May 15, 2022

The List of Best Paraphrasing Tools Online and How to Use it

Shrikant Damani, Growth Marketer
Shrikant Damani
The List of Best Paraphrasing Tools Online and How to Use it
Shrikant Damani, Growth Marketer
Shrikant Damani
May 15, 2022

The List of Best Paraphrasing Tools Online and How to Use it

Looking for the best paraphrasing tool online? In this article, we have shared the best paraphrase generators along with the several benefits of using them.
The List of Best Paraphrasing Tools Online and How to Use it

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Whether you are writing an academic work, a research paper, or simply for your blog, you want to be assured of plagiarism-free writing. With so many copies on the Internet where the content may sometime be accidentally similar, you might want to present a sentence in a different tone and style.

That's when the paraphrasing tool comes into play. The right paraphrasing tool rephrases your sentence into a unique one without changing the actual meaning.

So, what does a paraphrasing tool do, and what are the best paraphrasing tools online? This blog post will share the list of paraphrase tools online and which one suits your needs. 

What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool takes a given piece of text and turns it into new words that don't change the original meaning. It works like a rewriter that changes the existing content and generates a better one.

A paraphrasing tool gives you a slightly different version of the original text every time you rephrase. The tool is created to make sure that changing words and phrases don't alter or modify the meaning of the text.

Some tools can help you if you're confused about a topic or don't have much knowledge on restricting the content while keeping the same meaning.

Also, paraphrasing tools help people who don't think very well or type quickly.

Before you use a paraphrasing tool, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • The verbatim text should not match the paraphrased text.¬†
  • Words or a passage should stay true to their meaning even if you change how they are put together.
  • Make sure that what you write is connected to the original content.

How Does Online Paraphrasing Work?

A paraphrasing tool picks the original content from the source and rewords or rewrites it. 

Although the source material's concepts and meaning must be preserved, you can represent the thoughts in the source content using few words as feasible.

Some paraphrase technologies employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) with unique algorithms to rephrase phrases, expressions, and entire sentences, as well as to detect and interchange inflectional forms.

A paraphraser tool or simply a rephraser may be used for various purposes such as:

  • Optimizing for SEO (search engine optimization) friendly content.
  • To generate unique content, avoid Google penalties, and follow the search engine guidelines.
  • Creating a large volume of quality content in less time.

Choosing the best paraphrasing tool is entirely up to the person doing the editing. The task's requirements are crucial in determining the optimal tool for a specific task.

Various tools are appropriate for editing blogs, rephrasing sentences, or regenerating an entire thesis. The way the paraphraser works, whether it's simple to use or not, and whether the result is satisfactory are all things to consider.

That's why we have shared the list of Best Online Paraphrasing tools to consider. 

Best Paraphrase Generator Tools Online (Free & Paid)


Scalenut is an AI intelligence tool that offers a free paraphrasing tool.  The tool is new in the market, but they have already built a strong community of over 5,000 users.

One of the major reasons is its clean interface despite having over 40+ tools for content creation. You can paraphrase a longer sentence and break it into simpler ones or change the sentence structure by keeping the grammar and readability in check.

Using this paraphrasing tool, you can also update social media posts, blog posts, website content, or emails. You can check the word count and readability to make sure the content is in the suggested range.

Scalenut cuts short your effort by offering a sentence rephrase in merely two steps:

  • Create a report first, then go to the "Editor" area. After that, paste the content you want to rephrase.
  • For the selected content, select the "Rephrase" button option.
  • A "Text Rephraser" window will appear, indicating that the tool is rephrasing the selected text.
  • If you're happy with the rewritten content, click "Replace Original," and the tool will replace it for you.

Why should you consider Scalenut paraphrasing tool?

  • It offers 40 different use cases for making content creation easier. These include templates like 'simplify a sentence,' 'answer a question,' 'heading to paragraph,' 'Introduction paragraph,' 'blog title creator,' and many others.
  • You can install a free Scalenut chrome extension and use the rephraser without switching the tabs.
  • Since it is an AI-based tool, Scalenut creates relevant rewording using appropriate synonyms and correct spelling.
  • You get a forever-free plan to use.
  • You can upvote or downvote the results generated to give your feedback to the Scalenut team.¬†


QuillBot started as a full-sentence thesaurus, which professionals and students used to write quickly and confidently. However, the technology has been utilized for legal emails, Ph.D. theses, and document translation, among other things, over time.

It is an excellent paraphrase tool with so many functionalities. This application allows users to alter any sentence, paragraph, or article. It offers a simple and easy-to-use platform that caters to the needs of its consumers.

This tool aids users in writing more effectively, quickly, and clearly. Compared to other platforms, it is safe and reliable when it comes to plagiarism detection.

However, Quillbot may not always be accurate. Sometimes it may wrongly reword the sentence or may have accidental plagiarism.

Why should you use Quillbot?

  • Quillbot offers seven different AI writing modes. These are Standard, Fluency, Simple, Creative, Formal, Shorten and Expand. The free version includes only Standard and Fluency mode.
  • It creates fresh paraphrased content by automatically removing, adding, and altering words.
  • It will assist you in creating unique content of decent quality and worth posting on the internet.
  • It will generate some useful text for you in less than a minute.
  • Quillbot also integrates with your Chrome and Google docs to cut short time and effort.¬†

Paraphrase Online

Paraphrasing online assists you in accurately paraphrasing any content type like articles or blog posts. This tool is simple to use and does not require any technical skills or experience.

It can be used to process dynamic text automatically. It uses the special algorithm within the tool for word synonymization, identification, and interchange of inflectional forms, as well as rewording of phrases, expressions, and even entire sentences.

It changes the input text while maintaining its meaning, resulting in the most exact synonyms.

The tool also includes a reword generator that can automatically rework your material for creating a better output.

Why should you use Paraphrase Online?

  • Paraphrase Online is fairly simple and does not require you to sign up or register an account.
  • This paraphrase tool does not require any prior knowledge. Because it is so simple, anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of technology can use it without difficulty.
  • The paraphraser removes the irrelevant information and only keeps the most important one.
  • Every time you press the Paraphrase button, you will have a new sentence reworded uniquely.¬†


Spinbot is an online tool that rewrites information in a basic, easy-to-understand manner. It's an article spinner that rewrites clever, legible material automatically.

Simply copy the material from a source, paste it into the box, and republish it with a single click. You may also write straight in the editor and edit it with a single click. Spinbot does not change the voice and tone of the article and makes sure the pattern remains the same throughout. 

However, Spinbot does not work as effectively as the other rephrasing tools, and the quality of spin maybe not be as accurate.

Why should you use Spinbot? 

  • Spinbot creates new, creative, human-readable text that is best for drawing the users' as well as the search engines' attention.
  • Spinbot can instantly rewrite, spin, or paraphrase around 1000 words (or 10,000 characters).¬†
  • There is absolutely no limit on how many words you can rephrase at once.
  • This spin rewriter uses the keywords naturally throughout the content.¬†


Duplichecker consists of a grammar and plagiarism checker, spell checker, and paraphrasing tool in one package. You don't even need to register to utilize the free application, which is great for everything from rewriting to simple tasks like spell-checking.

This rephrasing tool will check for plagiarism, incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as missing words or phrases.

The technology uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and servers that process large amounts of data at once.

It also contains various synonyms in the extensive word database, which provides flexibility when combined with grammar checkers.

Why should you use Duplichecker? 

  • Despite the free service, the tool generates appreciable outputs.
  • If you want to give the credits, Duplichecker will tell you the right way to put the reference links.
  • Apart from this, there is a grammar checker tool that Duplichecker offers for error-free writing.
  • It takes care of the accurate synonyms and the right vocabulary of the paraphrased content.¬†

Word AI 

Another paraphrase tool that has risen to the top of our list is WordAI. Word AI is used by various students, which is why it is on our list.

It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to intelligently rephrase sentences and articles. The technology ensures that the original document is correctly interpreted before paraphrasing the original document.

It works like the content has been written by professional writers. Word AI also claims to provide high readability text.

Why should you use WordAI?

  • The tool uses AI to fully understand the text and its ideas and meanings to make the content more readable.
  • This tool can be used in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • The tool can change up to 1,000 articles at once. This lets users change as many articles as they want in one go.
  • The Perfect Tense tool is also part of the WordAI, so you can use both at the same time. In this way, the rephrase tool can find spelling mistakes and check grammar.¬†

Prepost SEO 

Prepost SEO is a good tool for paraphrasing because it has an interface that isn't too complicated to use. Your content is rephrased by the tool, but it doesn't change the context or meaning.

It also includes features such as keyword density checker, plagiarism checker, and readability checker tools.

Why should you use Prepost SEO?

  • It rewrites your content by replacing it with unique synonyms.
  • You can upload the files such as PDF or Docx to rewrite the entire content.
  • You can also check the word count and character count from the text box.¬†


Q. Is there a difference between free and paid paraphrasing tools?

Ans: While some tools may have less functionality in the free version, some tools provide the complete functionalities even in the free version. For example, Scalenut's free version will give you the rephrasing features of Quillbot's paid version.

Q. Is it safe to use this type of paraphrase software online?

Ans: There is no need to worry about the safety of online paraphrase tools. These are reputable, reliable, and trustworthy software that millions of people worldwide have used. You need to input your text, and the tool will take care of all the rewriting for you. 

Q. Who can use online paraphrase tools?

Ans: Almost anyone can use the paraphrasing tools who want to generate unique content from the source material. Paraphraser tools have certainly been important for students, teachers, bloggers, marketers, and web admins to create unique paraphrased content. 

Q. Do paraphrasing tools generate plagiarised content?

Ans: It depends on the tool that you are using. Some tools may not have advanced capabilities and algorithms that might often pick the content that is already on the Internet.

Q.  Are paraphrasing tools legit?

Ans: Paraphrasing tools are legit and can be used by anyone who wants to generate unique content from the source material. They have helped millions of people worldwide to produce high-quality and unique content. 


Writing well-informed and engaging content is important, but it's even more crucial when it comes to SEO. That's where a great paraphrasing tool comes in handy.

Not only can it help you to produce quality content in record time, but it can also help you rank higher on search engines so that your audience can reach you easily. 

By using a fantastic online paraphrasing tool, you can produce high-quality content that will be well-received by your readers and help you rank higher on search engine results pages. Our list of Best Paraphrasing tools comes to an end, but if we had to suggest one, we would recommend Scalenut.

Scalenut is completely free to use and comes with various functionalities other than paraphrasing. With such a tool at your disposal, you will definitely achieve your writing goals quickly and efficiently. Try out Scalenut for free to see how it works.

Shrikant Damani
Growth Marketer
ABout the AUTHOR
Shrikant Damani
Growth Marketer

Shrikant is a growth marketer at Scalenut, where he focuses on developing strategies to nurture the Scalenut community and improve user experience through content marketing and SEO. In addition, he works to enhance the quality of AI outputs through prompt engineering. A MICA graduate and a Chartered Accountant, he utilizes both his creative and analytical skills to create effective solutions.

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