grade to scale your content’s optimization level. Additionally, the word count details and readability level based on the Flesch-reading-ease test help users get an idea about the content's flow and structure to provide a good reader experience. 

All these deep insights are a summary of your content performance. So, ultimately, when you align your content with the provided guidelines, you increase the chance of outperforming the top-ranking pages.

Content Reports 

Clearscope’s content reports help view your content and your competitor's content optimization levels. 

The core function of this tool is to create a report for a piece of content and get deeper insights to understand its content performance or optimize it for better ranking. 

Moreover, it allows you to maintain a database of all your content in one place. Similar to Google Docs, all your content will be accessible in one place. You can easily use the filter and search options to find the report you want to refer to. 

Additionally, if you want to analyze your competitor's ranking factors, you can just enter the URL and generate a report with one click. This gives you a complete breakdown of how your competitors are ranking higher, the keywords they are using, their content structure, and other ranking factors. 

Overall, this tool helps you maintain a centralized content database and run a competitor content analysis easily. 


Clearscope's content inventory helps you keep tabs on your content's performance and your competitors' rankings. To facilitate content tracking, Clearscope provides integration with Google Console to display your content's performance. 

In this tab, you can see the overall impressions and clicks your content has gained over time. You can even access page-level clicks, impressions, and SEO value information to get deeper insights into your content's performance. 

Overall, this is an ideal tool to monitor your content marketing efforts and know where you stand among your competitors. 

Pros and Cons of using Clearscope 

With its minimal features and robust functionalities, Clearscope has garnered the attention and trust of brands and individuals. However, the tool has its own pros and cons. Here is a complete list of it. 

Pros of Clearscope 

  • WordPress integration helps users optimize their content directly in their CMS and eliminates the back-and-forth to use updated content. 
  • Shareable content reports facilitate collaboration and help team members work in tandem. 
  • Google Docs Add-on migrates the power of Clearscope to users' workspaces and seamlessly integrates into their workflow. 
  • Ideal tool for beginners who have little to no SEO knowledge, as it automatically creates a list of keywords. 
  • Content optimization and tracking features in one place help users see how their SEO efforts translate into results. 
  • Content brief creator helps content heads and SEO strategists guide the writer with data-backed and credible insights. 
  • Real-time suggestions help users to fine-tune their content immediately for better ranking chances. 
  • Clearscope sets top-ranking content as a benchmark to create keyword and optimization suggestions. This helps users follow competitors' best practices without doing much manual work. 
  • The content report tool acts as a content hub to manage and store all content assets in one place, ultimately making it easy for users to access the content whenever needed. 

Cons of using Clearscope 

  • Lack of accurate insights about keyword difficulty in keyword research tools restricts users from making data-driven decisions. 
  • The absence of AI-writing assistance limits users' ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create quality content at scale. 
  • In-depth SEO suggestions like link recommendations, meta titles, meta descriptions, and heading health checks prevent users from following the basic best practices to increase their ranking chances. 
  • Even though the tool is ideal for beginners, its high price makes it inaccessible to individual service providers and growing brands. 
  • The absence of SEO tools like keyword clustering, long-form SEO article writing, automatic outline generators, templates, and others are major drawbacks. 

These are the top factors you should weigh side by side before opting for Clearscope paid plans. 

Clearscope rating: 

Now that we've explained all the features in detail, here is our quick rating for the tool based on our first impression.

Criteria Rating
Ease of Use 3/5
Functionality 3/5
User Friendliness 3/5
Quality of Support 4/5
Value of Money 3/5

What do users think about Clearscope? 

Clearscope has solid reviews on platforms like G2, Capterra, and Product Hunt. Here are a few comments and ratings from Clearscope users. 

Platform Ratings
G2 4.9/5
Capterra 4.8/5
Product Hunt 4.9/5

Clearscope Positive Reviews

“My favorite part of Clearscope is the integration with Google Docs. As a freelancer, I use Google Docs as my primary writing tool, as I can easily give access to anyone I'm working with. With Clearscope, I don't need to write directly into Clearscope, as it has a built-in integration with Google Docs. I can leave it running, and as I work, see my SEO stats, suggested keywords, and more, in real-time, helping me bump up my SEO score as I go.” - Matt.D (Copywriter) 

“Clearscope is the game-changer for SEO content optimization. The user-friendly text editor and AI-powered content reports provide real-time recommendations and valuable search insights. The content grading scale and writer-friendly insights boost content quality. A must-have for driving search traffic.” - Babita C. 

Clearscope Critical Reviews

“... The only shortfall I noticed is that the space to 'create report', the most important area in CL, looks like a search bar. So, if I wanted to search for older reports, I'd have accidentally typed it out into this tab and would have lost credit. It's just a UX thing, and once you get used to using CL, it'll be okay. I hope it soon brings in a good plagiarism feature.” - Ashitha J. ( Content Marketing Manager) 

“I really can't think of many downsides, as Clearscope is very thorough, and helps me get a great SEO and readability score. Sometimes, it can be hard to edit the keywords you want to use; for example, if writing a product review, Clearscope may recommend mentioning a competitor that I don't want to name. That's a minor issue though, and overall, I really enjoy using Clearscope for my content.” - Matt D. (Copywriter)  

Clearscope pricing 

Clearscope three premium offers
Clearscope Pricing Page

Clearscope only has three pricing tiers; however, you need to contact their sales team to get custom quotes for business and enterprise plans. You can find a detailed breakdown of the basic plan below. 

Essentials $199 per month
Business Custom pricing
Enterprise Custom Pricing

Clearscope's Essential plan starts at $170 per month for one user seat, ten content reports, 20 content inventory pages, and integrations with WordPress and Google Docs. 

Whereas the business plan includes five user seats, custom content reports and content inventory pages, and customized account setup with all the tools and features offered in the essential plan.  

The enterprise plan provides unlimited domain monitoring, custom data pipelines, crawler whitelisting, and custom Geo-targeting along with all the features in the business plan. However, you need to request a demo to get a custom quote. 

Alternatives to Clearscope 

If Clearscope does not provide you with all the necessary tools that you need or falls out of your budget, here are the top 5 Clearscope alternatives you can check out. 

  1. Scalenut 

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that includes a keyword planner, an AI writer, a content optimizer, and other SEO tools. Scalenut can assist you with the entire SEO lifecycle, i.e., content ideation, planning, creation, and optimization. Its basic plan starts at $39 per month with 1,00,000 AI words, 5 SEO articles, cruise mode, and SERP analysis features. 

  1. Content Harmony 

Content Harmony is a full-fledged content marketing platform built for agencies, content teams, writers, publishers, and affiliate marketers. 

This tool has more comprehensive features like a keyword tool, a content brief generator, an optimizer, and a search intent tool grouped as a content workflow. The basic plan starts at $50 per month for five content workflows that include all the abovementioned features. 

  1. Frase AI 

Frase is an AI content generation and optimization tool that helps businesses, agencies, and small teams of writers create content faster. Even though Frase is popular, its core features only include research, outline, writing, and optimization. 

This platform reduces the manual process of skimming and summarizing Google's first-page content to create SEO-friendly content. Their basic plan starts at $14.99 per month for one user seat and four articles.  

  1. Dashword 

Dashword is beginner-friendly content creation and optimization software that allows SEO writers and bloggers to create content that ranks on the first page. It only has three features: a content brief generator, an optimizer, and a monitoring tool. Despite that, it helps you create rank-ready content. Their basic plan starts at $99 per month for 30 content reports, five user seats, content briefs, and an AI writer. 

  1. MarketMuse 

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content planning and optimization platform solely dedicated to helping businesses create tailor-made content strategies. The key tools of MarketMuse include a competitor content analyzer, content planning, content clustering, keyword research tool, and content optimizer. Their basic plan starts at $149 per month for 100 queries, full page-level insights, link recommendations, and many more. 

Which tool is the best? 

Even though Clearscope provides ample features, the absence of AI-writing assistance, keyword clustering tools, and content generators are important reasons to consider other content marketing tools. 

A powerful content marketing platform combines SEO and AI to streamline your content marketing efforts. If your tool does not hit that balance, it's a sign to consider other options. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one AI-powered SEO and content management tool, then Scalenut can be a perfect fit for your content requirements.

You can analyze your competitors’ content, SEO score, target keywords and use AI to craft rank-ready content using Scalenut’s AI-powered tools. 

Moreover, in-built tools like cruise mode, content optimizer, keyword planner, and article writer help you rank higher on the SERP and gain topical authority in your industry. 

With Scalenut’s 7-day free trial, you can experience firsthand how Scalenut can simplify your content creation process. Sign up here now for free!

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