How to Manage SEO Docs?

The Scalenut Dashboard is made to make your work easier in every way. This video covers how you can manage your SEO documents better.

On clicking SEO Hub, you get directed to an interface where you can find all your SEO documents. 

To find a particular SEO report, type the name of the report into the Search bar. You can even use the sorting options to arrange the SEO documents according to the time they were created, the time they were last updated, or their Content Grade. You can also change the order into an ascending or descending one by clicking on the sorting icon present next to it.

To use the tag functionality, find the report you want to assign a tag to. Then, click on ‘Add Tag’ and type in the tag you want to assign. Next, click on ‘Create a new tag’, and then click OK. A report can also be assigned a pre-existing tag displayed while adding the tag.  

You can use the Filter Tags functionality to find SEO docs with a particular tag. You can also use this functionality to create a new tag.

To share an SEO document, click on the three-dot menu next to the Create Content button and click on ‘ Share’. You can share a report on ‘Read Only’ access or give ‘Edit Access’ to the recipient. This menu also has the option to delete an SEO document. You can find the deleted SEO Doc in ‘Archives’.

Using these features can help you skillfully manage all your SEO reports! 

Thank you for watching!

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