Aug 16, 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of Article Writing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Article Writing


While you are drafting a content, it can be hard for you to come up with proper sentences and ways to engage the audience. The field of content writing is unlike any other form of writing, where you have to be practical and smart while choosing your audience. While it can be a tricky task to write contents that actually perceives the thoughts of the reader, there are some do’s and don’ts you need to follow. 

So with the help of this guide, we will help you to know the power of content writing and what to include, as well as points to leave out. Scalenut is your perfect platform which can help with content writing services that helps you to set up your online store. While it can be hard for the beginner marketer to understand which content piece to upload on their site, at Scalenut, we have everything ready just for you. 

The Do’s of article writing

Do remain professional in your tone

While you are drafting the content, it should be professional and create a personable, humanised presence to attract the customers you don’t want the mistake of getting too casual. Remember that however laid back your customers are, they will pin-point every single thing that you write in your article or the piece of content which you have just updated. Avoid using swearing, slurs or expressing personal opinions through your content. The piece which you want to show to your audience should be completely drafted in a professional lingo and tone. 

Do practice the art of writing

One thing we all miss out is the practice that is never fulfilled in place for the article to shape out as the readers want it to be. Whoever invented the phrase that practice makes a man perfect have understood the basics of content writing? If you practice the content writing skills then you have already taken a step to improvise your way of writing and drafting content on your site. The next step is for you to research onto various blogs and draft something to send them to your friends for review. Don’t hesitate to listen to all the criticism that your friends will present while they are done. 

Do keep all the content writing skills updated

The next thing that you need to learn for writing content is to update the skills which are emerging with new trends. Outdated content might bore the readers. This happens for a lot of reasons. First of all, no one wants to visit your site and check up on content which has been already read from another site. On the other hand, readers won’t waste their time into something that can potentially be outdated. This is why you are asked to update the old contents which are on your site. Also, if you can then update the skills which you have practiced and picked up for your SEO writing skills. You don’t want your audience to give a benefit of doubt. 

The don’ts of article writing to follow

Don’t overdo the writing style

Whatever you are drafting on your blog, make sure that you don’t overdo everything. Graphics are great for a content but when there are too many graphics, it can set your audience on the wrong foot. Your website will look tacky and at the same time it will load slowly. Don’t forget that some of your clients might not have the same internet speed. This might frustrate them to the core and will end up discouraging potential customers from revisiting your site. Focus on the content writing part and make your content point out all the ideas properly. 

Don’t plagiarise

The one thing that Google hates is plagiarised articles. This has been the problem with many sites for a long time now. A lot of sites takes content from the web and then uses spinners or rewriters which can potentially blacklist their site. This is where you are wrong. If you spin articles and present content which can throw off your website, you are damaging the reputation of your own brand name. Remember this thumb rule while drafting the content. Make sure that your articles are presented with all the proper values and facts. Even if you site references from different sites, give proper credits. 

Don’t repeat the content or yourself

The one thing that we tend to do the most is to repeat one point over and over again. While you are drafting a content, make sure that you are drafting something that should be innovative and attract your readers. The content should be fresh and interesting and as readers say, it should really bring out the uniqueness of your writing style. Understand the core points and how a unique content is drafted. Emphasis on improving your writing style and the way you perceive random sentences into one. 

Don’t write an ineffective conclusion 

Last but not the least, focus onto the conclusion of your article. The conclusion is the summary of your article and all the points you have presented. Your conclusion should reach out to your readers and provide a call to action profile. A call to action is cited because it will help your customer to provide an immediate action based on your parameters. For example if you are selling a product or a service then a call to action module will work out to attract your customers. 


Make sure that you check your articles carefully for all the spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is really embarrassing when your readers are pointing out the grammatical mistakes in the comment section and asking you to correct it. If you want your readers to only pay massive attention to the content which you have produced, it needs to be well-drafted and properly managed. Once you have prepared a good piece of article, you can hit the share button and update it on your online retail store. It will help you to garner the reader’s attention and even make your article go viral. 

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