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Check your content on various parameters like: Plagiarism, Readability, SEO, and more.

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Scalenut Qualiy check process
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quality check
Various quality check parameters

Check your content on various parameters like plagiarism, readability, SEO, and more. Get an in-depth report of quality.

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Create easily readable content

Our quality check ensures that the content's readability & language is perfect for your user.

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SEO Ready content

Your content passes through various use cases of SEO and gives you suggestions.

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There is no end to what you can do

Best quality content on the go!

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Quality check on various parameters

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  • What's the pricing?

You can refer our pricing page to get access to host of tools and services.

  • How do I get access of the tool?

You can sign up for our free trial and access the tool.

  • How do I use marketplace services while using the tool?

We believe best content is produced by leveraging technology and creators. You can use power of AI to generate ideas, build outlines and create amazing copies. Use those as inputs for the creators and enable them produce amazing content which grows your brand.

  • How does it take to quality check one copy?

Scalenut's Quality check is done within seconds. We still recommend you wait for 30 seconds before hitting the reload button.

  • My content is more than the allowed limit. What should I do?

You can place a request on our 24x7 chat support. Your request will be processed within 24 hours.

  • What are the different quality check parameters?

Scalenut's QualityX checks the content on more than 30 parameters, which include Language Analytics- Readability based on Fisher Rule, SEO Analysis-Title, Meta Description, Meta Description Length, Keywords, Plagiarism etc., and provides you with a detailed analytical report.