Cruise Mode | A 5 Minute Blog Writer

Creating content that adds value while being SEO-friendly can take time and resources. From research and planning to execution and optimization, it can take DAYS of effort. Now no more!

Introducing Cruise Mode by Scalenut. 

Watch the video to find out:

  1. What is Cruise Mode
  2. How to use it

Introducing Cruise Mode by Scalenut. Your AI pen pal that writes an entire blog for you within 5 minutes. 

Enter the Cruise Mode by clicking on ‘SEO Blog’ on the Dashboard, or you can also enter the Cruise Mode from the AI editor of a particular SEO document.

You will see an overview of the 5-quick steps you need to take.

First, give a short description of your blog to give the AI some context. 

“AI writing tools have taken the content space by storm. They help you write engaging, unique, information-rich content within a few minutes. Here are some best AI writing tools powered by GPT-3 technology.” 

You can also add any additional keywords for optimization if you want.

“Best AI writing tool”

Click on “Next.”

In the second step, you will find ranking titles for the top 30 URLs. You can add the one you like in the text field on the left by clicking on it and even rephrase it. Or, you can select from some brilliant AI Suggested Titles. To get more options from AI, click on “Generate More.”

Clicking on Next will take you to the 3rd step. Setting the Outline.

Here you will find the wireframe of the top 30 ranking articles and AI-generated H-tags. 

To add a header from the ranking piece or AI suggestions, click on the arrow present against it. 

To get more H-tag ideas, click on Generate H2 or H3 ideas.

To add a custom header, click on Add H-tag.

To delete a header, click on the bin present next to it.

At this step, you can also address your audience queries by adding questions from the FAQ section. 

Here, you will find questions from Quora, Google, Reddit, and AI-generated ones. 

To add custom questions, click on ‘Add FAQ.’

To get more ideas, click on ‘Generate FAQ Ideas’

Cruise mode generates the Introduction and Conclusion section on its own.

Click on Next after setting the brief.

4th step is where the AI suggests writing points for the headers you selected in the previous step. 

If you wish to add any points of your own, click on Add Writing Points and type them in

If you want new suggestions from AI, click on Regenerate Writing Points.

To cut a particular point you don't want, click on the bin present next to that point.

Once you are done, click Next to head to the last step.

Anddd..your first draft is ready.

On your left, you can still see the Outline of your draft.

On your right is the first draft, ready for finishing touches.

Read through the generated content and click on the refresh icon to the right of any particular section to regenerate bits you don’t like.

Once you are satisfied with the draft, click ‘Next.’

Here, you’ll be able to preview your blog. You can check Scalenut’s proprietary grade for your blog content and the total word count in the panel below. You will also find two options- ‘Download Draft’ and ‘Export to editor.’

Click on ‘Download Draft’ and choose your preferred file format to export a copy of the draft to your device.

‘Export to Editor’ opens your draft in the Scalenut Editor, where you can do a whole bunch of other things like adding more NLP Terms, finding SERP ideas, and accessing AI Templates. 

And that’s it. Writing powerful blogs has never been this easy.

Thanks for watching.

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