Apr 25, 2023

Top 8 Anyword Alternatives of 2024

Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Top 8 Anyword Alternatives of 2024
Priya Jamba, Content Marketer
Priya Jamba
Apr 25, 2023

Top 8 Anyword Alternatives of 2024

Looking for the top Anyword alternatives? Check out these top 8 anyword alternatives: 1. Scalenut, 2. Copysmith, 3. Jasper, 4. Peppertype, 5. Copy AI
Top 8 Anyword Alternatives of 2024

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Anyword is a well-known AI copywriting and content writing tool specializing in creating content pieces such as blog outlines, email drafts, and post ideas. 

Nevertheless, due to its expensive pricing for limited features, intricate interface, and absence of a long-form content framework, many users are exploring other options now. 

If you're considering switching from Anyword and searching for superior alternatives that meet your marketing requirements, you've come to the right place.

Whether you need help with content creation, copywriting, or social media posts, we have something for everyone. So, without any further ado, lets get started! 

8 Best Anyword Alternatives To Consider 

  • Scalenut 
  • Copysmith 
  • Jasper 
  • Peppertype 
  • Copy AI 
  • Writesonic 
  • ClosersCopy 
  • Rytr 
  • Simplified 
  • Frase

These writing assistant options have unique features, pros, and cons that you must consider. Let's discuss these best alternatives to Anyword in detail. 

Anyword Alternative #1: Scalenut 

Scalenut home page

Scalenut is an all-in-one content marketing platform that leverages the power of AI to help you manage your entire content ecosystem effortlessly. With a comprehensive suite of tools, including the SEO Research Assistant, AI Copywriter, Cruise Mode, and Keyword Planner, Scalenut simplifies the process of planning, researching, writing, and optimizing your content.

By utilizing cutting-edge GPT-3 and NLP technologies, Scalenut can generate top-quality content tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're a seasoned content marketer or a beginner, Scalenut's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience.

Explore the platform's standout features, making it a top contender for Anyword. 

Key Features 

#1. Cruise Mode: 
Scalenut AI-powered content writer called cruise mode. 

Cruise Mode is an AI-powered tool offered by Scalenut that allows users to generate SEO-optimized blog posts in just 5 minutes. This tool simplifies the writing process by allowing users to input essential information such as the post's outline, keyword, and title, which are then used by the AI engine to generate a blog post that is SEO-optimized and ready to publish. With Cruise Mode, users can save time and effort while producing high-quality blog posts that rank well in search engines.

#2. Keyword Planner: 
Scalenut Keyword Planner reporting keyword clusters and lists along with keyword difficulty score, volume and intent. 

Keyword Planner is another Scalenut tool that is designed to help businesses and marketers build their SEO strategies. This tool provides valuable insights into popular keywords and search terms that people are using to find products and services online. It also groups all keywords based on relevancy. You can filter these clusters based on different factors like keyword difficulty, search volume, and number of keywords in a cluster to find relevant groups to target. 

With this information, you can better understand what your target audience is searching for and tailor their content and marketing strategies accordingly. It is an essential tool for any business or marketer looking to improve their online visibility and drive more traffic to their website.

Keyword Planner

Moreover, the keyword gap analysis tool can help you find the keywords that your competitors are ranking for but you’re not. You can sort this list based on shared, unique, missing and untapped filters to get a much simpler view for interpretation. Overall, this gives you insights on where and how you can outcompete your competitors.

#3. Content Optimizer:

File name: Scalenut Content Optimizer 

Image Title: Scalenut Content Optimizer
Alt text:
Scalenut Content Optimizer reporting content SEO score and keyword suggestions to boost ranking. 

This is a powerful solution designed to help you create rank-ready content that's fully optimized for SEO. With this tool, you'll be able to produce high-quality content that ranks well and resonates with your audience, using SEO factors such as meta tags, key terms, outbound linking, keyword density, etc. There is also a function called fix it, which finds relevant sentences in your content where you can add the missing key terms. 

#4. Competition Research: 
Scalenut Competitor report breaking down the content details of the top ranking pages of a specific key term. 

Competition Research is another valuable tool offered by Scalenut. This tool allows you to gain insights into the writing patterns of successful content creators, including word count, headings, readability, and overall writing quality. By analyzing this data, you can generate a search-engine-optimized content brief swiftly. This tool is particularly useful for businesses and marketers looking to stay ahead of the competition and produce content that ranks well in search engines.

#5. AI Templates: 
Scalenut in-built templates to use AI to generate content for your blog.

Scalenut offers a suite of 40+ AI templates that are specifically designed to help you create marketing content that is captivating, persuasive, and tailored to your specific requirements. These templates cover various marketing formats, including landing pages, email campaigns, and social media posts. By using these templates, you can save time and effort while still producing high-quality marketing content that resonates with your target audience.

#6. Traffic Analyser: 
Scalenut Traffic Analyser reporting top gainers and losers to summarize your website performance.  

Traffic Analyser lets you monitor and analyse your website under one tab. All the details are categorized into different sections, such as top gainers, top losers, position changes, traffic sources, etc., to provide all the content performance details at your fingertips. 

Pros of Scalenut 

  • It's a complete content lifecycle solution and serves the purpose of multiple platforms. 
  • Produces plagiarism-free content supported by an image generation option. 
  • Identifies the common elements present in top-ranking pages and optimizes your content for the same. 
  • Uses advanced AI technologies for high-quality content and SEO tools. 
  • Comes with a content editor with rich text formatting and optimization options. 
  • Multiple pricing plans cater to diverse audiences. 
  • Chrome extension allows easy access to Scalenut tools.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial and a forever-free plan with a 2000-word limit.

Cons of Scalenut

  • Currently limited to English content generation
  • Custom solution and pricing for enterprise level brand - no one size fits all solution. 

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut Price

  • Essential Plan: This plan caters to the needs of solopreneurs and freelancers looking for robust content creation tools. With this plan, you get access to five SEO reports and up to 100,000 AI-generated words every month, all starting at just $19/month, paid annually. 
  • Small Business Growth Plan: This plan is custom-made for startups and small businesses that want to elevate their content game. You get unlimited AI-generated words, 30 SEO reports, and advanced features like Instruct AI to Write and Topic Clusters, all starting at $39/month, paid annually. 
  • Pro Plan for Large Teams: The Pro Plan provides top-quality content at scale for established businesses and large teams. This plan comes with all the features of the Growth Plan, a dedicated customer success manager, and multi-user support, priced at $74/month paid annually. 

Best Suited For 

  • Agencies 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Marketers 
  • Content Writers 
  • SEO Professionals  

Anyword Alternative #2: Copysmith 

Copysmith HP 

Copysmith is a tool that helps you create great content for your eCommerce store or social media. It gives you helpful writing tools and templates to make writing easier and more efficient.

Plus, it works well with popular platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter, so you can easily share your content with others. 

Key Features

  • Social Media Integration: Copysmith allows for seamless integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, making it easy to generate engaging social media captions and posts.
  • Content Optimizer: Copysmith includes a built-in content optimizer that suggests changes to improve the readability and effectiveness of your copy.
  • Multilingual Support: Copysmith supports multiple languages, making it an efficient tool for businesses targeting global audiences.

Pros of Copysmith

  • Copysmith's AI-powered templates are versatile and can be used to create various types of marketing copy, including email newsletters, landing pages, and social media posts.
  • The software's collaboration features make it easy to work with team members, share ideas, and edit copy in real-time.

Cons of Copysmith

  • Copysmith is not well-suited for creating long-form content such as blog posts or whitepapers.
  • While the software includes some SEO capabilities, they are limited compared to dedicated SEO tools.

Copysmith Pricing 

Copysmith Pricing page featuring three tiers of pricing plans valued at $19 - $59 per month. 

Starter Plan: For just USD 19 per month, you get 50 credits and up to 20 plagiarism checks per month.

Professional Plan: Upgrade to the Professional Plan for USD 59 per month, which includes 400 credits and up to 100 plagiarism checks per month.

Startup Plan: Copysmith offers Enterprise/Startup plans with tailored pricing that caters to specific organizational requirements.

Best Suited For 

  • Freelancers 
  • In-House Marketing Teams 
  • Marketing Agencies 
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Anyword Alternative #3. Jasper 

Jasper home page featuring tool interface and capabilities such as content suggestions and optimization functionalities along with demo request option. 

Jasper is a software tool that uses advanced technology to assist businesses and marketers in generating high-quality content. With its natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Jasper can create different types of content, such as product descriptions, social media posts, ad copy, and blog articles.

Here are its key features, pros, and cons. 

Key Features 

  • Boss Mode: Enables faster creation of blog posts with just a few clicks.
  • Content Templates: Choose from over 50 templates to create unique content quickly and easily.
  • Content Recipes: Pre-built workflows called "recipes" that streamline the content creation process and make it more repeatable.
  • Multilingual: Jasper supports content generation in over 25 languages.

Pros of Jasper 

  • The starter plan offers you access to over 50 copywriting tools with SEO-friendly content and a plagiarism checker.
  • Jasper has a better text editor than a few other Anyword alternatives, making content creation faster and easier.
  • It can create content quickly with commands and recipes.

Cons of Jasper 

  • To try Jasper, you need to provide credit card information and can only create three copies at a time.
  • This AI tool doesn't have a bulk content generation option, which could be inconvenient for some users.

Jasper Pricing 

Jasper pricing page featuring three tiers of pricing starting from $49 per month and $39 per month if paid annually. 
  • Its basic plan starts at $49/month and includes 1 user seat, 1 brand voice, SEO mode access and browser extension. 
  • Jasper Pro plan starts at $69/month for 3 brand voices, 10 knowledge assets, 3 instant campaigns, and collaboration, along with user management. 
  • If you're a large business, Jasper AI also offers a fully customized plan that comes with a dedicated account manager, premium technical support, and other features to meet your specific requirements.

Best Suited For 

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Marketing Agencies 
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Anyword Alternative #4. Peppertype 

 Peppertype  home page featuring its tool’s functions and offering a free demo for first-time users 

Peppertype.ai is an innovative tool that utilizes the GPT-3 model, a sophisticated deep-learning autoregressive model, to assist content writers in producing high-quality content with ease. Read on to learn about its key features, pros, cons, and pricing. 

Key Features 

  • CSV Format: The option to download content in CSV format is available on Peppertype, enabling users to obtain their content from the software and utilise it both online and offline.
  • Plagiarism checker: By incorporating a plagiarism checker, Peppertype eliminates the need to generate content within the program and check for plagiarism elsewhere.
  • Sentence Modifier: Peppertype includes a function for modifying existing content or material created with the program, which can enhance its readability and attractiveness.

Pros of Peppertype 

  • It comes with a clean dashboard that allows you to view the team's analytics. 
  • It allows you to create customized content faster. 

Cons of Peppertype 

  • Peppertype is not designed to facilitate extensive writing. As such, if you intend to create blog posts or reports, this tool may not be suitable for you.
  • Peppertype cannot be integrated with any third-party applications. 

Peppertype Pricing 

Peppertype pricing page featuring two tiers of pricing starting from $35 per month and $199 per month if paid annually. 
  • Starter Plan: For $25 per month, you can generate up to 50,000 words and access all 20+ content types.
  • Growth Plan: For $165 per month, you can generate up to 50,000 words, collaborate with team members, share results, and download your content.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan provides unlimited credits, bulk content generation, and access to brand voice features, among other benefits. 

Best Suited For 

  • Content creators 
  • Product Managers
  • Agencies 
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Anyword Alternative #5. Copy AI 

 Copy ai home page featuring its tool’s functions and offering a free trial of the tool to generate the email. 

Copy AI is another Anyword alternative and AI writing assistant that provides various functions for writing and content generation. It uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to help businesses enhance their social media content by assisting them in creating product descriptions, landing pages, social media posts, and Google ads with ease.

Key Features 

  • AI Content Creation: Copy AI's AI-powered writing assistant can generate high-quality content for various industries and niches.
  • Integrated SEO tools: The platform provides SEO recommendations to improve the visibility of the content on search engines.
  • Team Collaboration: Copy AI enables teams to work together on projects and share their progress in real time.
  • Customer Support: The platform has a responsive customer support team available 24/7 to answer user questions and concerns.

Pros of Copy AI

  • Efficient and time-saving content creation with AI-powered tools.
  • A comprehensive platform with a range of features for content creation and optimization.
  • Flexible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.
  • A dedicated support team to assist users throughout their journey.

Cons of Copy AI

  • It doesn't offer a plagiarism checker. 
  • It may not generate accurate content. 

Copy AI Pricing 

Copy AI pricing page featuring two tiers of pricing starting from $49 per month and $249 per month if paid annually. 
  • Free Plan: With the free plan, you can enjoy up to 2,000 words per month. However, please note that this plan has limited functionalities and is exclusive to a single user.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan starts at USD 49 per month. With this plan, you have access to unlimited words in chat and 500 workflow credits with 5 seats. 
  • Team: The team plan offers 20 seats, 20K workflow credits and unlimited words in chat for $249 per month. 
  • Growth: The growth plan offers 75 seats, 3K workflow credits and unlimited words in chat for $1333 per month.
  • Expansion: The expansion plan offers 150 seats, 45K workflow credits and unlimited words in chat for $2666 per month.  
  • Scale: The scale plan offers 200 seats, 75K workflow credits and unlimited words in chat for $4000 per month. 
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Anyword Alternative #6. Writesonic 

Writesonic home page featuring its tool’s functions and offering a free demo for first-time users 

Writesonic is an advanced tool that uses AI technology to assist with copywriting. It is the perfect platform for creating unique and engaging marketing content. This comprehensive tool allows you to create various types of copy, such as social media posts and product descriptions, in one convenient location.

Key Features 

  • Smart Content Templates: Writesonic's AI-powered content templates offer personalized and optimized content suggestions for various niches and purposes, streamlining the content creation process.
  • Multilingual Content Creation: Writesonic's language support is unparalleled, allowing users to create high-quality content in over 25 languages, making it an ideal choice for global businesses.
  • Advanced Content Optimization: Writesonic's AI technology analyzes your content and provides suggestions to optimize it for various platforms, including search engines and social media.
  • Seamless Collaboration: With real-time collaboration tools, Writesonic enables users to work together efficiently, share content across multiple platforms, and speed up the content creation process.

Pros of Writesonic

  • It can be used for various types of content, including blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and product descriptions.
  • The software's intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, from novice to expert.

Cons of Writesonic

  • Some users may find the content templates and customization options limiting, which may not be suitable for more complex or unique content needs.
  • While Writesonic provides some content optimization suggestions, it may not be the best choice for users looking for advanced SEO features.

Writesonic Pricing 

Writesonic pricing page featuring two tiers of pricing starting from $13 per month and extending up to $500+, depending on the word count limit. 
  • Basic Plan: The basic plan is priced at USD 15 per month, which provides 75 credits for a single user. 
  • Professional Plan: For those who require unlimited credits, the professional plan is available at USD 45 per month.
  • Startup Plan: If you're a startup with two users, you can opt for the Startup plan at USD 95 per month, which allows both users to enjoy unlimited credits. 
  • Agency: If you're running an agency with four users, the Agency plan is the best fit for you. At USD 195 per month, this plan offers unlimited credits to all four users.

Best Suited For 

  • Freelancers 
  • Agencies 
  • Professional Marketers 
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Anyword Alternative #7. ClosersCopy 

Closerscopy home page featuring its tool’s functions and offering a free demo for first-time users 

ClosersCopy is an innovative AI-powered copywriting software designed to help businesses generate high-quality content for their advertising, marketing, and sales needs. Whether you need to create engaging newsletters, captivating social media ads, or informative blog posts, this Anyword alternative is a good option.

Key Features 

  • Content Analytics: ClosersCopy also offers content analytics that provides users with a comprehensive analysis of their copy, identifying areas of weakness and offering suggestions for improvement. 
  • In-app Collaboration: In-app collaboration allows team members to work alongside on projects, assign tasks, and monitor progress. 

Pros of ClosersCopy 

  • This AI Writing software provides the most advantageous lifetime deal with a one-time payment. 
  • It offers three distinct AI algorithms to cater to various requirements. 
  • The software contains many pre-built templates and a helpful wizard tool.

Cons of ClosersCopy

  • ClosersCopy forces users to manually copy and paste their generated material to use elsewhere, resulting in a tedious and time-consuming process. 
  • The platform lacks integrations with third-party tools, making it difficult for users to seamlessly incorporate their content into other platforms they may use.
  • It does not support bulk content generation, which is a valuable feature for those who need to generate a large volume of copy quickly and efficiently.

ClosersCopy Pricing 

Closerscopy pricing page featuring two tiers of pricing starting from $49.99 per month and extending upto $99.99 per month. 
  • Power: The Starter Plan costs $49.99 per month and provides 300 AI runs, 50 SEO audits and 2 user seats.
  • Superpower: The Superpower Plan costs $79.99 per month and provides unlimited AI writing and SEO audits and 3 user seat.
  • Superpower Squad: The Unlimited Plan, which costs $99.99 per month, gives you full access to all features, unlimited words, and five seats for multiple users.

Best Suited For 

  • Copywriters 
  • Marketers 
  • Freelancers 

Anyword Alternative #8. Rytr 

 Rytr home  page featuring its tool’s functions and offering a free demo for first-time users

Rytr, an AI-powered writing tool, is great for those looking to enhance their writing skills quickly and cost-effectively. By analyzing your text and identifying essential words and phrases, Rytr offers alternative word choices to elevate your writing.

Powered by GPT-3 AI technology, Rytr offers personalized suggestions tailored to your writing style, similar to other Writesonic alternatives.

Key Features

  • Magical Command: With Rytr's magical command, generate content in four simple steps.
  • Editor: Rytr's editor is perfect for creating long-form content.
  • Native SEO Toolkit: Rytr's built-in SEO toolkit suggests keywords and questions that help improve your content's search engine optimization.

Pros of Rytr

  • Integrates with various APIs for content production
  • Offers over 20 writing tones
  • It has a built-in plagiarism checker 

Cons of Rytr

  • No blog post generator offered
  • Fewer integration options compared to other Writesonic alternatives.

Rytr Pricing 

Rytr pricing page featuring two tiers of pricing starting from $9 per month and $29 per month if paid annually. 
  • Free: Free plan provides users with up to 10,000 characters per month at no cost.
  • Saver: It offers 100000 characters per month, with flexible usage options, and it starts at a monthly fee of $9.
  • Unlimited: Unlimited plan allows users to use as many characters as they want and includes priority email and chat support. This plan starts at a monthly fee of $29. 

Best Suited For 

  • SMEs 
  • Marketers 
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Anyword Alternative #9. Frase

Anyword home page featuring its tool’s functions and offering a free demo for first-time users 

The artificial intelligence tool Frase is designed to assist in enhancing the structure and readability of your written content. Its AI-powered technology can analyze your text and suggest ways to improve it, including identifying grammar errors, providing synonyms or alternative word choices, and suggesting paraphrasing. 

Frase also helps with keyword optimization, assisting in finding keywords with high search volume or ranking.

Key Features

  • Customizable Content Briefs: Enables users to direct AI-powered writing by creating their own content briefs.
  • Content Optimization: Offers on-page optimization suggestions to improve content performance.
  • Content Research: Enables topic research and identifies popular questions to target in content.
  • Integrations: Integrates with content management systems and SEO tools such as WordPress and SEMrush.

Pros of Frase

  • AI-powered content analysis provides insights and recommendations for optimizing content.
  • Integrates with popular CMS and SEO tools.
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of content creation and optimization tools in one platform.

Cons of Frase

  • Pricing may be too high for smaller businesses or individuals.
  • Limited support and resources for non-enterprise users.
  • It does not offer a Chrome extension.

Frase Pricing

Frase pricing page featuring two tiers of pricing starting from $14.99 per month and $114.99 per month if paid annually. 
  • Solo Plan: Designed for individuals or small teams new to creating SEO content. It is for a single user and costs $14.99 per month.
  • Basic Plan: Suitable for teams and agencies with multiple users, providing flexibility in crafting SEO content strategies. It costs $44.99 per month.
  • Team Plan: Suitable for large teams that require personalized services and can accommodate an unlimited number of users. It costs $114.99 per month.

Best Suited For

  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers
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Anyword Alternatives #10 Simplified AI 

 Simplified AI home page featuring its tool’s functions and showcasing demo video for first-time users 

Simplified AI is an AI-powered platform that offers content creation and design tools, content scheduling, and collaboration features. They help marketers, writers, and social media managers by providing various AI tools and templates. 

Some key features of Simplified AI include AI-assisted writing, video editing, social media management, and graphic design tools. This platform ultimately helps users manage all their content tasks in one place. 

Key features 

AI writer 

With Simplified AI Writer, you can generate both long-form and short-form content. Unlike Anyword, this platform can also create long-form assets like ebooks, articles, and blogs. 

The AI writers break down the entire blog creation process into three steps, i.e., blog ideas and titles, blog outline, review, and generate. You can even use AI to generate titles and headlines automatically. 

Apart from long-form content writing, this platform also helps you create content for ads, e-commerce stores, website copy, email and other day-to-day business conversations. 

Pros of Anyword 

  • 50+ AI templates, 10+ tones, and 30+ language access allow users to generate regional content. 
  • AI copy and the text generator can help you rewrite your existing copy and content in the required tone and structure. 
  • Users can instruct the AI at every stage to write each blog section. This gives users more control over the output. 
  • Users can access different blog templates, such as an outline creator, introduction writer, blog section completer, outro writer, and many more.
  • You can also generate an AI copy using AIDA, PAS, and other popular formulas.

Cons of Anyword 

  • The lack of a custom tone feature is a major drawback for those brands with a unique voice that does not exist in Simplified’s current tone list. 
  • As the tool has different functions, it may take weeks for new users to get used to it. 
  • This tool is not a standalone writing platform; hence, users who are looking for just a writing tool might find the options too overwhelming. 


  • Free - $0 
  • AI writer Pro - starts from $12 per month 

Best Suited for 

  • Social media managers 
  • Ghostwriters 
  • Content creators 
  • Content writers 
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These are the best alternatives to Anyword, offering a range of capabilities and options for businesses looking to improve their content marketing strategies. 

While each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, you can make informed decisions by assessing your needs and priorities, as well as considering factors such as budget and integration with existing tools. 

By leveraging the right alternative, you can streamline your workflows, optimize content, and enhance digital marketing efforts for greater success in 2024 and beyond.

Scalenut sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive content creation solution that caters to the requirements of creators for both long-form and short-form content. Its advanced platform is enriched with a well-rounded approach that sets it apart from other tools available in the market.

To leverage Scalenut's benefits, sign up for a free trial and unleash the full potential of your content creation.

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