Jan 6, 2023

Scalenut Yearly Round-up: Scalenut Bags 20+ Awards in a Star-Studded 2022

Gaurav Goyal
Scalenut Yearly Round-up: Scalenut Bags 20+ Awards in a Star-Studded 2022
Gaurav Goyal
Jan 6, 2023

Scalenut Yearly Round-up: Scalenut Bags 20+ Awards in a Star-Studded 2022

Scalenut is the easiest-to-use AI Writing Assistant and Content Creation platform of 2022, according to G2. Read about this and many more achievements of 2022.
Scalenut Yearly Round-up: Scalenut Bags 20+ Awards in a Star-Studded 2022

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2022 will be forever etched in our hearts. Ever since the launch of our MVP in September 2021, we have been constantly motivated by the recognition of our users. 

Scalenut has been a constant achiever in the ‘AI Writing Assistant and Content Creation’ category. From bagging the season ‘Leader’ award in all four seasons of 2022 to achieving a personal best of 20+ total recognitions in a year, we couldn’t hope for a better year.

For those that don’t know, G2 is a SaaS review platform that helps decision-makers with verified and trusted reviews from real users. Every season they give out awards to the most exceptional products in different categories.

G2: Winter 2023 Awards

The Winter Season 2023 Reports are like the NBA drafts of SaaS products. G2 analyzes how every product listed in a category performs in different aspects, such as implementation, relationships, results, and usability.

And while we are proud that Scalenut has been an MVP in the ‘Content Creation’ category for all four seasons this year, the Winter 2023 Report is special since we achieved a personal best of 8 recognitions in a single season. 

Here is a list of all our achievements in the Winter 2023 Reports:

  • AI Writing Assistant Category

Out of 134 similar products, Scalenut leads the AI writing assistant segment as the category Leader of the Winter 2023 Report. Our users love the ease of use of the platform.

Users find Scalenut as the ‘Easiest Admin.’ This could be attributed to the intuitive UI/UX of our platform. Apart from this, we are also the ‘Leader of Winter 2023 AI Writing Assistant Report.’

  • Content Creation Category

Out of 200 awesome content creation products, Scalenut is ranked the 7th ‘easiest to use’ content creation SaaS platform. We are elated that customers consider us a good partner in doing business and feel satisfied with our customer support. 

We are especially thankful for the amazing response we are receiving from content marketers and SEO professionals in Europe. The ‘Small Business High Performer, Europe’ award is a first of hopefully many G2 recognitions from users in Europe.

Why Do Users Love Scalenut?

From planning content marketing campaigns to search engine optimization of each piece of content, Scalenut is a one-stop solution for all your content marketing and SEO needs. 

While it isn’t fair for us to boast about the qualities of our platform, we want you to hear it from fellow marketers and decision-makers. 

“The SEO hub function is incredibly powerful. Keyword research, topic planning, content outlines, and the actual writing are all taken care of in just a few clicks. You can write a powerful 2500-word SEO blog in less than 5 minutes - no kidding!” -Chelluboina S., Product Manager

Chellubiona is referring to the Scalenut’s Cruise Mode. When it comes to creating a blog for your website, Cruise Mode helps you create the first draft of your content in under 5 minutes.

“Scalenut is loaded with a bunch of cool features. What I really like is the brief creation. We used to do this manually, researching the competition to get an idea of how to outline articles. Now, Scalenut does it for us, and we can create the brief in minutes with just a little editing.” -Kurt L., CEO & Founder

Apart from the Cruise Mode, there are many other exciting features. From researching topics with the help of Topic Clusters to creating highly competitive and comprehensive content outlines, Scalenut has many useful features. Here are a few features that most Scalenut users love:

  • SEO Focus

One of the most loved aspects of Scalenut is the SEO focus of the platform. Features such as SERP analysis, NLP terms analysis, Topic Clusters, and SERP ideas help content marketers create the most search-engine-optimized content while ensuring quality insights for the target audience.

  • AI Templates

We have a huge gallery of content templates that Scalenut AI Copywriter is specially trained for. From creating search-engine-optimized meta descriptions to copywriting frameworks such as AIDA and PAS, Scalenut has more than 40 AI templates.

  • Ease of Use

The platform has a short learning curve. We ensure that new users do not spend a lot of time figuring out the best ways to use Scalenut. With the interactive onboarding processes and detailed help center content, anybody can start making the most of our platform quickly.

  • Customer Support

We believe that any SaaS platform is only as good as the customer support it offers. That’s why most users love the customer support they get from Scalenut. From dedicated relationship managers to timely responses, the Scalenut customer support team is always ready to help users.

  • Collaboration

Another reason why marketers love Scalenut is the presence of collaborative features such as team member accounts and document sharing. Users can add their team members, tag individual SEO documents to team members, and share links to their content with people outside of the platform. 

Some of our most loved tools

While all of Scalenut's tools are amazing, there are a few that stand out for our users. Here are some of the most loved Scalenut tools:

Cruise Mode

The fastest way to create content, Cruise Mode is an AI-powered SEO blog writer that helps marketers create content for their target keyword and location. Simply enter the primary keyword, select a location, select headings, and provide writing points. Our tool will produce a working first draft in a few minutes. 

Marketers use Cruise Mode to create content with speed while doing the necessary competitive research through our SERP analyzer. 

Topic Cluster Generator

Topic Cluster Generator by Scalenut helps marketers find the best keyword clusters to create topics for their content marketing campaigns. Users simply enter the primary keyword and select a location. Our AI analyzes the most popular keywords and automatically groups them into clusters.

Marketers use the Topic Cluster Generator to find the most relevant keywords and create effective topic clusters for their content pillar strategy. 

SEO Docs

SEO Docs is the most comprehensive tool for content research, finding NLP keywords, and creating the most comprehensive content pieces. From analyzing the top ranking blogs for your keyword to generating content on it, you can do everything.

Marketers use SEO Docs to analyze the competition and create search-engine-optimized content. 

Our Philosophy: “Create with the customer at the center” 

At Scalenut, our users are the center of every conversation. Whether we are brainstorming ideas for a new feature or working to improve an existing one, we are always thinking about our users. We continue to invest in research and development of new ways to plan, create, and collaborate during the entire content life cycle.

Conclusion: What does the future look like?

AI is changing the way we create, market, and find content. As an AI content marketing and SEO platform, we are excited about the future. We expect AI to become an integral part of every marketer’s content creation process. 

We want Scalenut to become a dependable partner for every marketing professional trying to create a sustainable brand. To that end, we are constantly working to improve the platform's existing arsenal and introduce new and revolutionary tools and features soon. 

Keep watching this space! 

About Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform designed for SMBs, marketers, content creators, and anyone looking to increase their organic traffic and build a sustainable brand. We help businesses scale their efforts to get the whole content life cycle right, from planning to research and creation to optimization.

Want to ramp up your content marketing? 

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Gaurav Goyal
Co-Founder, Scalenut
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Co-Founder, Scalenut

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