Sep 9, 2022

Global Businesses are Fueling their Content Marketing with Scalenut. Here’s How.

Image of Mayank, Founder at Scalenut
Mayank Jain
Global Businesses are Fueling their Content Marketing with Scalenut. Here’s How.
Image of Mayank, Founder at Scalenut
Mayank Jain
Sep 9, 2022

Global Businesses are Fueling their Content Marketing with Scalenut. Here’s How.

Learn how individual marketers, SMBs, and large enterprises multiplied their content creation and organic traffic in a short time by partnering with Scalenut.
Global Businesses are Fueling their Content Marketing with Scalenut. Here’s How.

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In less than a year since its inception, Scalenut has garnered the love of hundreds of thousands of customers globally and helped them achieve great results. This efficacy of Scalenut as an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform has also yielded acclaim and praise from platforms like G2.

Scalenut received the honor of being G2’s Summer Leader while getting a 4.7/5 star rating with 200+ reviews on G2. 

What makes Scalenut such a well-loved platform

All our efforts are focused on achieving one outcome - User Success. Every update and upgrade is made keeping the user in mind, and delivering maximum value to them.

Apart from constantly evolving as a platform, we offer unparalleled customer support through live chat and emails.

Finally, we keep the feedback loop alive. Scalenut users are always encouraged to communicate their recommendations for new features and updates and interact with us on our Facebook community. We encourage all our users to share their feedback here as well. We take these recommendations very seriously and analyze them for future changes.

This centralization and focus on users make Scalenut a platform that offers value and results, compelling our customers to leave positive feedback for us across platforms.

How businesses achieve more with Scalenut

Scalenut places itself as an accessible platform with plans for organizations of all sizes. This diversity in plan options means businesses of all sizes can use Scalenut to increase their organic traffic and boost conversions. 

Let’s look at some businesses that substantially improved their content marketing results with Scalenut.

Noel Ferguson, Marketing Consultant

For a marketing consultant like Noel, who specializes in researching, planning, designing, and executing marketing strategies for businesses around the world, Scalenut came in as a valuable helping hand.

Our SaaS platform aided Noel in conducting extensive hyper-local SEO research and competitor analysis. He could also find NLP keywords and citations through credible sources with facts, figures, and statements to include in his content.

Most Used Scalenut Features: SEO Hub (Competition Overview, NLP Optimization, Citations).

Monk Marketers, eCommerce Knowledge Hub

A content-heavy business like Monk Marketers faced challenges finding good writers, improving site reach, keeping up with the latest SEO algorithm updates, and still creating high-quality content swiftly.

Scalenut was the perfect match to help Monk Marketers overcome these challenges.

With a combination of Scalenut’s cutting-edge features, Monk Marketers improved their SERP visibility, simplified long-form content creation, ensured factual content, and brought about quality, consistency, and speed.

This resulted in an 80% organic traffic increase and a 98% impressions increase for the Monk Marketers website.

Most Used Scalenut Features: Cruise Mode, SEO Hub, NLP Terms, SERP Ideas.

LeapScholar, Education Consulting Platform

For the new-age education consulting platform LeapScholar, the need for strategized, optimized content at superspeed was evident. 

We deployed an army of the best writers and editors in the industry equipped with the powerful Scalenut Suite features. Together, we achieved the monumental feat of producing over 25 SEO articles every week.

LeapScholar saw a 3x increase in their organic traffic through their Scalenut partnership.

Most Used Scalenut Features: SEO Hub (Competitor Analysis, Outlines, Frequently Asked Questions, Citations, NLP Terms), Content Brief

PharmEasy, An e-Pharmacy Platform

PharmEasy, a leading Indian e-pharmacy platform, faced a unique set of challenges with its content marketing.

The startup struggled with generating health blogs, diagnostic pages, and product descriptions in the volumes that it needed. PharmEasy also intended to improve its organic reach and traffic and create customer awareness.

To ensure all content created for this healthcare business was accurate and factual, Scalenut onboarded 50+ writers who are doctors and 20+ editors with healthcare expertise. This talent generated relevant content at a speed as high as 25 pieces per day. 

PharmEasy has increased its organic website traffic by a whopping 60% in 11 months. This happened on the back of 100+ blogs, 600+ content pieces on diagnostic tests and packages, and a total of 2000+ pieces of medical content generated with Scalenut.

We have documented the growth journey of many more businesses like Jungleworks, Mosaic Wellness, Foyr that partnered with Scalenut too.

Why you should partner with Scalenut

A robust and potent SEO and content marketing platform forms the base of the Scalenut experience. However, the immense value we place on ensuring our users have a fulfilling experience and achieve their goals makes us go the extra mile.

Here are some reasons to choose Scalenut as your content marketing backbone:

  1. Create optimized, efficient content in high volumes.
  2. Run an efficient and lean team by saving costs.
  3. See an increase in organic traffic and conversions.
  4. Get constant and reliable support through live chat, email, and demos.
  5. Be a part of regular quality improvement surveys and voice out your feedback and suggestions.


Our goal at Scalenut has always been to make brilliant content marketing accessible. Today, individual marketers and businesses worldwide partner with Scalenut to escalate their organic growth with minimum spending.

Join the bandwagon of businesses creating waves with brilliant content by signing up for a free Scalenut trial today.

Mayank Jain
Co-Founder, Scalenut
ABout the AUTHOR
Mayank Jain
Co-Founder, Scalenut

A content marketing geek at heart, Mayank is the captain of the ship at Scalenut. He believes in building for the users and ensures that every Scalenut feature helps people get the most from the all-in-one SEO and content marketing platform.

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