Jan 27, 2023

15 Best Essay Writing Apps To Help You Finish Your Assignment Faster

15 Best Essay Writing Apps To Help You Finish Your Assignment Faster
Jan 27, 2023

15 Best Essay Writing Apps To Help You Finish Your Assignment Faster

Looking for help in completing your assignment? Here are 15 essay writing apps to help you finish your assignment faster and with more accuracy.
15 Best Essay Writing Apps To Help You Finish Your Assignment Faster

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The content creation process can be an overwhelming and time-consuming exercise, especially when it is an academic assignment like an essay. But with the advent of next-gen technologies like artificial intelligence, several essay writing apps have surfaced in recent years to make the entire essay writing process a breezy and efficient affair.

From the research to proofreading stages, these tools can handle most of your essay writing tasks while you focus just on making it into a creative, value-adding, and quality content piece. 

However, the market is currently flooded with a huge array of essay-writing tools that claim to help you write perfect essays in a matter of a few hours or even minutes. 

But which of those tools is good and perfect for your needs? To cut you some slack, we have come up with a list of 15 apps to help with essays and complete your assignments quicker and without any hassles.

Criteria we use to assess essay writing apps

There are multiple criteria that you must consider while assessing an essay writing app to adopt. Here are the top ones - 

  • Error-free content: The essay writing app must be able to generate essays devoid of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The essay should also be coherent and well-organized.
  • Quality of content: For completing quality essay assignments, the app must be able to generate essays that are well-researched and well-supported with data points and evidence.
  • Personalization: It must give the option to adjust content settings such as writing style, tone, and target audience.
  • User-friendliness: The essay writing app must be beginner-friendly, and all levels of users should find it easy to use and navigate.
  • Speed: The app must be able to generate content quickly.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It must be reasonably priced and offer excellent value for money.

How can AI writing help you write?

AI writing can help you write essays in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • It can generate ideas and outlines: AI writing can come up with unique ideas and clear outlines for your essays. It can even come up with complete sentences and paragraphs based on your inputs, keywords, and prompts.
  • It can perform grammar and spell check: AI writing can identify and correct grammar in real-time. It can even highlight any spelling errors in your essay piece.
  • It can improve sentence structure: AI writing can help improve the structure and coherence of your essay. It does this by offering suggestions for sentence reordering, word choice, and more.
  • It can offer research assistance: AI writing can help you find and organize relevant information for your essay by generating summaries, quotes, and sources.

Let us now look at the top apps for essays that can offer all the above benefits.

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15 Best apps that can write essays for you

1. Scalenut

Scalenut is the #1 essay writing app on this list, and it takes this spot for a reason. It is the most balanced essay writing tool of the lot and offers significant value to the user. Thanks to its powerful AI engine, it takes care of the entire lifecycle of your essay creation process, right from competitor research to creating full-fledged paragraphs. 

This user-friendly tool can be used to write a variety of essays, including academic essays, personal essays, and persuasive essays. Features like Content Research, Social Listening, and Content Grading, and modules like ‘Write,’ ‘Instruct,’ and ‘Connector’ automate most of your essay writing process.

A key feature for essay writing: The Cruise Mode feature of Scalenut creates the first of your entire essay in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is input some basic information about your topic and let the powerful AI engine do the rest of the work. 

Want to know more about how AI writers can automate the blog creation process for content writers? Read our comprehensive blog on AI blog writing.

Pricing: The most basic plan costs $17 per month. A 7-day free trial is also available.

2. Hemingway

The next tool on our list is Hemingway, which can help improve the readability of your essay and research paper to a great extent. It offers feedback on complex sentences, passive voice, and overused words, all of which are a big ‘no’  in any form of essay. 

It even suggests alternative words, phrases, and sentences to make the essay clearer. One of the best features of this tool is its readability score, which helps you to make sure that the essay is accessible to a wide audience. 

A key feature for essay writing: The tool highlights sentences that are hard to read. It also suggests effective alternatives to improve the readability of your essay.

Pricing: The web version is free, while the desktop version costs $19.99.

3. PapersOwl

PapersOwl is a professional essay helper app that assists students with their essays and academic papers. The platform lets people place orders for papers while a team of professional writers writes the essay for you. 

Besides the above service, PapersOwl also offers a host of essay writing features like a plagiarism checker, citation generator, thesis generator, conclusion generator, essay title generator, etc., to assist you in writing your essay. 

A key feature for essay writing: There is a free thesis generator that creates a thesis for your required topic in seconds. All you have to do is input key elements like the main idea of the topic, evidence to support your main idea, and a counterargument, if possible. It will use all this information to generate a solid thesis for your topic. 

Pricing: Most of the features are free, but you need to pay for the actual essay writing service.

4. Coggle

Coggle is a visual tool that helps in organizing and outlining an essay. You can create a mind map or flowchart diagram around the main topic of your essay and keep it as the central node. 

You can then add branches for the subtopics, supporting pieces of evidence, along with conclusions. This will enable you to see the entire structure of the essay in one go and how all the parts are connected. 

A key feature for essay writing: Coggle also comes equipped with several collaboration features that allow multiple users to work together on the same essay. This is quite useful when there are multiple authors for an essay or want to get feedback from peers or professors. 

Pricing: There is a free version available that is fine for occasional use. The paid plans start at $5 per user per month and offer many more features. 

5. Wordtune Read

Wordtune Read is an AI-based essay summarizer that shortens and summarizes long articles to make them more readable and concise. The tool uses its advanced proprietary AI models and algorithms to generate summaries. 

Once you create an account, you just have to upload a PDF file or insert the URL of your online essay for the tool to read. The platform will instantly highlight the most relevant information and create short summaries next to each passage. You can export the summaries to use them later. 

A key feature for essay writing: Chrome extension to simplify complex documents on the go. It creates bite-sized summaries of long books and articles that you can use instantly for your essay.

Pricing: There is a free plan that lets you read 5 new summaries per month.

The premium plans start at $9.99/month.

6. Cold Turkey Writer

Cold Turkey Writer is a productivity tool that ensures that you focus on writing your essay instead of being distracted by other apps such as social media, email, and other websites. 

The app smartly disables (temporarily) access to specific websites and applications for a particular period or till you finish a particular number of words. This tool is important for all users who want to improve their productivity and avoid distractions while writing essays. 

The app is available for both Windows and Mac users. 

A key feature for essay writing: You can disable the delete/backspace key through this tool. This is a great way to ensure that you type out the first draft of your essay without making any changes. 

Pricing: There is a free plan with basic features. The paid plan can be purchased with a one-time fee of ₹399. 

7. Paper Typer

Paper Typer is a suite of tools that offers assistance to students writing academic papers or essays. It is a one-stop solution to save your essay-writing time as it searches for an appropriate topic, edits and proofreads the content for you. 

Some of the key features offered by this tool include an essay topic generator, plagiarism checker, and grammar checker. The tool also comes with a custom essay writing service where you can order your personalized essay for an amount. 

A key feature for essay writing: Citation Generator lets you compose your reference list according to different formats like MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

Pricing: All the tools are free to use. You just need to pay when you are ordering a customized essay.

8. My Assignment Help Essay Typer

My Assignment Help Essay Typer is an app that helps with essays. It offers personalized services to students looking for assistance with their assignments. Besides this, it provides a plethora of tools to write, edit, and proofread your essays. 

For the personalized essay services, all you have to do is enter the deadline, the number of words for the essay, and the assignment description. The platform will share the completed essay before the deadline in your email.

A key feature for essay writing: The paraphrasing tool automatically paraphrases your content to make it more creative, readable, and cohesive.  

Pricing: All the essay writing tools are free to use. You need to pay only when you need their personalized services for writing the essay

9. Essay AI Lab

EssayAILab is the next tool on our list that effectively searches for information from credible websites and produces the most relevant information to include in your essay. 

The interface of the tool is so intuitive that all you have to do is type in a phrase, and it will come up with automated writing suggestions to finish the sentence in multiple ways. It even instantly generates standardized MLA and APA citations to include in your essay. 

The tool involves 4 simple steps. You need to search for a topic and begin drafting. Then, modify the essay until you are satisfied. You can run grammar and plagiarism checks before finally creating an account and downloading the essay. 

A key feature for essay writing: A sensitive plagiarism-checker ensures that your essay is unique. Even if it finds plagiarism, it will paraphrase the content.

Pricing: The tools are free to use. But to download the essay, you need to pay a subscription fee of $9.95 per month.

10. AI Writer

As the name suggests, AI Writer is an app that writes essays for you. It claims to create accurate, relevant, and quality content in less than 2 minutes. The platform uses its state-of-the-art AI algorithms to create full-fledged essays just from the title you enter. 

Besides Scalenut, this is the only other platform in this list that can write a complete essay on its own with minimal human intervention. The platform also offers a myriad of features that lets you fine-tune your essay further to make it publish-worthy.

A key feature for essay writing: The tool offers a verifiable citation feature that lets you create content with accurate information. It offers a list of accurate citations and sources to use in your essay.

Pricing: There are no free plans. However, all the paid plans have a free trial. The most basic plan costs $29 per month and offers basic features like text rewording and source summarizer for 1 user. 

11. Readable

Readable is a readable scoring tool that can be used to check whether your essay is comprehensible for the target audience or not. Readable has the capability to detect jargon and analyze the tone, sentiment, and formality of your essay. 

By evaluating all these parameters, it comes up with a grade for your content. It also offers suggestions to improve your grade and make your essay top-notch. 

Readable uses a variety of indexes and algorithms to grade your content. Popular indexes include Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning Fog Index, Coleman-Liau Index, and SMOG Index, to name a few. 

A key feature for essay writing: The tool suggests shorter and more appropriate alternatives for hard words in your essay. This helps to add clarity to your essay with the click of a button.

Pricing: Even though there is no free plan, there is a free 7-day trial for all the paid plans. The most basic plan costs $4 per month, and it offers all the necessary features required to improve the readability of your essay. 

12. Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a Google Play Store Android app that lets you write essays on your mobile. The app, unlike your regular word processor, is more convenient to use on mobile phones. The tool is ideal for those looking to write essays in a clutter-free environment and looking for markdown support. 

Some of the key features offered by this tool include folder support, template, keyboard shortcuts, character and word count, share, and Night Mode.

A key feature for essay writing: A sensitive plagiarism-checker to ensure that your essay is unique. Even if it finds plagiarism, it will paraphrase the content.

Pricing: The basic app is free to download. But you need to pay extra to use the premium features. 

13. Focus Writer

Though not as advanced as several other tools on this list, Focus Writer is still a great essay-writing tool. It is a basic lightweight text-writing software that has been carefully designed to eliminate any distractions. 

There are no unwanted toolbars when you write in fullscreen mode. This is quite handy for those who need to concentrate while writing an essay. Most of the features offered by this tool are quite basic. 

For instance, there is a Find tool that lets you search for a word in your essay and replace it. You also have the option of creating custom themes and using them as your background. 

A key feature for essay writing: You can set goals for your essay writing activity, either in terms of time or the number of words. 

Pricing: This is one of the few apps that write essays for you for free.

14. Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to check for grammatical and style errors in your essays. It can be used as a browser extension along with Google Docs, as a Microsoft Office add-in, or even as a mobile app. 

The best part is it can be used to check your essay in a variety of languages. The tool can even offer suggestions to improve grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style in your essay. By using this tool, you can ensure that your essay is error-free.

A key feature for essay writing: Grammarly offers personalized feedback based on your essay goals. The goals could be related to your domain, intent, target audience, and formality of the essay.

Pricing: There is a free plan that is more than sufficient for most essay writers. But if you are looking for more advanced features like full sentence rewrites, word choices, tone suggestions, and citations, you need to pick their premium plans. The most basic plan costs $12 per month.

15. FreeMind

FreeMind is a free and open-source software used for creating mindmaps and brainstorming. It helps essay writers to adopt a visual thinking technique to organize and structure information for their essays. 

Using this, you can essentially create diagrams and show the hierarchical structure of your ideas, concepts, and key pieces of information. You can play from the connections and rearrange them according to your needs. 

A key feature for essay writing: You can share your mindmaps with other authors or reviewers through the share option available in this tool. This makes it an effective tool for collaboration. 

Pricing: This is a website that writes essays for you for free.

Write Grade A+ essays with Scalenut AI Writer

Essay writing apps are a valuable asset for anyone looking to improve their essay writing skills and create high-quality assignments. 

All the apps for essays discussed in this post offer one or more helpful features ranging from research assistance to proofreading. They ensure you focus on the craft of your writing instead of wasting time on the nitty-gritty of your assignment. 

But remember, this list is not an exhaustive one. There are many other tools like Libre Office Writer, Evernote, and Pro Writing Aid, all of which are equally capable. Some of these apps even offer a 7-day or a 14-day trial so you can explore the features and pick a tool of your choice.

But Scalenut is one tool in this list that supports the A-Z of the essay writing process. It automates the entire essay writing process and creates A+ essays in just a few minutes. It helps streamline your process, improve the quality, and meet your assignment deadlines consistently. 

To explore the features of Scalenut and make a decision on the best essay writing app for you, sign up for a free trial now. 

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