AI Document Creation

With how fast the world is becoming reliant on AI to resolve day-to-day problems, the venture of AI into the world of writing brooks no surprise. Where writer’s block used to be a nightmare in the world of words, it is much easier to break through the barriers now with AI writers. However, advancing a step further from the run-of-the-mill AI systems, the Scalenut AI content suite seamlessly creates content for an unimaginably wide array of content use cases. 

The first step to creating a masterpiece is always the first stroke of the brush - in this case - the creation of the Scalenut AI document. Let’s get started!

Creating an AI document is a simple affair. After logging in successfully, the Scalenut Dashboard presents an array of functions aligned to different types of writings. 

The left-hand panel features a list of functions. Click on the “AI Docs” icon, enter the name of the doc, or simply click on the “+ Create Document” symbol to create a document.

And that’s it!

Once the “AI Doc” opens, you find all the Scalenut AI templates for your marketing copies, ready to be used at your discretion!

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