Aug 28, 2020

Ten Things to Consider Before Going Completely Remote

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Aditya Singh Rajput
Ten Things to Consider Before Going Completely Remote

Ten Things to Consider Before Going Completely Remote

2020 has been the year of conversion from off-line to on-line, in such pace of technological development,
Ten Things to Consider Before Going Completely Remote

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2020 has been the year of conversion from off-line to on-line, in such pace of technological development, not one but many companies have considered the idea of shifting their businesses from a cement and glass wall to a computer screen by going remote. One cannot deny the fact that remote companies help you save incredibly on the utilities, the rent, maintenance of an office, the commutation and many other things, but it is also important to learn about how to start an ecommerce site, how to start an online site and how to develop an e-commerce website before going remote.

Everyone knows about the pros of going remote, however, there are some things you must consider before taking the huge altering step for your business.

In this article, we shall discuss all those things which you would want to confirm before going remote, so let’s head right into it.

Ten things to consider before going remote:

  1. Types of Remote companies: 

Before going remote it is necessary to learn about the options you have and which option you would prefer while taking the step of going remote:

  • Remote Friendly Companies: such companies allow their employees to work remotely from time to time, that is, opt for a work from home, many e-commerce websites provide such options to their employees.
  • Fully Remote Teams In One or Multiple Time zone: when the company has employees from different time zones, this is a lucrative option, since working online at the same time is easier, if you have such a business idea you must want to learn how to start online site.
  1. Fully Remote Companies with Digital Nomads: 

However, this is also a type of remote companies but it is the most difficult to manage because these are people constantly traveling while working and sometimes may not have access to the internet, that may create problems but this is another option that companies go for, although you must consider all the factors before opting for such remoteness.

  1. Choosing the right employees for the job: 

Another thing to consider before going completely remote is the people you would want to hire since now the spectrum from which you can select your workers is a lot more widened because you will have an online business, for which you must learn how to establish an online site first, after which you can hire the employees suitable for the shop and have the discipline to take online work seriously.

  1. Consider the efficiency of the work before going remote: 

Working online is very different from working offline, the environment, the hours and the schedule, everything differs, while it is a lot more comfortable, sometimes it can get way too comfortable and affect the efficiency of the output you get from the work, thus, you may need to give a boost to your employees from time to time and also hire self-motivated people, who do not lack such efficiency, e-commerce websites often obtain such model and thus you can learn how to start an e-commerce site before going remote.

  1. Understanding the importance of planning

Planning for Each employee in mind is setting goals for your employees, daily, weekly and monthly, so that they don’t lag in their work and you get daily update about the amount and quality of work the employees are putting in, especially if you are an e-commerce website owner, this is the message for you since you will always have most work online thus have to keep a check on the work your employees are generating.

  1. The New Expenses that Need Your Focus: 

As we discussed earlier, going remote positively cuts on a lot of operational costs that a physical office requires but it also produces some new expenses like that of developing software, maintaining an online portal for constant communication for not only with your employees but also with your clients and customers. The whole infrastructure of your work will shift from a tangible medium to an intangible form that will require your investment and attention, thus learning how to start an online site is even more imperative now. Also, the money you save by going remote should be invested in your employees to keep them motivated and uplift them to be optimal in their work.

  1. Find Ways To Bond With Your Employees: 

The most important relationship in a company is that of the employer and employee and while working in a remote environment, it can be difficult to establish this relationship but you can do so by opting some creative ideas that lead to maintaining a bond with your employees.

Try to keep it fun and light at times with regular activities that help you know your employees and develop a culture in your remote company.

Many Ecommerce websites have been successful to do this which you can see if you learn how to start an e-commerce site.

  1. Relationship with customers/clients: 

If you are a company that is selling products and want to go remote, things are a little easier for you when compared to a company selling services. This is because a company selling products say an e-commerce website can maintain their relations with the customers conveniently because it does not require much communication, but id=f you are selling services an in-person communicative session is always more preferable than an online session, thus, that should be a point for you to consider before going completely remote


  1. The nature of your business: 

As we have discussed in the above point the nature of the business and what you are selling is very essential to see if you can go remotely, it is always Easier for IT and Manufacturing companies to go remote with e-commerce websites rather than consultation firms.

  1. Scaling your Remote Business: 

The remote businesses have challenges very different from regular orthodox business, growth is slower and you may want to pace it up for obvious reasons but you must always remember that slow and steady wins the race, even in businesses, to do it the right way, one must always go through how to start an online business and how to start an e-commerce site.


Summarizing the above, there are numerous possibilities with a remote business but there are also certain risks that you may want to be full-proof about before going all remote, other than which educating yourself with how to start an online site and how to start an e-commerce site will act as a catalyst for your business to flourish.

Aditya Singh Rajput
Content Writer
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