Oct 6, 2021

Everything you need to know about Keyword Density Checker in SEO

Everything you need to know about Keyword Density Checker in SEO


Do you know that the number of times your keyword appears in your blog post may affect the page rankings?

The use of keywords and their frequency in the content impacts a larger part of your SEO. Post Panda update, Google no longer rewards the content with keyword stuffing. Instead, the search engine now penalizes content that is stuffed with the exact focus keywords.

Hence, it is important to keep a check on the keyword density to boost your SEO efforts.

But, how do you check the keyword density in a blog?

The answer is simple: Keyword density checker tool.

Read further to know about the keyword density and how to use the keyword density checker tool?

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the number of times your focus keyword appears compared to the total number of words on the page.

Let's say your blog post has 100 words, and it contains the focus keyword four times; the keyword density will be around 4%. Keyword density is often called keyphrase density or keyword to text ratio.

How to check Keyword density?

To calculate the keyword density, divide the number of times a keyword appears in the text by the total number of words on that page.

Example: For a page with 100 words, if it contains 10 occurrences of the word "horse," the keyword density will be calculated as:

Keyword density: (10/100)*100%= 10%

However, you can't always calculate the keyword density manually. That's why you need to use a keyword density checker tool.

How to use the Keyword Density Checker tool?

There is no correct or incorrect way to use the keyword density checker before and after conducting a test.

It's what happens in between that matters most. The process has to be followed correctly, or results will not come out right, even if you do everything correctly between those two steps!

First, optimize the content using focus keyphrases and keywords around it to drive more traffic. Use focus keywords in title, meta tags, body copy, and URL to maintain a good keyword frequency.

After optimization, run the article using the keyword density checker tool. If you have been following the process correctly, your content will come out with a good keyword density.

How Keyword Density Checker tool calculates?

First, keyword density checker tools strip off punctuations, commas, periods, exclamation marks, and all other symbols from the content.

It then removes spaces between words in the keyword so that it calculates correctly.

As soon as you input a few keywords in your content, the Keyword density checker tool works using algorithms that calculate how many times the focus keywords appear in your content.

Hence, keyword density analyzer tools are the best tools to check for overuse of the keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.

How Keyword Density can result in Over Optimization?

A  high keyword density can result in what we call keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is the act of repeating the same target keyword or keyword phrase throughout the content to achieve a high level of optimization.

However, a high keyword density can create an over-optimization and impact the readability of your content. Also, Google discourages over-optimization by penalizing a site that has a high keyword density.

Therefore, if you want to optimize your content for search engines, ensure that the keyword density is not too high.

How to deal with keyword Stuffing using LSI keywords?

When your content is stuffed with keywords, it is likely to target only a narrow target audience. It also causes the keyword density of your site to increase and become more cluttered.

LSI keywords are the right way to go when dealing with keyword stuffing.

They help you optimize your content for search engines without over-optimizing it. LSI keywords are the keywords that you use in your content to improve its keyword density without adding too many words.

Tools For checking keyword density:

There are various tools for checking keyword density:

You can check your keyword density using the free tools listed below.

The other paid services are more powerful than these.

However, the free tools listed below are enough to get you started.

Keyword Density Checker by Google Webmaster Tools

The keyword density checker tool by Google Webmaster Tools is an online tool that allows users to quickly view how often a given keyword appears on their website.

This tool can help determine the effectiveness of a site's keywords and optimizing content.

Small SEO Tools Keyword density tool

Small SEO keyword checker offers various tools for the SEOs. It does the keyword analysis, checks for plagiarism, and checks for grammar as well. Simply enter the URL of content and press enters to check for the keyword density.


Rankwatch is a free keyword density checker where you can input the text to the URL of your content to check for the keyword density.

This SEO tool also offers features like backlinks analysis, keyword research, and competition analysis.


Keyword density is one of the most important factors that will help you rank in Google.

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you to check your keyword density.  You can use either the free ones or paid ones if you have larger requirements.  All the tools that we have listed above are quite effective in checking keyword density.

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