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How to Use Scalenut’s Active to Passive Voice Converter Tool? 

The proper use of active and passive voice sentences in your writing leaves a great impression on readers and helps to communicate your thoughts effectively. 

Though the active voice is preferred most of the time to make the content clear and concise, the passive voice helps to make the content more powerful, authoritative, and formal. It gives you a bit more flexibility on where to direct your reader’s attention.

Scalenut’s AI-powered active to passive voice converter uses advanced GPT3 technology and extensive training modules to change active voice to passive voice without having to spend hours checking and revising your work

Find your content’s voice with Scalenut’s active to passive voice converter. Best suited to convert active to passive sentences for:

  • Scientific contexts
  • Professional writing
  • Reporting content

Here's how to use Scalenut’s active to passive voice converter:

Step 1: Enter the sentence to be converted

Enter the content you want to convert from active to passive voice in our converter tool.

Active to Passive Converter

Step 2: Click on ‘Generate’

Click on the ‘Generate’ button and let Scalenut’s AI work its magic

Step 3: Review the results

The tool will instantly give you suggestions for converted passive voice sentences. Check the output and use it to enhance your content. You can also click on ‘Generate More’ to get more output suggestions.

Active to Passive Converter

It’s as easy as that. Scalenut’s powerful AI produces passive voice sentences that are clear and concise.

Now that you know how Scalenut’s free active to passive voice converter works, let’s dive deeper into the active to the passive voice conversion process.

How to Convert Active Voice to Passive Voice?

Step - 1: Move the object of the active voice sentence into the subject slot of the sentence.

Active Voice: 

Rhea read the letter. (object)

Passive Voice:

The letter…..….. (subject)

Step - 2: Place the subject of the active sentence into a phrase starting with the preposition ‘by’

Active Voice: 

Rhea writes the letter. (subject)

Passive Voice:

The letter ………… by Rhea. (prepositional phrase)

Step - 3: Add a form of the auxiliary verb ‘be’ to the past participle form of the main verb.

Active Voice: 

Rhea writes the letter. (verb)

Passive Voice:

The letter was written by Rhea. (third form of verb + be auxiliary)

What is Active and Passive Voice?

A sentence is in the active voice if the subject performs some action. The active voice has a clear and direct tone. We use active voice when the focus is on the subject of the sentence and the action they are doing rather than on the target of the action.

When a sentence is in passive voice, the target of the action is the focus, and the verb acts upon the subject. 

The passive voice has a subtle tone as compared to the active voice. We use passive voice when the focus is on the action described rather than who is performing it. Passive voice conveys scientific objectivity by minimizing the emphasis on the doer of the action.

Active to Passive Voice Examples

You can use our active to passive voice converter to change active sentences into passive ones.

In active voice, as mentioned earlier, the main focus is on the subject.

Examples of Active Voice

1. Bella is reading a book.

2. Vitamin A increases the risk of hair loss.

3. We analyzed the data for marketing campaigns.

In passive voice, the focus is on the action rather than the one performing the action.

Examples of Passive Voice

1. A book is being read by Bella.

2. The risk of hair loss is increased by Vitamin A.

3. The data for marketing campaigns were analyzed.

How to Identify Active Voice and Passive Voice? 

The structure of active voice sentences is Subject + Verb + Object. The subject in the sentence acts on an object. In an active voice sentence, the subject is always at the beginning

The structure of passive voice sentences is Object + Verb + Subject. Here, the focus is more on the action than the subject.

Another tip to identify a passive voice sentence is the use of a past participle directly after ‘to be’ in a sentence. 

When to use active and passive voice in your content?

Active Voice

Active voice is mostly used for clear and crisp writing.

1. Emphasis is on the subject of the sentence.

2. To deliver clear instructions without sounding wordy.

3. To eliminate ambiguities related to the responsibilities.

4. Non-scientific writing.

5. Writing shorter, authoritative, and easy-to-understand sentences.

Passive Voice

Scientific and academic writing often makes use of passive voice sentences. 

1. Emphasis is mainly on what happened (action), not who did it (doer).

2. If the person performing the action is not known.

3. To keep the focus consistent throughout various sentences.

4. To not put the responsibility on one person

5. To appear objective, scientific, technical, or logical.

Why Use Scalenut’s Active to Passive Converter Tool 

Use Scalenut’s active voice  converter tool to change the voice of your content and communicate your ideas in a better way. The tool helps you scale your content by making the best of AI technology. 

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