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Sep 12, 2022

Surfer SEO Vs Frase: Which One To Choose?

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager
Suman Samal
Surfer SEO Vs Frase: Which One To Choose?


When you enter a specific keyword into the Google search box, you will see that millions of results are returned in a couple of seconds. But only the most relevant and optimized results appear on Google's first page. No one has the time to look through all the results; they only look at the ones on the first page. So how do you get there? One tiresome way is to manually research, write, optimize and publish your content from time to time. 

Or, you could choose AI-powered content and SEO platforms like Surfer, Scalenut, Frase, etc. However, it can be challenging to pick one over the other. To solve that problem, in this article, we will compare Surfer SEO vs Frase based on their functions, costs, levels of customer service, and available resources.

Meanwhile, we suggest you also look at the AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform – Scalenut. Scalenut is a SurferSEO and Frase alternative designed for content creators who want to create both long and short content. 

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Here’s a snapshot of SuferSEO vs Frase, and how they compare with each other:

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: A quick comparison

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: A quick comparison

About Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a content optimization software. Some of the essential features of Surfer SEO are: 

  • A SERP analyzer that provides in-depth knowledge of your competitors' on-page SEO tactics 
  • A content audit tool that helps you audit your website to identify content gaps 
  • The best part about Surfer SEO is that it offers unrestricted account access, allowing you to empower your entire team with data-driven insights.

Anyone looking for a data-driven content analysis tool with a user-friendly layout and reasonable pricing should consider Surfer SEO. It is designed for authors, content marketers and SEO strategists.

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Surfer SEO pricing – How much does SurferSEO cost? 

Here is all you need to know about SurferSEO’s pricing plans:

Pricing & Plans for Surfer
  1. The Basic plan priced at $49 per month, is designed for individuals who want to create a single website. In this package, you can write and modify 10 articles and audit 20 pages per month.
  2. The Pro plan is designed for a small startup with three team members that want to grow five websites. In a month, you can write and improve 30 articles and inspect 60 pages. Pro plan costs $99 per month
  3. The Business plan is designed for a major company that wants to write and optimize 70 articles and review 140 pages monthly and is priced at $199 for the month. You can invite up to ten team members under this plan.

About Frase

Frase is an AI content generation tool offering features that makes writing assignments a breeze. Apart from the AI writer, powered with NLP, it also offers a bot that automatically searches your website and provides insightful responses to queries posed by your target audience.

Frase is a tool for bloggers and content writers – it helps them enhance content by suggesting relevant topics and keywords. Frase assists content marketers in increasing the ROI (return on investment or the return you get from investing in something) of their content. It saves time – you don’t have to spend too much time finding content ideas and curating SEO-friendly material.

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Frase pricing – How much does it cost?

Frase’s complete pricing plan is shown in the following image:

How much does Frase cost?
  1. For individuals and small teams just getting started with SEO content creation for their company or client, the Basic package is excellent. It is ideal for individuals. The basic plan costs $44.99/month.
  2. Teams and agencies with many users who want some freedom when constructing the SEO content plan should utilize the Team plan. The team plan costs $114.99/month.
  3. For large teams looking for specialized services, the Custom plan is appropriate. It offers complete versatility because it can support an infinite number of users.

Frase also has an SEO add-on for an additional $35/month which gives you unlimited access to the Frase AI writer, and other premium features.

In-depth comparison of Surfer SEO Vs Frase 

Here is what we have discovered about Surfer SEO vs Frase after using them both separately. Before going into details, the table below shows a quick comparison of features offered by Surfer SEO vs Frase. 

Surfer SEO vs Frase

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: Content Creation

Surfer SEO offers a powerful and user-friendly tool for content planning. When you input your desired keywords, a list of competitors and their ratings are displayed for you to examine. After that, it suggests suitable keyword phrases for you to utilize in your writing. However, it does not provide content creation as a feature.

Whereas, Frase is excellent for accelerating the process of producing content, developing content briefs, and conducting subject-specific research. After entering your target term, you'll get a list of keywords to add and question ideas.

Winner: Frase provides content creation and optimization whereas Surfer is focused on content optimization for SEO. Therefore, Frase would be the winner here.

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: Content Optimization

Surfer evaluates your content based on more than 500 ranking indicators and makes recommendations for you. The Surfer SEO SERP analyzer dissects your content and displays a specific website page score.

Frase gives your page's content a topic score compared to search engines. Based on your keyword and topic, it also provides you with a competitive score. You may achieve a high score in each of these with Frase.

Winner: After evaluating your content from both the players, Surfer SEO provides you with better comprehensive analytics and reports than Fraser.

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: Supported languages

Compared to Surfer SEO, Frase only supports eight different languages. With Surfer, you can create a  successful content strategy in eleven different languages – from keyword research to post-publication optimization.

Winner: We choose Surfer over Frase since Surfer SEO supports more languages than Frase

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: Plagiarism check and SEO

Surfer SEO's keyword research tool collects frequently asked queries and uses long tail keywords from other websites; however, Surfer doesn't merely lift and copy-paste text.

Additionally, Frase lacks a plagiarism detector. It employs a unique, patented AI algorithm that enables greater flexibility, individualized features, and affordable price. The majority of AI writing is original and passes plagiarism tests.

Winner: Since both the tools don’t have an in-built plagiarism checker, there’s no clear winner for the same.

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: User interface 

The UI of Surfer SEO is contemporary, sleek, and straightforward. It was made keeping its target audience in mind – all you have to do is input information and get results.

Frase, too, has an easy-to-use UI. Its excellent UI ensures a pleasant, quick, and intuitive user experience – you can easily browse the platform, add content, and change existing content.

Winner: Surfer SEO's. Its content editor is generally easy to use when coming up with a list of keywords and queries. These crucial phrases will serve as your writing prompts.

Surfer SEO vs. Frase: Third-party integration

Third-party integrations enable you to swiftly add features and tools to your content that would otherwise take months to design.

As we discussed earlier, SurferSEO easily defeats Frase in this crucial area because of its integration with Jarvis, an AI writing tool. Surfer also offers direct integration with Google Docs and WordPress.

Since Frase does not offer any third-party integration, the only option currently is SurferSEO to integrate straight into the AI writer if you're interested in Jasper and AI writing aid.

Winner: Regarding third-party integration, SurferSEO is a sure-shot winner.

Advantages and disadvantages of Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool you should have if you're seeking assistance in writing SEO-optimized articles with the proper keywords to rank for. 

Advantages of SurferSEO

  • Create a complete content strategy in a few simple steps.
  • The content editor at Surfer SEO provides a list of suggested keywords along with content score for every article. Anything with a score of 70 or higher is likely to rank highly on Google.
  • Helpful for creating AI content briefs and content optimization.

Disadvantages of SurferSEO

  • Don't write the article for you. No inbuilt AI writing feature.
  • Depending on the plan you select, the number of available inquiries will change.
  • Sometimes, there are too many suggestions, which affects how easily users can read the information. Do have a steep learning curve if you want to use the platform.
  • The keyword tool's metrics are not sufficiently lucid.

Pros and cons of Frase

Pros of Frase

  • With the AI content writing tool, it is quick and straightforward to transform outlines into comprehensive content briefs automatically.
  • With the use of Frase content briefs, your writers may produce accurate content that requires fewer iterations and produces more natural results.

Cons of Frase

  • Does not consider keyword density, making it more difficult for articles created with Frase to rank.

Which is better, Surfer SEO vs. Frase – The final verdict

Both are excellent AI powered platforms, and they work well depending on the kind of needs you are looking to address.

But keeping in mind the in-depth content optimization capabilities, we advise Surfer SEO over Frase. It can provide a little more perspective into how you can better improve your website depending on what your competition is doing because it evaluates your content using their SERP analyzer.

Because Surfer can deliver more data than Frase, it has the advantage over Frase. This might alter as Frase develops and grows, though!

However both are excellent tools for improving your website, and their costs are comparable. Although learning how to use them both may take some time, the investment will be well worth it.

Is there a better alternative to Surfer SEO vs. Frase?

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that automates your content development process – from research to optimization. 

With features like a topic cluster generator, smart AI writing for blogs and copywriting, and detailed SERP analysis and content grading feature Scalenut offers a robust platform for content marketing teams at an affordable price. Scalenut is the best alternative to Surfer SEO out there in the market. 

Want to see it for yourself? Sign up for a 7 day free trial today!

Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager
ABout the AUTHOR
Suman Samal
Asst. Marketing Manager

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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