Jun 1, 2023

Page Perfection: 9 Game-Changing Page Optimizer Pro Alternatives

Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Page Perfection: 9 Game-Changing Page Optimizer Pro Alternatives
Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Jun 1, 2023

Page Perfection: 9 Game-Changing Page Optimizer Pro Alternatives

Take your website optimization to the next level with these 9 hand-picked Page Optimizer Pro alternatives. Get a complete overview of each alternative here.
Page Perfection: 9 Game-Changing Page Optimizer Pro Alternatives

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PageOptimizer Pro (POP) is a user-friendly on-page SEO tool designed to assist web marketers in creating Google-perfect pages effortlessly. 

By utilizing a powerful ranking factor scoring system, this keyword research tool identifies the critical aspects of your webpage that require optimization to enhance traffic and improve search engine rankings. 

But it isn't one-of-a-kind software. Many tools in the market can provide you with the same features as this one. But what are these tools? Let's find out!

9 Page Optimizer Pro Alternatives To Check Out 

Here are the nine Page Optimizer Pro alternatives you can rely on for getting the job done. 

  • Scalenut 
  • SE Ranking 
  • Marketmuse 
  • Surfer SEO 
  • SEMrush 
  • Ahrefs 
  • SEOClarity 
  • Rytr 
  • Frase 

1. Scalenut 

Scalenut HP

Scalenut is a one-stop shop for managing your entire content ecosystem, thanks to its powerful AI technology. Its suite of tools includes the SEO Research Assistant, AI Copywriter, Cruise Mode, and Keyword Planner, making it a top Page Optimizer Pro alternative.

Scalenut uses cutting-edge GPT-3 and NLP technologies to generate high-quality content customized to your specific needs. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both experienced and novice content marketers. 

Plus, it offers a 7-day trial free of cost to all its users. When you use Scalenut, you're assured better rankings on the top of search engine results. 

Scalenut Features 

Here are the best features of Scalenut that make it one of the best Page Optimizer Pro alternatives.

  • Cruise Mode: an AI-powered tool that generates SEO-optimized blog posts in 5 minutes
  • Keyword Planner: provides insights into popular keywords and search terms
  • Competition Research: allows you to analyse successful content creators' writing patterns
  • AI Writer: Cruise mode can generate more than 1500 words in under 5 minutes and provide you with ready-to-edit articles. 
  • Traffic Analyser: Monitor your content performance in a user-friendly dashboard where your KPIs are laid out in detail. 
  • AI Templates: over 40 templates for creating captivating and persuasive marketing content

 Pros of Scalenut 

  • Complete content lifecycle solution that serves the purpose of multiple platforms
  • Copyscape integration to detect plagiarism in content
  • Uses advanced AI technologies for high-quality content and SEO tools
  • Content editor with rich text formatting and optimization options
  • Multiple pricing plans cater to diverse audiences
  • Chrome extension for easy access

 Cons of Scalenut 

  • Content generation is currently limited to English. 
  • Team management costs is slightly higher than some competitors. 

 Scalenut Pricing 

Here are the Scalenut pricing plans. 

Scalenut Price
  • Essential Plan: This plan caters to the needs of solopreneurs and freelancers looking for robust content creation tools. With this plan, you get access to five SEO reports and up to 100,000 AI-generated words every month, all starting at just $19/month paid annually. 
  • Small Business Growth Plan: This plan is custom-made for startups and small businesses that want to elevate their content game. You get unlimited AI-generated words, 30 SEO reports, and advanced features like Instruct AI to Write and Topic Clusters, all starting at $39/month paid annually. 
  • Pro Plan for Large Teams: The Pro Plan provides top-quality content at scale for established businesses and large teams. This plan comes with all the features of the Growth Plan, a dedicated customer success manager, and multi-user support, priced at $74/month paid annually. 

 Best Suited For 

  • Agencies 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • SEO Strategists 
  • Content Creators 
  • Marketing Managers 

2. SE Ranking 

SE Ranking HP

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides comprehensive support to digital marketing professionals and SEO teams. Its extensive range of features can help optimize your website's performance in search engine results pages (SERPs) and enhance its online visibility.

SE Ranking's cutting-edge, real-time keyword position tracking system offers 100% accuracy, making it easy for users to monitor and analyze their website's keyword performance. 

 SE Ranking Features 

  • Improved website ranking: Analyze SEO campaigns to make informed decisions that can help improve your website's ranking in SERPs.
  • Technical issue identification and resolution: Identify and fix technical issues that may be affecting your website's performance in search results.
  • Progress tracking: Track your progress over time to see whether your SEO efforts are having the desired impact.

 Pros of SE Ranking 

  • SE Ranking is designed to be easy to use, even for beginners.
  • You can customize and brand your reports, making it easy to share them with clients or team members.
  • SE Ranking's integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console provides access to even more data on your website's performance.

 Cons of SE Ranking 

  • SE Ranking's website audit feature may not be as in-depth as some users need.
  • SE Ranking's options for content optimization and creation are more limited than some other Page Optimizer Pro alternatives. 

 SE Ranking Pricing 

SE ranking Price
  • Essential Plan: SE Ranking's Basic Plan costs $55 per month and is perfect for freelancers and newbies who require fundamental SEO support.
  • Pro Plan: If you're a small team or agency, the Professional Plan at $109 per month is the most sought-after option from SE Ranking.
  • Business Plan: For businesses with more advanced SEO needs, SE Ranking offers the Enterprise Plan at $239 per month, which is suitable for mid-sized agencies and companies.

 Best Suited For 

  • Small-Medium Sized Businesses 
  • SEO Experts
  • Digital Marketing Agencies 

 3. Marketmuse 

Marketmuse tool logo

MarketMuse is a highly advanced tool that assists businesses in meeting their content intelligence and strategy needs. The platform's primary advantage lies in its ability to automate various content creation and optimization tasks through AI. 

MarketMuse offers a comprehensive approach to devising a content strategy that aligns with your business objectives. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP), the platform generates preliminary drafts of blog posts and content briefs that writers can use.

MarketMuse Features 

  • Content brief creation: It offers content brief creation with suggested titles, subtitles, user intent, related topics, and linking suggestions. 
  • AI-powered "First Draft" feature: This feature helps create a rough draft of a blog post on any subject based on the content brief provided
  • Comprehensive evaluation: It provides an extensive evaluation of existing content with insights and actionable recommendations 

Pros of Marketmuse 

  • Efficient content inventory management
  • Provision of content briefs for streamlined content creation
  • Features for content optimization and improvement

Cons of Marketmuse  

  • It comes with an unclear and expensive pricing structure
  • Many users have complained about its inadequate UX/UI design

Marketmuse Pricing 

Marketmuse Price

Here are the Marketmuse pricing plans. 

  • Standard plan: $149 per month for one user and one domain, with a limit of 100 queries monthly. 
  • Team plan: $399 per month for unlimited queries and briefs to three users.
  • Custom plan: You can contact MarketMuse for the pricing details of this plan. It includes unlimited users and is ideal for large teams that handle a lot of content every day. 

 Best Suited For

  • E-commerce companies
  • Content marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Content creators

 4. Surfer SEO 

Surfer logo 

Surfer is a state-of-the-art on-page optimization tool that evaluates the highest-ranking search engine results for a given keyword and presents a detailed plan for crafting expertly optimized content. 

By taking advantage of Surfer, you can easily access a vast array of suggestions that cover critical components like meta tags, titles, content length, and relevant user queries about your target keyword.

This content optimization tool scrutinizes your content for more than 500 ranking signals with its sophisticated algorithm to enhance your chances of securing a higher position in the SERP.

Surfer SEO Features 

  • Content Planner: Surfer SEO offers a comprehensive solution to not only organize your content but also optimize it for improved rankings and increased traffic. 
  • Search Intent Director: Surfer's search intent detector is a tool that helps content creators to ensure that their content addresses the intent behind the search query. 
  • Internal Link Suggestions: With Surfer's advanced analysis tools, you can identify the best internal links to include in your content to build relevant topic clusters. 

Pros of Surfer SEO 

  • Surfer SEO uses a sophisticated algorithm to examine your content for over 500 ranking signals to boost your chances of achieving a higher rank in the SERP.
  • By leveraging Surfer, you can effortlessly access a comprehensive range of recommendations covering critical elements like content length, meta tags, titles, and pertinent user queries that relate to your target keyword.

Cons of Surfer SEO

  • Surfer SEO's advanced analysis tools can be challenging to use for beginners and may require a more advanced understanding of SEO concepts.
  • Surfer SEO does not offer a free trial.
  • Its interface may be challenging for beginners. 

Surfer SEO Pricing 

Surfer SEO Pricing 

Here are the Surfer SEO pricing plans. 

  • Basic: The Basic plan costs $89 per month and is ideal for individuals wanting to build a single website.
  • Pro: The Pro plan is priced at $129 per month and is suitable for small startups with up to three team members and five websites.
  • Business: The Business plan costs $219 per month and is designed for larger companies, allowing up to ten team members to join the account.

Best Suited For 

  • Agencies 
  • Bloggers 
  • E-commerce Store Owners
  • Content Writers 
  • SEO Professionals 

5. SEMrush 

semrush HP

SEMrush is a popular Page Optimizer Pro alternative to consider. With a wide range of features, SEMrush offers keyword research and analysis, site audit and optimization recommendations, backlink analysis and management, and competitor research and tracking. 

SEMrush Features 

  • Comprehensive keyword research and analysis: With SEMrush, you can conduct in-depth keyword research and analysis to find the best keywords for your website or marketing campaign.
  • Site audit and optimization recommendations: SEMrush also includes a site audit feature, which can help you identify technical issues on your website and receive recommendations for optimization. 
  • Backlink analysis and management: SEMrush allows you to analyze your backlink profile and manage your link-building efforts. This feature can help you build high-quality links and improve your website's authority and ranking.

Pros of SEMrush 

  • SEMrush is designed to be easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and find the information you need. 
  • It provides accurate data and insightful analysis, which can help you make data-driven decisions for your marketing campaigns. 
  • SEMrush is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of digital marketing purposes, including SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing. 

Cons of SEMrush 

  • Although SEMrush is designed to be user-friendly, some of its features can be complex and may require some learning to master. 
  • SEMrush's keyword tracking feature is limited to a certain number of keywords, which may not be sufficient for some users. 
  • SEMrush does not offer a free plan, which means users must subscribe to a paid plan to access its features. 

SEMrush Pricing 

SEMrush offers three pricing plans:

SEMrush Price
  • Pro: For $129.95 per month, this plan is ideal for freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with limited budgets. It includes features such as 500 keywords to track, 10,000 results per report, and five projects.
  • Guru: For $249.95 per month, this plan is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with more advanced marketing needs. It includes 1500 keywords to track, 30,000 results per report, and 15 projects.
  • Business: For $449.95 per month, this plan is ideal for larger businesses with extensive marketing needs. It includes 5000 keywords to track, 50,000 results per report, and 40 projects.

 Best Suited For 

  • E-Commerce Businesses 
  • SMEs 
  • Brand Managers 

 6. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs HP

Ahrefs has gained popularity as a leading SEO tool, considered by many as one of the best alternatives to Page Optimizer Pro. Its vast array of features can assist you in enhancing your website's search engine rankings and increasing online visibility.

 Ahrefs Features

  • Backlink analysis: Ahrefs enables you to scrutinize your website's backlinks and track those of your competitors as well.
  • Keyword research: With Ahrefs, finding the most effective keywords to target for your website and tracking their rankings is effortless.
  • Site audit: Ahrefs can examine your website and identify technical SEO issues that may be hurting your rankings.

 Pros of Ahrefs 

  • Ahrefs provides a considerable amount of data on backlinks, keywords, and more, empowering you to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy.
  • Its user interface is straightforward to navigate, making it easy for users to locate essential information.
  • Ahrefs has a reputation for providing top-notch customer support, with a team of experts available to answer queries and provide guidance.

 Cons of Ahrefs 

  • One of the downsides of Ahrefs is its high cost, which may not be feasible for small businesses or individuals on a tight budget.
  • While the user interface is user-friendly, effectively using this Page Optimizer Pro alternative still requires a steep learning curve.

 Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs Price
  • Lite: Starting at $99, this plan provides vital data for small businesses and hobby projects.
  • Standard: Starting at $199, this subscription plan is perfect for freelance SEOs and consultants.
  • Advanced: Starting at $399, this subscription provides more data and tools for lean in-house marketing teams.
  • Enterprise: Starting at $999, this pricing plan is ideal for marketing agencies and enterprises. 

 Best Suited For

  • SEO Strategists
  • Solopreneurs
  • Digital Marketers

7. SEOClarity 

SEO clarity HP

SEOClarity is an enterprise-level SEO platform designed to help businesses boost their search visibility and increase organic traffic to their websites. 

This comprehensive suite of tools offers a range of features for keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and competitive analysis, positioning itself as a viable alternative to Page Optimizer Pro.

SEOClarity Features

  • Keyword Research: Helps businesses identify high-value keywords and keyword opportunities that can drive traffic to their websites.
  • Technical SEO: Offers a suite of tools for identifying and fixing technical SEO issues, such as broken links, missing meta tags, and slow-loading pages.
  • On-Page Optimization: Provides insights and recommendations for optimizing website content, including suggestions for improving meta tags, headings, and content structure.

Pros of SEOClarity 

  • Wide range of tools and features for optimizing websites for search engines.
  • Designed for large-scale SEO operations, making it well-suited for enterprise-level businesses.
  • Offers highly customizable reporting capabilities that allow businesses to track the metrics that matter most to them.

Cons of SEOClarity 

  • High-end pricing may be prohibitive for smaller businesses or those with limited budgets.
  • It has limited integrations with other marketing platforms and tools, which may limit its usefulness for businesses with complex marketing stacks.

SEOClarity Pricing

SEO clarity Price
  • Essential: The pricing for the Essential plan is determined based on the specific needs of the client.
  • Core: The Core plan starts at $3000 per month and includes features such as keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and competitive analysis.
  • Professional: The Professional plan starts at $4500 per month and includes all the features of the Core plan, plus additional features such as custom reporting and access to a dedicated account manager.
  • Agency: The pricing for the Agency plan is determined based on the specific needs of the agency or more extensive organization.

 Best Suited For

  • Large Scale Enterprises
  • Multinationals

8. Rytr 

Rytr HP

Rytr is an innovative writing assistant that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to enhance writing skills cost-effectively and efficiently. With advanced algorithms, Rytr examines written content, identifies key phrases and words, and provides tailored recommendations to improve writing. 

Ryte Features

  • API Integrations: Rytr integrates with multiple APIs for content production.
  • Built-in Plagiarism Checker: Rytr's plagiarism checker is included, ensuring originality.
  • Multiple Tones: Access to over 20 different tones to choose from.

Pros of Rytr

  • Easy-to-use interface for efficient content generation.
  • Quick and responsive customer support.
  • Cost-effective pricing plans.

Cons of Rytr

  • Fewer integration options compared to some other AI writing tools.
  • Output format options are limited compared to some other AI writing tools.

Rytr Pricing

 Rytr price
  • Free: You get up to 5000 characters/month and access to 20+ tones for free.
  • Saver: This plan offers 50,000 characters/month, customizable usage, starting at $9/month.
  • Unlimited: Unlimited character usage, email and chat support, starting at $29/month.

 Best Suited For

  • Bloggers
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

 9. Frase

Frase HP

The artificial intelligence tool Frase is designed to assist in enhancing the structure and readability of your written content. Its AI-powered technology can analyze your text and suggest ways to improve it, including identifying grammar errors, providing synonyms or alternative word choices, and suggesting paraphrasing. 

Frase also helps with keyword optimization, assisting in finding keywords with high search volume or ranking.

Frase Features

  • Customizable Content Briefs: Enables users to direct AI-powered writing by creating their own content briefs.
  • Content Optimization: Offers on-page optimization suggestions to improve content performance.
  • Content Research: Enables topic research and identifies popular questions to target in content.
  • Integrations: Integrates with content management systems and SEO tools such as WordPress and SEMrush.

Pros of Frase

  • AI-powered content analysis provides insights and recommendations for optimizing content.
  • Integrates with popular CMS and SEO tools.
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of content creation and optimization tools in one platform.

Cons of Frase

  • Pricing may be too high for smaller businesses or individuals.
  • Limited support and resources for non-enterprise users.
  • It does not offer a Chrome extension.

Frase Pricing

  • Solo Plan: Designed for individuals or small teams new to creating SEO content. It is for a single user and costs $14.99 per month.
  • Basic Plan: Suitable for teams and agencies with multiple users, providing flexibility in crafting SEO content strategies. It costs $44.99 per month.
  • Team Plan: Suitable for large teams that require personalized services and can accommodate an unlimited number of users. It costs $114.99 per month.

Best Suited For

  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers


There are several PageOptimizer Pro alternatives that you can explore to enhance your SEO efforts. Each tool has its own unique set of features and capabilities that can help you optimize your website and improve its ranking on search engines. 

Whether you are looking for an all-in-one SEO solution or a more specialized tool, there is an option out there for you. One such option is Scalenut, a powerful SEO tool that can help you optimize your website for search engines and improve your online visibility. 

With features such as a keyword planner, SERP analyzer, and content optimization, Scalenut can help you stay ahead of the competition and drive more traffic to your website. Try it for yourself today and see the results by signing up for a 7-day free trial.

Priya Jamba
Content Marketer
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Priya Jamba
Content Marketer

Priya Jamba is a Content Marketer at Scalenut. She loves marketing technologies and believes that with the right combination of tools and creativity, every organization can build sustainable brands. She is on a mission to help marketing teams across the globe produce tangible results from their marketing campaigns. Currently, she is working along with the Product team to enhance the AI content quality through prompt engineering.

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