Feb 17, 2023

8 Video Script Templates To Get You Inspired

Shrikant Damani, Growth Marketer
Shrikant Damani
8 Video Script Templates To Get You Inspired
Shrikant Damani, Growth Marketer
Shrikant Damani
Feb 17, 2023

8 Video Script Templates To Get You Inspired

Are your videos failing to leave a mark? Try Scalenut's video script templates for all kinds of content and woo your audiences like never before.
8 Video Script Templates To Get You Inspired

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A video is an amalgam of various elements that come together to project an idea. These include the video script, format, sound, lighting, and editing. The script is the foundational element without which a video cannot be made.  

Writing a script is the first step towards creating a successful and viral video. Having a script can save time and resources as it will help you narrow down your requirements and stay organized, creating an output that will be well worth it. 

Not everybody is well-versed in writing a script. If you are one of those people, a video script template can be just the thing you need. All you need to do is find the right template and mold it according to the purpose of the video. If done right, you will have a video that grabs people's attention and effectively delivers your message to the audience in your hands.

But before that, let us understand what a video script is.

What is a video script?

A video script is the foundational element of the video production process. It is a concise blueprint of what you intend to do with the video. It provides a step-by-step overview of all the scenes and dialogues that will be a part of your video. It also has the basic idea of the music, shot, and editing required for your video that will help you in the next stages of video production. Therefore, it is a storehouse of critical information. 

The script also becomes a guiding tool, a starting point, for all those involved in video production. It lists down the tasks of every person involved to maintain accountability. It is the basis of your video marketing strategy.

To write a successful and good video script first draft, you must understand your target audience and be clear about the purpose behind making the video. 

What are the four parts of the video script?

Before you sit down to write a script, you must know about the four main parts of any video script.

Introduction & Hook

The first part of your video script writing is the introduction. It has to start with a hook or a catchy introduction that makes the audience curious about you or your business. It must provide an enticing preview of what will come in the video's latter part. 

Body with main talking points

In this part of the video script, you shift the focus to the main message of your video. First thing, you must provide all essential information in this part, building an image for your brand for you to be heard and trusted. You can also provide evidence to ensure that the audience gets convinced of your claims and credibility. Add personal anecdotes and examples in this section of the script.


You have to end your video script with a conclusion to draw your viewers’ attention toward you or your product/service. The script's conclusion should bring everything together in a single thread, moving toward the offer you are trying to give your viewers.


The conclusion leads to the call-to-action. The CTA takes the form of a request to follow, shop for products, and more likes and shares for the video. The important thing to ensure is that you frame the CTA genuinely and provide a contact person if needed. Your CTA in the video script must capture the value proposition effectively. 

Make sure that each part of the marketing video script is given enough attention and is revised accordingly so that the entire script flows smoothly.

How many words is a 30 second video script?

According to the average reading speed principles, people can read 60-80 words in a minute. So, the word limit of a 30 second good script should be around 60-80 words, i.e., it should have 500 characters. A 30-second video script must be short, precise, and efficiently communicate significant points in an easy way without any fluff. 

8 video script templates (with examples)

Writing a script can be overwhelming, and sometimes writers may require a touch of inspiration. This inspiration can be provided by the video outline template. 

Before looking for a ready-to-use and free video script template, you need to know what kind of video you want to create. Once that is decided, you can use the templates to produce an impactful and aspiring final video. 

Here are 8 templates and video script example for each type to create hassle-free videos.

Educational video script template

Teachers, professors, and subject matter experts make educational videos for students to facilitate their learning and understanding process. The educational video outline template must be straightforward to ensure students can grasp the knowledge quickly without distraction. 

You should use simple language in your video script so that students can register information. To this end, make sure you make a short and precise script. 

Educational video script template example:

Video Title: What are natural disasters? - A guide

Presenter: In this video by E-Learning Institute, you will learn about natural disasters, the types of natural disasters, and their effects.

TEXT: What are Natural Disasters?

Presenter: A natural disaster is an event that is caused by natural phenomena such as floods, landslides, hurricanes, or earthquakes.

TEXT: What are the types of natural disasters?

Presenter: Natural disasters are of three types: wind, water, and earth

Wind-related disasters include hurricanes and typhoons.

Water-related disasters include floods and hurricanes.

Earth-related disasters include earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. 

TEXT: What are the effects of natural disasters?

Presenter: Natural disasters can be incredibly destructive and cause significant casualties, losses of property, and economic damage.

CTA: Like our video? Follow us for more content on disasters and other environmental hazards.

How-to video script template

How-to videos are tutorial videos that guide the audience through a specific process in a step-by-step guide. The Youtube video script template for how-to videos should be instructional. 

You must ensure that everything is explained well in the script. Please only add a few instructions so that confusion is avoided. 

How-to video script template example:

Video title: How to clean blood stains easily?

Presenter: Welcome to my channel, Home Remedies. Today's video will explain how to remove blood stains easily. Follow these steps and get rid of stains in no time.

Video of you cleaning the stain in a step-by-step manner.


  • Remove the stain first with a cloth or paper towel
  • Utilize a mixture of water and baking soda to clean the stain, scrubbing gently until the stain is gone
  • Rinse the area with cold water and dry it off
  • If the stain is stubborn and won't come off, try using a solution of water and white vinegar

CTA: We hope the remedy worked for you. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more. 

Interview script template

Interview videos are perfect for businesses and influencers. For businesses, it is an opportunity to invite an expert to share their views, and for influencers, it is a chance to invite other celebrities to gain popularity. The interview script has to be conversational yet entertaining for the audience to remain hooked on your video footage.

You must write your script to direct your audience's attention toward your desired goal- whether it is an opinionated response or a positive review. Ensure that the script follows a narrative arc to keep your audiences glued to your video.

Interview video outline template:

Video Title: Interviews with Billionaires- Episode 4

Presenter: Today, in our series of interviews with billionaires, we have the famous business tycoon- Mr. George Soros. 

He is the owner of Health for you, a famous pharmaceutical company based in India that has revolutionized the research and manufacturing of medicines in the country.

Hi, Mr. Soros. Welcome to Interviews with Billionaires.

Q. 1. What motivated you to start your own pharmaceutical company?

Q. 2. How has your company grown over the years?

Q. 3. What new pharmaceuticals are you developing currently?

Q. 4. What do you feel about the current state of the pharmaceutical industry?

Thank you for joining us today.

CTA: We will catch you all in the next video of Interviews with Billionaires. Till then, remember to like this video and subscribe to our channel. 

Video testimonial script template

Video testimonials are videos businesses produce to gain their potential customers' trust. In the videos, the customers are requested to share their experiences of the product/services. 

Your Youtube video script template for testimonial videos must contain customers' experience of the product touching upon details of what they liked, didn't like, etc. The content should flow naturally and should not be overboard with praise.

Video testimonial script example:

Video title: Customer testimonial for a hair product

Customer: Hello, my name is [insert name], and I am a customer of the hair product [product brand name] that I purchased a few weeks ago.

I've been using it regularly as instructed, and my hair has seen a change. 

Earlier, I had a lot of issues with my hair - dandruff, an itchy scalp, and a case of bad hair fall. After using the product, I have seen a change in terms of these issues disappearing slowly one by one. 

My hair is less dry, frizzy, and unmanageable now and has much more volume. My scalp's health has improved tremendously too. 

I'm thrilled with the results so far, and I would recommend this product to anyone with similar hair issues. Thank you so much for producing such a great product!

Product explainer video script template

If you wish to create a video that explains your products/services and provides insight into the functioning and uses of the products, then product explainer videos are for you. The Youtube video script outline for a product explainer video has to showcase your product. It should list down the product’s advantages so that other potential customers become interested in it. The visual elements must catch the viewers' interest as well.

Product explainer video script template example:

Video title: Musicfy

Presenter: Welcome to the world of Musicfy. This streaming service will change how you listen to music on any device. You can listen to any album song from any genre anytime. You just have to search for any song and play it on Musicfy. What's more? You can instantly share your favorite music and playlist with your family and friends. All of this is available with a free trial and just a click away. So wait no more. Check out Musicfy now!

Brand promotion script template

Brand promotion videos are created to establish brand presence and awareness among potential customers and talents, who can be encouraged to get associated with your business. Brand promotion script can either highlight your vision and mission or demonstrate your corporate culture. It all depends on what your aim behind the brand promotion video is.

Brand promotion video script example:

Video title: Pari Tour & Travels

Images and Videos: From different places of the world 

Voiceover: The world is filled with beautiful mysteries. Do you wish to solve the mysteries and find solace in the lap of nature? Do you want to be associated with something incredible? Embark on a journey towards an adventure of a lifetime with us. 

Videos of fun activities around the world with audio

Voiceover: Wish you were doing this, or this, or are you brave enough to explore this? The world and its mysteries are calling out to you. Pay attention to the call and book your holidays with Pari Tour & Travel now. 

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Company announcement video template

Videos can be an effective way to share the good news about your business, like when you plan to launch a product or have signed a new partnership deal. The company announcement script has to be catchy and attention-grabbing. It should make your customers feel excited about your business. 

Company announcement video script example:

Video title: Company Awarded the best PR Team in Mary's International Business Awards.

Text with background music and audio elements: The winner of Best PR Team at Mary's International Business Awards held in Tokyo.

The PR Team at Waywards.

We are proud of our PR team and its team spirit and work ethic. 

You all are the epitome of excellence and inspire us all.

Thanks from the entire team of Waywards.

Day-in-life video script template

Day-in-life videos are another form of testimonial videos, but they take a plunge into a customer's life, capturing their experience of using your products/services. The Youtube video outline template of such videos is narrative and has a personal touch. It is considered much more authentic as the video highlights how your products impact the customer's life. 

Day-in-life video script template example:

Video title: Cruiser- Bicycles & Beyond

Music and video of the customer

Voiceover: Riding a bike at night in winter conditions always thrills me. The darkness and the silence add more fun to the entire bicycle journey. But for winter rides, you require proper clothing for cycling, tail light, and headlight. Your adventure should not end up in a disaster. With Cruiser, you can rest assured that you enjoy the ride of a lifetime without worrying about winter conditions and bicycle safety. It has made my bicycle journeys safe and much more memorable than before. I do not have to worry about riding in the dark or on a snowy road. I can do all that and much more with the bicycles and unique clothing available at Cruiser. 

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Write video script faster and at scale with technology

Video scriptwriting is a creative process that requires a combination of innovative thinking and patience. If you are going through a writer’s block or feeling overwhelmed with the process, you must know that you do not have to do it alone. What if there are AI-driven tools that can make your process of video scriptwriting easier? 

Yes, you read it right. Scalenut is the one-stop solution for all your automated content writing needs. Whether you want to do keyword research for Youtube video content or generate an Instagram caption for your videos, Scalenut has got you covered.

Ready to leverage Scalenut's AI potential to your advantage for your video project? Sign up now!

Shrikant Damani
Growth Marketer
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Shrikant Damani
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