How to Avoid Repetition in Your Content?

The key to getting any AI run at its most efficient is to provide it with sufficient context. Without added context, it will simply follow a pattern based on whatever information you feed to the system. In other words, if you use our SEO Hub and write this -

2x1=2, 2x2=4, 2x3=6

Followed by a prompt of “Write with AI,” it will understand the pattern and most likely give an output like this:

2x4=8, 2x5=10, and so on.

In this video, we will learn how to avoid repetitive content while using the Scalenut content suite.

To tackle the problem of redundancy, we must first understand the difference between “Write with AI” and “Write about This.”

“Write with AI” expands the content immediately above the cursor and follows the pattern to further it without needing any selection. “Write about This,” on the other hand, reads only the selected portion, considers it a topic, and elaborates on it.

Now, if you have written an answer and clicked on the “Write with AI” option, the AI has three different routes that it can follow:

Case 1: It can repeat the pre-written pattern of the content;

Case 2: It can create another question and answer it; and

Case 3: It can expand the above content.

In the absence of a direction, it can pursue any of these three paths.

To avoid this,

  1. Try providing more transition words like moreover, in addition to, furthermore, etc., and then click on “Write with AI” to get the desired extension of your content. You can even use our “Connectors” feature for the same.
  2. Add more questions on the topic and click on “Write with AI” to get a favorable, content-rich output.

To sum up, the key to avoiding repetition in content is to -

  1. Try to understand the pattern AI is following currently and make changes accordingly.
  2. Try to give more information (context) or set a better pattern to direct the outputs in the right direction.

Pro Tip: If you want the AI to ignore a specific part of your content, simply use the Scalenut Blinder Function.

What is that?

Just type ### after the selected word till wherever you want the AI to avoid your content. You can use this to avoid repetition and create unique content for different sections/subsections.

Thanks for watching.

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