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Apr 28, 2023

7 LongShot AI Alternatives for Smart Content Creation

Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
7 LongShot AI Alternatives for Smart Content Creation


Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we create content, with LongShot AI being one of the most popular and powerful AI writing tools available today. 

However, not every company may be ready to invest in a pricey tool like LongShot AI, especially considering the limited features it offers. They may prefer to explore other options to create high-quality content quickly and affordably. In this post we will explore the top 7 LongShot AI alternatives that businesses can consider to automate their content creation process.

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7 Best LongShot AI Alternatives to Consider

Here is our pick of the top 7 LongShot AI competitors that you can adopt for streamlining your content creation process - 

  1. Scalenut
  2. Rytr
  3. Writesonic
  4. Copy AI
  5. Anyword
  6. Copysmith
  7. Jasper AI

#1 Scalenut: Best LongShot AI alternative for all-round performance

Scalenut is the best AI tool currently available for businesses of all sizes. For starters, it is much more than an AI writer. It is a robust SEO and content marketing platform that can optimize each and every phase of your content life cycle.

From competitor research to optimizing published content for search engines, with Scalenut you can put your tasks on autopilot so that your team can focus on other tasks that demand creativity and strategy. By utilizing cutting-edge GPT-3 and NLP technologies, Scalenut can generate top-quality content tailored to your unique needs. Let us understand the features of this LongShot AI alternative in detail below.

Key Features

  • Cruise Mode: Writing a long-form article has never been easier. Once you input your keyword and the title about your desired output, you will get access to a fully research-driven and grammatically accurate first draft of your content. And the best part - it takes only a few minutes. Check out Cruise Mode - AI blog writer here. 
  • SEO Topic Research: Scalenut's SEO Topic Research section scans the web for the top ranking content pieces for your target keyword and location. It cuts your research time in half by providing you with competitive insights, NLP keyterms, important citations, statistics, FAQs from different platforms, and more. It’s user-friendly format allows you to gain competitive insights, perform social listening, find relevant citations, explore the latest statistics, and more.
  • Keyword Planner: Scalenut's Keyword Planner is a leading-edge SEO solution that empowers businesses and marketers to optimize their online footprint. This tool provides insights into keyword clusters you should target based on your seed keyword and the target geography. With this information, you can better understand what your target audience is searching for and tailor your content and marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Content Optimizer: Scalenut's Content Optimizer is a robust tool that empowers you to enhance your new or existing content to make it more search engine-friendly. With its powerful on-page optimization recommendations for elements like NLP terms, keyword density, content depth, meta tags, and featured snippets, you can improve your content's ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • AI Templates: Scalenut provides you with 40+ specifically designed templates to help you create marketing content that is persuasive, captivating, and tailored to your meet your unique requirements. These templates cover various marketing formats, including landing pages, email campaigns, and social media posts. By using these templates, you can save time and effort while still producing high-quality marketing content that resonates with your target audience.

Pros of using Scalenut

  • It comes with a free trial that doesn’t require any credit card details for activation. You can explore all the features without any commitment. There are also many forever-free tools offered by Scalenut to all users.
  • Scalenut is probably the only tool in the list that comes with equal capabilities for handling both long-form and short-form content. Other tools have a specific area of expertise.
  • Scalenut can be integrated with several 3rd party apps and software like WordPress, SemRush, and Copyscape to ensure that you do not have to switch between tools for handling other aspects of your content process, such as publishing and deep SEO analysis. 

Cons of using Scalenut

  • Since Scalenut is evolving at a rapid pace, with new features being introduced in a short frequency, it is possible that some users might find it a little overwhelming to use. Nonetheless, Scalenut has taken care of this potential challenge by building a massive repository of documents and tutorial videos that explain every individual component of the platform with examples. 
  • For now, Scalenut offers content generation only in English. However, it plans to launch other langauges super soon. 

Scalenut Pricing: How much does Scalenut cost?

Here is a detailed break up of Scalenut pricing:

  1. Scalenut’s Essential plan lets you create 5 SEO articles in a month and generate 100,000 AI words. Besides this, you get access to several key features such as Cruise Mode, SERP Analysis, Chrome Extension, NLP Key Terms, etc. You can get it for $19 per month paid annually. 
  1. The Growth plan lets you create 30 SEO articles in a month without any limit on the number of AI words you can generate. You can also use several advanced features like Keyword Clusters, 1-click WordPress Publish, etc., with this plan. You can get it for $39 per month paid annually.
  2. The Pro plan lets you create 150 articles in a month and offers a dedicated CS Manager to handle all your personal requirements. You can get it for $74 paid annually. 

Scalenut is best suited for

  • SEO strategists
  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Content creators

For a better understanding of the difference between the features and tools for Scalenut and LongshotAI, checkout this detailed comparison on Scalenut vs LongshotAI.

#2 Rytr: Best LongShort AI Alternative for the Budget Conscious


Alt Text - Screenshot of Rytr homepage

File name: Rytr website

Image name: Rytr website

Powered by the popular GPT-3 technology, Rytr is an affordable AI writing assistant for all types of writers. Besides supporting over 40 use cases for content creation, it also handles over 30 languages. This makes it one of the best alternatives for LongShot AI if your content is predominantly not written in English. The best part about this tool is that it is quite simple to use, making it suitable even for beginners. 

Key Features

  • Rich Text Editor: This feature is packed with numerous useful functions, including auto-complete, grammar and spelling checks, and content templates, all aimed at simplifying the writing process and enabling users to concentrate on their ideas.
  • Chrome Extension: Through its browser extension, Rytr lets you create content on any platform that can be accessed via your browser. It could be an email, a social media post, or even a blog. 
  • Plagiarism Checker - Rytr comes with an in-built plagiarism checker to ensure that all the content generated through this tool is unique and publish-ready. 

Pros of Rytr

  • There is a lifetime free plan with minimal features. 
  • Rytr lets you pick the tone of your content so that it can be tailored to a specific target audience.
  • The learning curve is quite flat. So, users can navigate this tool with ease. 
  • You can even create your own custom use case.

Cons of Rytr

  • It doesn’t have research capabilities which can be a disadvantage for indiviudals looking for well-researched content generation.
  • This Longshot AI alternative tends to repeat output which can be frustrating for some users. 

Rytr Pricing

  1. The Free plan lets you generate up to 10,000 characters in a month. Apart from this, you get access to over 30 use cases, 20+ tones, and over 30 languages. This is suitable for casual bloggers and copywriters with minimal content requirements.
  2. The Saver plan is best suited for individual bloggers and digital marketing consultants. It lets you generate up to 100,000 characters in a month. Besides all the Free plan features, you get to create your own custom use case in this plan. You can get it for $9 per month. 
  3. The Unlimited plan offers all the features in the Saver plan, plus a dedicated account manager and priority support. It is suitable for all types of businesses. You can get it for $29 per month. 

Rytr is best suited for

  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters
  • YouTubers
  • Entrepreneurs

#3 Writesonic: Best LongShot AI alternative for optimizing existing content

The next LongShot AI alternative is Writesonic, whose USP is its pace of content generation. The platform can generate a full-fledged blog in less than 15 seconds that is search-engine optimized and also plagiarism-free. You can use the produced content straightaway for executing your content calendar. Besides the basic Article Writer tool, you also get access to other tools like Paraphraser, Text Expander, and Summarizer to automate different aspects of your content writing process.

Key Features

  • Chatsonic - It is Writesonic’s in-house chatbot that is powered by Google search. It has the capability to instantly answer any queries you might have about the latest trends to frame your content. 
  • AI & Blog Writer: The AI Writer and Blog Writer feature creates high-quality, long-form content for blogs and articles with minimal input required.
  • AI Templates: AI templates for paraphrasing, text summarization, text expansion, and product descriptions are available to users.
  • Product Descriptions: This feature assists in crafting authentic descriptions that inspire and engage the audience.
  • The Language Translator: It allows for quick translation of content into multiple languages, expanding the potential audience reach. 

Pros of Writesonic

  • It Has an easy-to-use Google Docs-like editor that makes the content generation process easier for users. 
  • Writesonic supports over 25 languages to ensure that you can create and optimize content in any language of your choice.
  • Writesonic can be instantly integrated with SurferSEO to boost its SEO capabilities and handle and save hours you spend on optimizing your content for search engines.
  • It comes with a free trial. You do not have to provide credit card details to activate it.

Cons of Writesonic

  • Doesn’t come with an in-built plagiarism checker, so you cannot be 100% sure of the originality of the content.
  • Doesn’t have native SEO capabilities. You need to depend on SurferSEO integration for it.
  • Has very limited research capabilities.

Writesonic Pricing

  1. The free trial gives you access to over 100 AI templates, 25+ languages, and the popular ChatSonic. Besides this, you also get access to tools like a landing page generator, AI article writer, and Sonic Editor. This is ideal for trying out the platform without making any commitment. 
  2. The Long-form plan gives you access to all the features covered in the free trial, plus advanced features like bulk processing, Surfer integration, and priority support. You can get it for $12.67 per month. 
  3. There is also a custom plan that gives you fully-tailored solutions based on your precise needs. You can contact their sales team to get a quote. 

Writesonic is best suited for

  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Content marketers
  • Agencies

You can also check out our in-depth blog post on "Discovering the 8 Best Writersonic Alternatives in 2023 ," where we dive deep into the top AI-powered copywriting tools to help you create captivating and innovative marketing content that stands out from the rest!

#4 Copy AI: Best LongShot AI alternative for multi-language support

Copy AI has always been a popular choice for writing short-form content. Recently, however, it has carved a name for itself in the long-form content space too. The USP of this tool is its ability to generate high-quality content in over 25 languages. It also comes with several free copywriting tools that can be accessed by anyone after the creation of an account. The platform also supports 90+ templates to ensure that you can automate content creation for any use case.

Key Features

  • Templates: CopyAI provides over 90 templates, covering email and social media copy, that aid users in simplifying their writing process and reducing time consumption.
  • Rewriter: CopyAI's rewriter serves as a valuable tool to assist you in rewording and enhancing your writing, guaranteeing that your content is precise and compelling.
  • Product Description Generator: Users can produce effective and visually appealing product descriptions that lead to conversions using CopyAI's product description generator.

Pros of using Copy AI

  • This tool has a forever free plan without the need to input credit card details. 
  • It is ideal for large teams due to multiple user seats and the capability to generate unlimited words.
  • This Longshot AI alternative supports multiple languages for highly localized content creation.

Cons of using Copy AI

  • There are no integration with other tools.
  • Many advanced SEO features like topic clusters are not available.
  • The final output often lacks context. An additional round of editing is needed sometimes. 

Copy AI Pricing

  1. The Free plan of this Longshot AI alternative gives you access to 1 user seat and the popular Chat feature. You can also use the 90+ copywriting tools and the latest Blog wizard tool in this plan. You can only generate 2000 words in a month, making this suitable for occasional content creators. 
  2. The Pro plan lets you generate unlimited words and offers priority support to all users. This plan is best suited for small and medium-sized organizations as it offers 5 user seats. You can get it for $36 per month. 
  3. There is also an Enterprise plan that can be customized to your content requirements. 

Copy AI is best suited for

  • Email marketers
  • Web copywriters
  • Freelance content writers
  • Translators

#5 Anyword: Best LongShot AI alternative for free content creation

The next LongShot AI alternative in our list is Anyword which is a copywriting tool with over 85+ templates. Besides short-form content, Anyword is also capable of writing comprehensive blogs optimized for search engines. It can even write article headlines based on your brand’s preferred tone, your target audience, and your marketing goals. It also saves your research time by writing article summaries and generating fresh ideas for your content pieces.

Key Features

  • Real time scoring: Anyword grades your content in real time and highlights how well it can engage your target audience. 
  • Plagiarism checker: Anyword comes loaded with an in-house plagiarism checker that ensures that your content is always original. 
  • Templates: There are over 85+ templates that you can use to generate instant copies for your brand. Right from company bio to ad copy, Anyword can help automate it all.

Pros of using Anyword

  • There is a free trial without the need to enter credit card details. 
  • It supports over 30 languages and can be used by a vast audience.

Cons of using Anyword

  • There is no guided content research, so your content may not be rich in information.
  • It lacks advanced SEO features like Topic Cluster, which may keep your content from ranking well on the web.
  • It is not offer any third-party integrations.

Anyword Pricing

  1. In the Starter plan, you get 20,000 word credits per month, along with access to 100+ AI writing tools and 200+ data-driven copywriting tools. You can also create content in over 30 languages. You can get it for $24 per month. 
  2. In the Data-driven plan, you get a minimum of 30,000-word credit, plus all the features in the Basic plan. Along with that, you also get access to real-time predictive performance scores and analytics. You can get it for $83 per month. 

Anyword is best suited for

  • Marketers
  • Ad agencies
  • Small businesses

If you have already tried Anyword and are searching for a more comprehensive and affordable alternative, check out our in-depth blog “The 8 Best Anyword Alternatives for 2023: A Comprehensive Comparison ” and discover the perfect tool to elevate your content creation game.

#6 Copysmith: Best LongShot AI alternative for eCommerce business

If you are an eCommerce business looking to generate product descriptions quickly and in bulk, then Copysmith is a great choice. But its utility doesn’t end there. It can also be used for creating meta tags and full-fledged blogs. It is powered by GPT-3 technology that is quite adept at generating contextual and relevant content. 

Key Features

  • Workflow Queue: This feature lets you assign the generated content to other team members or clients for gathering feedback or approval. This will save hours for your team and help you in launching your content quickly.
  • Ideas Generator: This LongShot AI alternative provides an ideas generator so that users can brainstorm for creative ideas.
  • Campaign Builder: This feature lets you create and launch your campaigns without any fuss. You can create new product descriptions, landing page copies, social media captions, and even blog posts instantly.
  • Content Rewriter: This feature allows you to repurpose your older content with ease. 
  • Shopify Product Description Generator: This Longshot AI alternative allows the import of product spreadsheets to generate product descriptions.

Pros of Copysmith

  • Copysmith has a free trial that doesn’t require any credit card for activation. 
  • The tool can be integrated with several other platforms like Frase, Google Ads, and Microsoft Word, to name a few.
  • It has a Chrome extension that helps in creating content on the go.

Cons of Copysmith

  • The tool is not suitable for long-form writing
  • It has limited SEO capabilities. It needs to rely on other platforms for the same, which can shoot up your subscription cost.

Copysmith Pricing

  1. The Starter plan lets you generate up to 20,000 words per month. It also lets you perform 20 plagiarism checks and gives you access to 2 integrations. You can get it for $19 per month. 
  2. The Professional plan lets you generate unlimited words in a month and lets you perform 100 plagiarism checks. It also lets you access 10+ integrations. You can get it for $49 per month. 
  3. There is also an Enterprise plan that offers unlimited bulk import and export, custom development, and a dedicated account manager.

Copysmith is best suited for

  • Copywriters
  • Marketers

Before you sign up for Copysmith, check out our comprehensive blog 'Unlock Your Creativity With These 10 Copysmith Alternatives.' It's always good to have options, and you might find a tool that better suits your needs.

#7 Jasper AI: Best LongShot AI alternative for content workflows

The last tool in our LongShot AI alternative list is Jasper AI which is known for its several unique features and its capability to generate human-like content with great consistency. It is used by brands across the globe for generating both short-form content and long-form content with equal precision. Jasper is also known for its many collaboration features, making it perfect for large teams. 

Key Features

  • Recipes: This feature lets you access pre-built workflows holding a series of commands. You can automate most of your content creation process by using these commands. You can also create your own recipe and share it with other users. 
  • Jasper Chat: This latest feature of Japer lets you engage in a natural conversation with a bot to create cohesive and unique content. The bot can handle everything from generating fresh ideas to rephrasing existing content.
  • Integrations: Jasper offers plug & play integration with Surfer SEO and Copyscape. This gives you advanced SEO insights and ensures that the generated content is always new and unique.
  • Templates: With over 60 templates available, users can create marketing copy, product descriptions, and other content types efficiently.
  • Boss Mode: The Boss mode feature facilitates the creation of long-form blogs.
  • Language Support: Its support for over 25 languages allows users to generate content in various languages.
  • Content Planner: The integrated Content Planner assists users in scheduling and developing a content plan and strategy.

Pros of Jarvis AI

  • It offers multi-language support. So, users can generate content in various languages. 
  • It has a neat and beginner-friendly editor making it easy to navigate. 

Cons of Jarvis AI

  • Since you need to rely on SurferSEO for SEO requirements, you need to subscribe to both tools. This will considerably shoot up your monthly subscription cost.
  • The unused words in your word limit do not roll over to next month.

Jasper AI Pricing

  1. The starter plan  offers up to 35,000 words and you can get it for $49 per month. 
  2. The Boss mode gives you access to over 50 templates for content creation. You can also access Jasper Chat in this plan. You can get it for $99 per month. 
  3. The Business plan offers a dedicated account manager and 5 user seats, apart from all the other features you get in the Boss mode.

Jasper AI is best suited for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • SEO Specialists


In today’s world, the importance of creating high-quality content cannot be overstated. With search engines like Google increasingly prioritizing contextual, relevant, and keyword-rich content, businesses and individuals alike are seeking powerful tools to automate and streamline their content creation process. A tool like LongShot AI can help achieve this, but it may not be suitable for all. This blog has enlightened you about the best LongShot AI alternatives that you can consider instead.

However, you are looking to pick something that revolutionises your entire content planning, creation and strategy ecosystem in one place, go forward and try out Scalenut. It offers a wide array of sophisticated, AI-powered features that can help in improving your search rankings with minimal monthly investment. Get started with Scalenut for free. 

Priya Jamba
Content Marketer
ABout the AUTHOR
Priya Jamba
Content Marketer

Priya Jamba is a Content Marketer at Scalenut. She loves marketing technologies and believes that with the right combination of tools and creativity, every organization can build sustainable brands. She is on a mission to help marketing teams across the globe produce tangible results from their marketing campaigns. Currently, she is working along with the Product team to enhance the AI content quality through prompt engineering.

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